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Located on the infamous Soi Cowboy in the Sukhumvit section of Bangkok, Afterskool is pretty popular little agogo that doubles that doubles as a handjob and blowjob bar.

No one should have any trouble finding their way to Afterskool, even in the twisted jungle of neon signs that is Soi Cowboy. If the big lettering out front doesn’t draw your attention surely some of the gals standing outside dressed in naughty little schoolgirl outfits will.

Afterskool on Soi Cowboy

The establishment is smaller than many go gos but there’s plenty of room to maneuver. The layout will be familiar to anyone who has been in either Toy Bar or Jungle Jim’s. On one side you have a long bar with plenty of seats. On the other you have elevated cushioned seating and a stage in the middle that has room for two dancers at a time.

Don’t let the compact nature of the joint fool you. The staff is quite large. At any time there may be as many as three dozen women working at Afterskool. Not all will be dancers of course. Just as many will be in more “normal” attire, working at various tasks from mixing drinks to managing the gals to helping with the hands on services.

Inside Afterskool

Afterskool has a good atmosphere. The women are always cheerful and up for fun and the dancers never look too bored. It would be a good enough place to stop in for a quick drink or perhaps to take one of the better looking ladies out for a while, but the fact that it offers extra services on premises makes it even more of an attraction.

The women who work at Afterskool usually approach customers as they enter, either alone or in group. For some reason though this never feels as aggressive as it does at some other places where such activities can be a real put off. Here the women do a good job of balancing friendliness and desire to have fun with their need to make a living. How do they make a living? Through the purchase of lady drinks.

Beer and other customer drinks are pretty well priced at Afterskool, especially consider what the wet stuff is going for at some other Soi Cowboy establishments nowadays. Lady drinks are also reasonably priced, unless you go for the always popular tequila shots which are something like 220 Baht a piece ($7 US). If you sit with a group of gals that can add up very quick.

Sensual services

The kinds of hands on action that takes place at the handjob bars on Cowboy is available here. It gets busy enough inside and the girls are usually good enough at hiding things that it goes unnoticed, but those with a keen eye may spot it going down from time to time. The cost for this is the amount of lady drinks required to keep all involved satiated until the fun is finished plus a small tip to those who put in the most work.

The real fun at Afterskool however is of the oral variety. Things don’t work as they do in the straight forward BJ bars, with customers plonking down a predetermined amount of money and then getting serviced at the bar in or a private booth somewhere. At Afterskool things are negotiable. The customer is expected to keep the drinks flowing for the lady providing the service along with a tip that may be anything from 600 to 1000 Baht. If the action takes place in the “naughty boy” corner at the end of the bar (where things from the waist down are blocked by a small dividing wall but everything else is out in the open) that’s it. If the action takes place somewhere else in the bar, one or two more ladies will probably be needed to help facilitate things and build a human privacy fence. These gals usually won’t expect tips, but they will expect lady drinks for the duration.

Staff and summary

Again on the staff, it’s rather large considering the size of the place. Most of the dancing girls are quite attractive. They range in age from 19 on up to the mid-30’s, though more seem to be on the lower end of that scale. They wear school uniform themed outfits with black stockings that may be a slight bit beat up upon close inspect but are still sexy enough. The non-dancing gals are mostly average at best, but they do have great attitudes. I’ve found that some of the least attractive have the best skills. As usual, the girls behind the bar who range from below average to hot aren’t available for quick activities. You could probably get with some if you put in time and energy but that’s not something I would bother with.

Having a session at Afterskool that ends up with a few rounds of drinks and a little extra liquid for one of the ladies can end up costing the equivalent of anywhere from 50 to 100 US dollars. That sounds alright when compared with some of the action in the Western world but is much more than you’d pay at any dedicated blow bar around town.

As an entertainment venue, Afterskool has a lot to offer both for men who are new to the scene and old hands looking for something a little out of the ordinary. Taking the prices, the staff, the location and the competition all into account I think Afterskool deserves an overall score right in the middle of the scale. That’s why I’m giving it two and a half stars.

Afterskool is a fun place to visit once or twice, but after that the routine gets a little old in my opinion. Guys looking for go go bars have better options right there on Soi Cowboy. Guys looking for BJ bars also have better and more inexpensive options within walking distance.

Address:Soi Cowboy, Bangkok, Thailand (Map)
Hours:7:00 AM - 2:00 AM
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