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Review: Fanny’s in Bangkok, Thailand

Fanny’s is one of the many bars located on the infamous Soi Cowboy strip in Bangkok. This little soi has risen up from almost nothing to an internationally known corridor that has appeared in blockbuster movies like The Hangover 2.

Fanny's Bar in Bangkok

Yet it is still much like it always was. Sure the occasional tourist couple still wanders through taking in the sites and sounds with no intention of spending any time with any of the people who work on the street but it’s nothing like Pattaya’s Walking Street with its mobs of Asian and tourists marching in single file lines behind flag-wielding guides. Some of the original charm and even grime of Soi Cowboy remains as places like Fanny’s prove.

Fanny’s on Soi Cowboy

To the untrained eye Fanny’s may look like just another go go bar. Those who know or at least pay attention will notice however that the place also doubles as a handjob bar. This set up isn’t as nearly as common as the blowjob bar but it is something that exists.

Women in go go and beer bars are known to grope certain guys at certain times but there’s not necessarily any rhyme or reason to it. In the hands on bars there is a set procedure and even cost.

There are usually more women sitting outside of Fanny’s than in it. This is probably meant to attract customers. There is a large outdoor seating area where women sit. A lot of guys sit there too. So customers who are attracted to the place aren’t necessarily attracted inside. The place still makes money from drinks in this way and perhaps that is enough for that. It fits in with the generally laid back vibe of the place.

Inside there is a small stage to the left and a long bar to the right. Two women dance on the stage most times. They don’t put in much effort at all. For the most part they stand their in their bikinis and do a sort of half-assed shuffle. A lot of other women sit behind the bar. They wear polo shirts and serve customers. They are rather attentive and happy though not playful in any adult sense of the world.

Inside Fanny’s

Like many bars in Thailand Fanny’s has a distinct odor. Perhaps this could be chalked up the often bad smelling water that flows through the country’s pipes but the smell at Fanny’s resembles cat urine more than unpotable water. With all of the feral cats wandering around in Thailand there may be a reason for that. Who knows? At least the odor isn’t so overpowering as to keep people out. It just sort of lingers there.

Of the ten or so dancers who are usually on staff perhaps one or two are very attractive. A few others are moderately good looking and several are average at best and unattractive at worst. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Someone must be attracted to all of these women or they wouldn’t be able to make a living in the industry they have chosen.

When the women are on stage they only really liven up if a customer engages with them or buys them a drink. When they come off stage and put on their kimonos they seem to be more cheerful especially if a customer buys them a drink and asks to sit together. The women are generally in a good mood and not pushy at all. Some customers may never even know that hand service is available since most of the ladies don’t push it hard or in some cases even at it.

Extra services

But hand service is available. Women on staff will provide it at the back of the bar which is slightly out of view from the rest of the place but hardly private. As is the case with Jungle Jim’s and Toy Bar the women discreetly reach for oil and work customers through their flies when they pay the 700 Baht ($21 USD) asking price.

While the bar seems to make more than enough money from regular drink sales and the like this service is taken up by at least some of the men who frequent the place so it must have some impact. I have no way to know the exact details as I am just an observer.

Outside of the special services rendered Fanny’s is just another small go go bar on Soi Cowboy. It is not amazing or terrible though the rock from the 1970’s can be a bit loud depending on who is in control of the speaker system. Drink prices and bar fine rates are in tune with others charged on the strip or perhaps a bit cheaper than some of the huge places now operating with teams of coyote girls out front. I give the place two-and-a-half stars.

Fanny’s. Soi Cowboy, Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 7:00 PM until 2:00 AM.

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    1. Thanks for the comment. I guess the main draw for most people is the go go bar aspect. The extras available are probably just that for the majority of customers. Cheers.

  1. You paint an interesting picture. But where does the cum go? Do you get the hand job while sitting after you pull your pants down a little?

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