Review: Huynh Phuc Khang in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Huynh Phuc Khang is one of the many Ho Chi Minh City hot toc goi dau hair salons offering massages in private rooms. Since Huynh Phuc Khang is located away from places more well known to foreigners like Benny’s and Hoang Than the client base seems to be made up almost entirely of locals.

Still there are at least some people on staff inside who can speak a bit of English. This is somewhat surprising considering that other places with lots of foreign customers don’t seem to have people on hand with the same skills. It goes to show what a wide variety is available within a single city let alone the world.

Location and layout

Huynh Phuc Khang is located along the canal. There are other similar hot toc goi dau scattered around the area that offer various levels of service. I will report about some of those in the future.

Huynh Phuc Khang massage

Huynh Phuc Khang is clearly marked with some large professional signs. The front entrance is made up of glass doors though the place is still somehow discreet. It could be that traffic buzzes by outside and there are so many other things around that it is difficult for people to focus their eyes on any one thing.

Inside Huynh Phuc Khang is one of the cleanest places of its type to be found anywhere in the city. The front lobby is where most of the women on staff usually hang around. There are about a half dozen ladies working the shop at any given time. Most wear matching form fitting dresses cut short and low and coming in bright colors like red and blue.

The Staff

The women working at Huynh Phuc Khang range in age from the early twenties to perhaps the mid thirties though most are in their twenties. Some are quite attractive while others are more average. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I doubt most guys would find more than perhaps one lady at the shop to be unattractive.

Looks of course have no bearing on service too which could explain why the oldest gal working at Huynh Phuc Khang is often mentioned as being one of the best at the place when it comes to actual appointments. Of course such mentions come in the Vietnamese language as the place has not been covered in English anywhere as far as I know.

When customers enter Huynh Phuc Khang they either take whoever is next in line or select one of the ladies in the shop and head upstairs. There they find another floor filled with four or five cubicles. The cubicles are large and clean. They’re much better looking than most found in similar places. They also have solid walls between them rather than the usual thin frosted glass.

Each room has a wall fan, a sink and a sturdy massage table. They also have wooden coat racks and plenty of space to actually move around. Any lack of privacy between the cubicles would be minimal and related to the walls not going all the way to the ceiling or the thick curtains used as doors. The entire place is kept comfortable by a strong air conditioning system.

The Service

At any shop with multiple women on staff service usually ranges in quality and style unless there is some kind of training set down by the management. The lovely lass at Huynh Phuc Khang doesn’t seem to have much to do with anything other than keeping the place running so the service providers basically do whatever they want to do in the time provided.

Of course they all want to please their clients since they work more or less for tips. And so the service is delivered at least at a level expected by most. In some cases and with certain providers the level of service can go far above and beyond the norm to the point that customers could be left thinking they were getting shorted at other places in the city.

Some of the gals are true masters of the craft of private massage. Even things like hot and cold can be integrated into the routines to create sessions that are as relieving for sore aching bodies as they are amazing.

None of the ladies at Huynh Phuc Khang seem to be clock watchers either. If there is a set time period for each session it isn’t made clear and more often than not it seems that the ladies aim more to please their customers than to reach a certain point in time.

Price and Payment

The house price for a private massage at Huynh Phuc Khang is 170,000 Dong ($7.50 USD). Customers are more or less expect to tip on top of that as a token of appreciation for the work the women on staff put in. By definition tips are variable and not set in stone but in general customers at Huynh Phuc Khang usually hand over an additional 200,000 VND ($9 USD).

All payment and tips are rendered after service concludes which is the norm for nearly all massage places in the city even if shops in tourist areas try to claim otherwise. There are basically no shops of this type in the city where customers normally pay up front rather than rending payment on the way out. Three-and-a-half stars.

Address:1096 Truong Sa Phuong, Phuong 12, Quan 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Hours:9:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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