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Club Dynasty is an upscale health spa near Toronto, Canada. The place is like the saunas of Macau in some ways. Though it has its own home grown character. Club Dynasty has the same sort of luxurious feeling though the services, prices and people involved are of course different. This club is also located in North America and the people inside are fluent in English.

One of the interesting things about reporting all over the world is examining the differences between one place and another. All sorts of things go into determining the sorts of practices and venues you find in one place but not another. I find this all interesting. Especially as it explains why a country like the United States contains plenty of strip clubs and an active porn industry but lacks even a single pink salon.

Similarly there are no places like Club Dynasty south of the border in the USA as far as I know. In fact there are few places like it anywhere. Toronto’s strip clubs have long been known to be much more forward and hands-on then the titty bars of the US. But in my mind a place like Club Dynasty stands out much more.

Inside Club Dynasty

Club Dynasty is located in the Canadian city of Markham. It is about 90 minutes from Niagara Falls. Markham is a major part of the Greater Toronto Area that also serves as Canada’s high tech capital. More relevant to decidedly low tech guys like me is the presence of a place like Club Dynasty. Or perhaps I should say more relevant to “people” like me since the place also accepts women and couples.

club dynasty locker room

The club is easy to find. It exudes luxury from the very beginning with the fancy yet subdued black stone reception area. The clean and well designed locker room area looks like it could have been lifted directly from a place like Rio Spa. Though thankfully there are no male attendants hovering around here. Fresh towels and slippers can be found in full supply.

The main spa area looks even more like it could have come from Macau. There are hot and cold tiled pools in the center with several shower stalls lining the back wall. Everything is clean and well kept. The same goes for the sauna and steam rooms. The people behind this place must really stay on the ball because it is all spotless.

club dynasty canada pools

Finally there is the lounge. I hate to repeat myself. Especially when writing. So I always do my best to utilize a variety of words and expressions in an attempt to paint a picture of a place. But there is no way around noticing that the lounge at Club Dynasty looks nearly identical to many of the lounges in Macau saunas with soft comfortable reclining chairs and flat screen televisions. Complementary snacks and beverages are on offer too. It can be easy to forget that this place is located squarely in Canada!

Staff, services, prices and summary

There around a dozen women working as masseuses at Club Dynasty on any given day. That is on top of the regular staff who run and maintain the place. The women hail from a variety of places as diverse as China, Spain, Ukraine, the Dominican Republic, Pakistan, Vietnam and Canada. All are fit and attractive gals who show an eagerness for their work. Though they do have different skills and talents.

About half of the masseuses at Club Dynasty are trained in the art of therapeutic Shiatsu massage. The others practice a Swedish-style massage with more emphasis on the sensual. Since all massages here conclude with a happy ending I find both styles rather enjoyable.

The prices of massages at Club Dynasty vary depending on the duration. The cheapest option is a 45 minute massage for $150 CAD ($117 USD). The most expensive is a ninety minute long 4-handed massage performed by two women for $400 CAD ($312 USD). All massages include access to the spa. Access to the spa facilities can also be purchased separately for those not interested in a massage. Though frankly I doubt I would be able to leave without at least one full body rubdown.

Another thing to note is that the prices at Club Dynasty are inclusive of tips. This is another cultural difference that can be found between places. Of course tips can be given by anyone who hands them out. But there is no obligation real or implied here. The price is given up front and that is that. Customers can either pay when they enter or as they exit as in Macau. Costs can be paid with cash or any major credit card. There is a 5 percent service fee for payment by card.

I hesitate to refer to Club Dynasty as a hidden gem. The club is located in a major population center of North America and it has been in steady operation for some 30 years. I only wish I would have discovered the place sooner. Club Dynasty is a lavish places staffed by attentive and attractive women who definitely know what they are doing. Taking all of the above into consideration I think that Club Dynasty deserves a four-and-a-half star rating. Others seem to agree. The place has received rave user reviews on Google.

Address:7850 Woodbine Ave, Markham, Ontario, Canada (Map)
Phone:+1 905-477-0099
Hours:M-F 10:00 AM - 1:00 AM, S-S 12:00 PM - 1:00 AM
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