Review: GFE Manila in Manila, Philippines (CLOSED)


There was a time when the term “Girlfriend Experience,” commonly shortened to GFE, had a very specific meaning in the sex industry. As the term has become more well known thanks to the internet and even mainstream movies about prostitution it has lost much of its meaning. Nowadays it’s thrown around like the word “sexy” and doesn’t necessarily indicate anything at all.

GFE Manila is an escort service operating in the capital city of the Philippines. It maintains a website which I would imagine is its main source of new customers. It also places advertisements on various websites offering “the best girlfriend escorts in Manila.”

GFE Manila has a fairly large staff. Other escort services in Manila usually have fewer ladies available. The ladies pictured on the website could mostly be described as about average when compared to the general female population in the Philippines. GFE Manila also claims to have some “mystery women” on staff.

Surely many escort services around the world have some women who want to keep their work private. At the same time they need to attract clients. This conundrum is usually dealt with by either posting pictures of the undercover ladies with their faces and other identifying features blocked or by using fake pictures that may or may not resemble the working women themselves. GFE Manila asks potential clients to email them if they’d like to see what the mystery ladies look like.

Appointments with women working at GFE Manila are made through email, over the phone or even via text messaging. Most adult entertainment services around the world refuse to transact business through text messages but GFE Manila actually encourages it on their website, offering phone numbers for users of different carriers. User names for services like Skype and Whatsapp are also provided.

The service’s website advises customers to book several hours in advance. This appears to be both to deal with the horrendous traffic in Manila and to allow the company to dispatch the ladies from their homes which are often far from the center of Manila. There doesn’t appear to be any central office where the women hang around and wait for clients to call.

When a guy contacts GFE Manila to make an appointment they’ll be told who is available. While there may be more than a dozen women pictures on the site as few as two or three can be available at any given time. Even when a customer agrees on one of the available women they’ll often be told to hold while management reaches out to that gal to make sure she is ready to go.

With hours of advance booking and waiting one might expect a high level of preparation on the part of the escorts. In actuality it seems that many of the women look a lot better in their website profile pictures than they do in real life. This isn’t something to get too bent out of shape about since it’s normal for escorts and “regular women” alike to post their best pictures online, but it is worth noting.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with the women who work at GFE Manila but there’s not spectacular about them either. At rate of 6000-10000 Pesos ($140 – 230) per two hour session one may expect a little more.

The service also isn’t anything out of this world. There may be exceptions but standard and straightforward seems to be the name of the game. At the price being charged punters could again be forgiven for expecting a bit more, though I’m sure many will be satisfied with what they get.

A common mantra heard around the world and often repeated on this very website is that “your mileage may vary.” That remains as true at GFE Manila as it does anywhere else. Some guy may book a short date with a woman from this business only to find the love of his life, marry and ride off into the sunset happily ever after. I can only write based on the information I have.

One positive note about GFE Manila is that they run regular specials, offering as much as 1000 Pesos off of the going rate. These specials are based around a particular gal during a particular time period and are posted on the service’s homepage. Negotiation of other rates may even be possible since the company says on its website that it is very flexible, especially with repeat clientele.

GFE Manila only accepts cash, given by the customer directly to the escort. There is no incall service and customers are not permitted to pick up or drop off the escorts. The women arrive and depart on their own.

Scoring a place with multiple women on staff is always tough. The level of service can vary greatly depending on the customer, the individual service provider they see and their chemistry and interaction. It’s even more difficult to score a place that isn’t really “a place” at all, since things like the decor and location cannot even be taken into account.

GFE Manila is a fairly average escort service with prices that rival those in some of the richer and more developed countries around the world. With so much other action available in the city at equal or lower rates it’s difficult to score GFE Manila very highly. I think it’s fair to give the service a full two stars.

Note: GFE Manila website is down and the business appears to be closed.

Address:Manila, Philippines
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