Review: Club 555 in Pattaya, Thailand


Although it has now been around for more than a year, Club 555 is one of the newest gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya. Late last year I wrote a piece asking if there were too many gentlmen’s clubs in Pattaya. At least in the case of Club 555 there appears to be enough of a customer base to keep things going.

Club 555 was started by a woman from the previously reviewed Excite Club. That bar was apparently started by some women who worked at another gentlemen’s club previously. And thus the cycle goes on. This sort of thing is typical throughout the industry in Thailand. After all, several Bangkok blowjob bars are owned by women who used to work at other bars of the same sort.

In any event Club 555 is a slightly nicer establishment than Excite in terms of surroundings. Yet it doesn’t seem to draw in as many people as Excite does. Some of that may have to due with location. But the key element at any bar in Pattaya is always the staff.

Location and layout

Club 555 is located a few doors down from A1 Backpackers on a small soi connected to Soi Bukhao. It is not far from the 18 Coins Hotel. The ladyboy go go bar Baby Boom is across the street. And the Hideaway guest house is just around the corner.

The place is easier to find than the direction above may suggest. There are clear lighted “Club 555” signs visible from the street. And there is a glass door with a curtain behind it that blocks any view of the inside of the bar from the street. There are often one or two ladies sitting outside as well.

Inside the bar is long and larger than most of its kind. There are some cushioned seats along the way. There is also a small go go style stage complete with stripper pole. In the back corner there is a bar with plenty of comfortable stools. And there are some very nice and well kept short time rooms upstairs.

Staff, service and summary

The gals inside Club 555 are a friendly bunch. For those not in the know, the number five is pronounced “ha” in the Thai language. So the name of this business is basically Club ha ha ha. That is reflected in the attitudes of the ladies who work there. There can be exceptions. But generally speaking they are very warm and jovial.

Club 555 Pattaya ladies

On most days there are a handful of ladies in the club. They range in age from twenty to perhaps forty. Most are probably closer to the thirty. The owner is sometimes there too though she is only available to drink with customers. Others can be a lot more adventurous. Things can start or even finish right in the bar. Use of the short time rooms upstairs costs 300 Baht ($9.50 USD) for those who prefer privacy. The women themselves want 1000 Baht ($31 USD) or so for full service.

Like Excite there is a sort of unspoken rule in place at Club 555. Buying tequila shots often leads to ladies “losing” articles of clothing. The same thing may be possible with regular lady drinks depending on the situation. Then there are also guys who like to party at the club. They run up rather large bills without necessarily seeing any skin at all.

Club 555 is an inviting place that proves there is still room for new gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya. Now in operation for more than a year the place seems set to carry on into the future. The bar itself isn’t the largest in the city. But the atmosphere is fun. And the private rooms upstairs are large and well done. I give the place three-and-a-half stars.

Address:Soi Bukhao, Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Hours:12:00 PM - 2:00 AM
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