Review: Jungle Jim’s in Bangkok, Thailand


Jungle Jim’s is a little go go bar on Soi Cowboy in Bangkok that is notable for offering customers plenty of hands-on service.

Jungle Jim’s is easy to find. If you can get yourself to Soi Cowboy you can surely locate the green neon sign for Jim’s, even buried as it is in the sea of other flashing lights. When you walk in you’ll see that it’s not a large place. There is a bar, a small stage, and some seats. It looks a lot like the nearby Toy Bar, and there’s a very good reason for that.

At any given time there may be a dozen or less women on staff at Jungle Jim’s. There are always exceptions but in general I have to say that the stuff here is among the most unattractive on Soi Cowboy. Most of the go go gals who dance on the little stage are on the larger side (though in comparison with some of what I’ve seen in middle America they look like models). This is even true with the younger ones. There are some fully clothed ladies on staff that are attractive enough but they’re more toward middle age and have seen their best days come and go already.

If Jim’s was just a go go bar there would be very little reason for a guy like me to visit. Some guys do seem to go just to hang around, though I don’t really know why. Unless I wanted some quiet time or something I would rather head to a place to Suzie Wong’s or Baccara on the same street to check out some really beautiful babes. Luckily, Jim’s is not just a run of the mill go go bar. It’s also a place where the ladies know how to put the squeeze on you, in the best possible way.

How does one partake in these delights? The same way you would at any similar outfit. Sit at the bar and you’ll probably be approached by at least one lady. Buy a drink for her or another gal of your choosing and the action should start almost automatically. If it doesn’t, it’s not too hard to hint at what you want. They’ll pick up on it easily. It is after all what they do for a living. Any thoughts that these ladies are shy will be quickly dashed by a visit to the unisex bathroom, where you’re often chatted with while taking a leak.

Best practice is to buy drinks for at least two ladies. This allows them to share responsibilities a bit and makes things generally hotter for you too. It also has the benefit of allowing them to build a short of human privacy wall while the action takes place. I find a good choice is to sit with one of the fully clothed “old hands” and one of the go go gals. This will usually allow you to get some very good treatment and easily handle some of the merchandise that is only barely contained by the skimpy stage outfits. It also allows one to try to hold some of your clothing out of harms way, though in my experience at least a little bit of “drizzle” always ends up somewhere you don’t want it. That’s just something that comes with the territory I guess.

In the skilled grasp of Jim’s staff, the task at hand never takes too long. Once the little bottle of oil comes out things should be wrapped up quite quickly. That’s a good thing since the women make their money through lady drinks. If they drug it out for hours customers would have to pony up for one round of drinks after another. As it stands two rounds of lady drinks and a tip of 200 Baht ($6 US) to each woman who helped you should be all it takes to get your plumbing drained.

When all is said and done, a round of quick fun at Jungle Jim’s will run you between 30 and 50 US dollars. That’s hardly an outrageous rate but it is more than you’d pay at a local blowjob bar and even some massage parlors like Akane. It’s a different kind of service with a different kind of price.

As a pretty standard Soi Cowboy handjob hang out with a staff that is pleasant and skilled but lacking a bit in the looks department Jungle Jim’s is decidedly average. Considering where it’s located and what it costs I can’t really justify giving it anything higher than a score of two and a half stars. I think this is pretty fair.

Address:Soi Cowboy, Bangkok, Thailand (Map)
Hours:7:00 PM to 2:00 AM
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