Review: Classic Hotel / Terminal in Jakarta, Indonesia


The Classic Hotel is a large building in Jakarta, Indonesia that contains a number of smaller enterprises within its walls. Although there are things like a surprisingly good restaurant on the ground floor and a dance club called Bunker with outdated music where Eastern European hookers troll for clients the readers of this site would likely be more concerned with the adult entertainment available on some of the higher floors.

The Classic Hotel is easy to get to since almost every taxi in town knows the place. I can’t give any information on reaching the hotel by foot or any other mode of transportation but I imagine most foreigners take cabs when trying to navigate the massive city’s infamous traffic.

Jakarta's Classic Terminal Club

Once inside the hotel punters can head up three sets of escalators to reach the floor that holds Terminal Classic, an adult club that looks a lot like a low rent version of the lounge at Malioboro. Customers are searched at the doors before entering. Once they get inside they are given a numbered wrist band to track their bill. After that they are often swarmed by whichever mamasan is on deck next.

Dozens of women sit in skimpy colored uniforms on couches that surround the long floor of Terminal. Each group has its own mamasan in charge. Whoever is hungriest for business will try to bring new customers over to sit by their ladies. While this can seem overwhelming guys are under absolutely no obligation to follow the first mama that approaches them. Those in the know choose whichever seat they find most desirable and often only after they’ve walked all around the place to see exactly who is available.

Early on the Terminal is entertained by generic music played over the loud speakers. After that comes a mediocre live band. As time goes on and day becomes night the stage is graced by one and then several very attractive dancers who start out wearing bikinis and end up doing the Full Monty. Sometimes things get wild and all kinds of fun happens on the floor in exchange for reasonably priced lady drinks. When this really gets going it can even put the public play at places like Star of Light to shame. While this would be entertainment enough for some it’s not the main focus of the place.

The aforementioned women who sit around the couches are there to make money the best way they know how. Full service is the name of the game and it goes for 325,000 Rupiah ($28) a pop. Classic Terminal’s “claim to fame” is that threesomes are easily available by simply requesting them at a discounted rate of 525,000 Rupiah ($45 US) with the only caveat being that both ladies come from the same group.

While they are sitting around the couches most of the ladies look bored at best. That’s quite understandable considering the situation. To their credit most of the women light up when a customer approaches to give them the once over. Some customers like to have a girl or two come over to the table and join them for a drink before moving forward. Others like to simply point and shoot. Since most of the ladies can only speak limited English if they can speak any at all it’s easy to understand why Western punters often go for the latter.

The looks of the women vary. Some are very attractive while others are not so much. At the very least they all seem to have nice bodies with few if any larger gals to be seen (with the exception of some of the mamasans). It seems that the mamasans like to push the least attractive gals off on obvious foreigners who are not from Indonesia or East Asia. Alternatively locals and East Asian punters often seem to get the hottest of the hot women presented to them. This is easy to get around with a simple bit of conversation or even a few well placed gestures but it’s worth noting. Guys from any country who can assert themselves would have no problem choosing as they like.

Once a punter makes a decision the mamasan will write the price on a slip of paper and ask for payment. Once the punter hands over the dosh he’ll be taken downstairs by his lady of the hour. Down some stairs and through some halls managed by friendly male and female attendants are the rooms. They are large enough to serve the purpose with king sized beds and showers surrounded by glass walls.

Inside it’s usually right off to the races. The level of service at a place like this will always vary depending on the lady or ladies providing it but most of the gals working at Terminal seem to know what they’re doing. There’s no rush or clock watching and the courteous punter can often even get two sessions rolled into one. Covers are provided at no extra charge but can be limited in quantity so guys looking for a lot of back and forth do best to bring some of their own.

Once the deed is done the lady will escort her prince back up to the main floor where he can sit back down at one of the tables or head to the desk near the stage to settle his remaining tab for any drinks he may have purchased. Once he pays up he’ll be given a large piece of plastic that says “paid.” This is handed over to the security guards before heading back out through the doors and into the main area of the hotel.

The Classic Hotel also houses a spa and club with a few gals and a karaoke area with a few more. These places are okay but they don’t represent any real value. In my opinion there are better places for such services in the city. The standout at Classic is clearly Terminal. Another similar place is located on the fifth floor where the prices are a bit higher but since the quality is basically the same I don’t see the point. Still it’s always nice to have so many options under one roof.

As a reasonably easy to navigate bar with a large number of women willing to provide entertainment on the cheap I think Classic deserves a solid three-and-half stars. If it was located in another country it might get an even higher score but I have to take all of the other options in the area into consideration.

Address:Jalan K.H Samanhudi No.43-45, Jakarta, Indonesia
Hours:5:00 PM - 2:00 AM
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