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Illigals is one of the newest of the large adult entertainment complexes located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Illigals took the place of the infamous 1001 club some time ago though from what I can see it hasn’t quite caught on yet.

Illigals operates just like the other adult entertainment complexes around town. It’s easy to find and marked by several large signs on Hayam Wuruk Street. It’s just a few minutes by car away from Malioboro and a few other places. The entrance is on the back side of a commercial building that houses KFC and Burger King restaurants. This combined with the name of the place gives you an idea of just how mainstream these kinds of facilities have become in modern Jakarta.

Illigals spa in Jakarta

Customers enter Illigals through a set of glass doors. Once inside they find themselves in a large lobby. From there they can chose which section of the building they’d like to visit.

The first floor houses a very well decorated club. This isn’t as lively as many of the clubs in Jakarta. For the most part people sit around in a lounge fashion. Women can occasionally be found but it’s not the main draw of the place. I’m told this area can get busy some nights but I can’t confirm that.

The second floor houses the karaoke KTV setup. I’ve said time and time again on this site that I’m not a big fan of singing along to worn out hits and songs I don’t understand but even I must admit that the karaoke rooms at illigals are amazing. They are among the best done rooms to be found anywhere. There are women on staff who can join customers in the karaoke rooms for a set fee. They are generally beautiful but many seem as if they’d like to be anywhere else in the world. Activities other than singing are clearly available for a price. A restaurant is supposed to be located somewhere on the second floor too but I don’t know anything about it.

The third floor houses yet another bunch of karaoke rooms but these are manned by women from countries other than Indonesia. For the most part this seems to mean China. The rates are higher than they are on the second floor.

The fourth floor of the Illigals complex (listed as floor “3B”) houses the spa which is probably the main draw for most single male visitors. This spa is among the best designed in Jakarta with a beautiful pool area and glass-covered steam room but the massage option frankly isn’t that great.

Customers who want to visit the spa take the elevator to the fourth floor. Once there they stop at the front desk to get a numbered wrist band that will track their purchases inside. The spa opens early in the afternoon but it remains dead for most of the day. Customers can either change into sauna wear as they would in a Macau sauna or stay in their street clothes and head to the lounge area.

The lounge area is filled with leather seats and tables. Customers can order drinks from the female attendants and food can also be brought up from the Burger King mentioned earlier. The staff and management is attentive and foreigners are welcome but few of the people on staff can speak much of any English.

Customers can ask for a line up of the women available for massage whenever they are ready. There aren’t many women on staff at Illigals and only Indonesian women are available. There used to be some Russian and Chinese girls but those days are over. The available Indonesians are generally attractive gals in their 20’s though they don’t wear any kind of special clothing. Customers are given the option of a regular or full service massage, with the latter obviously costing a lot more.

Massages are given in large clean hotel rooms not far from the pool area. The level of service will always vary by provider but the standard level at Illigals seems to be very, well, standard. While the women do their jobs it doesn’t look like any special attentive is given to this aspect of the spa’s services.

Customers are free to move and lounge about as long as they’d like before and after having a massage but there isn’t a whole lot to keep people around. There are some gigantic bird cages suspended over the pool area that are apparently meant to be occupied by dancing girls but they don’t seem to be in use.

Payment is made at the front desk on the way out. Customers are given a receipt once they pay to show the security guards that they aren’t skipping out of the check. I don’t have a precise price list from Illigals but entry, a drink or two and a bit of fun with a local masseuse costs right around 1 million Rupiah ($85 USD).

When compared to all of the adult entertainment complexes in Jakarta Illigals is just average. That said I think it deserves an average score of two-and-a-half-stars. If it was located in some other city in the world or even in another part of Indonesia it would possibly score much higher. It’s not. Illigals is located virtually across the street from the standout Malioboro. That has to be taken into consideration.

Address:108 Jalan Hayam Wuruk, Jakarta, Indonesia (Map)
Phone:+62 021-629-8899
Hours:1:00 PM - 2:00 AM
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