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Review: Babylon Gentlemen’s Club in Pattaya, Thailand

Babylon is a gentlemen’s club located on Pattaya Tai Soi 16 which is also variously referred to as Soi Bong Koch, Soi Bongkoch, Soi Bongkot or Soi Bongkod. This place is definitely not in the heart of the action on Walking Street. But it’s discreet location is not so out of the way that it can’t be found either. Babylon is less than 500 meters from the strip of gentlemen’s clubs on Soi Bongkoch 8 that contains places like Pirate’s and Amsterdam.

The club is easy to find for a few reasons. One is the clear black and white signage out front that reads “Babylon Gentlemen’s Club” in English. The second is that the area is not exactly a hotbed of adult entertainment activity. Sure Pattaya is driven by the ladies. But this part of Pattaya is more of an everyday area with things like laundry shops and convenience stores.

From the outside Babylon does not look like much. But once customers buzz through the blacked out door they find themselves in a gentlemen’s club full of scantly clad ladies who are eager to entertain.

Another gentlemen’s club in Pattaya?

What is a gentlemen’s club? In merry old England it was a private club where upper class men mingled. In modern-day USA it is a strip club. But in Pattaya it is a closed door club staffed by ladies who provide sensual services. There are no stage shows or massage menus. But customers can do everything from get a drink at the bar to get blown in a booth and all at a very reasonable rate.

babylon pattaya review

In a post published here nearly 5 years ago I asked if there were too many gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya. That question has apparently been answered in the negative. Because there are now even more of these venues in Pattaya.

In fact these clubs seemed to fair better than most other venue types in the city during the long shutdown. In a way that makes sense since private closed-door clubs have always and everywhere had more freedom to do business. This is one of the main reasons clubs of this sort even came into existence.

Babylon is another gentlemen’s club in Pattaya. But is not just any club. A lot of thought was clearly put into this place. And the managers keep up on everything too. The result is one of the better staffed venues of the sort to be found in the area. The place is also kept clean and active.

I wouldn’t say that Babylon is the best appointed bar of the sort though. Everything is fairly basic. There is bar with stools and some padded booths over a tile floor. Though is really looking at things like the floor tiles when surrounded by a bunch of half-naked Thai ladies?

Staff, services and summary

Some people complain about the age and looks of the women working in Pattaya’s gentlemen’s clubs. Of course some complain about the state of staffing in Pattaya generally. I may even fall into the latter camp as I admit to being disappointed by some of the so-called models working Walking Street go go bars these days.

Nonetheless Babylon does a pretty good job at staffing. They have a nice mix of ladies on the team. I personally find several to be attractive and the rest to be quite acceptable. Especially considering how forward and friendly they are. Not to mention the services they offer and the rates they request. I wouldn’t mind seeing a couple of svelte twenty year olds with flawless faces Babylon. But I have no real qualms with the women who work here at all.

The gals wear a mix of things like dresses, lingerie, bikini bottoms, and halter tops. Sometimes they also wear costumes. That is when they are wearing anything at all. Things can get pretty wild at Babylon in the right situation. And they can get very hands on no matter what the situation. Although there are decent private rooms available upstairs public action is also quite possible. So this place might not be for the faint of heart.

Then again Babylon’s location and business style make it difficult to imagine that some unknowing rube would accidentally wander into the club. For the most part you know what you are getting into when you enter Babylon Gentlemen’s Club in Pattaya.

Besides the regular operations Babylon also has a number of regular events. These range from things like parties to full on shows with special sexy dancers. This is not my cup of tea per se but it shows that the owners are actively engaged in their business. This isn’t a place they simply established then left to flounder like so many other bars in Pattaya.

What about prices? The bar charge for using a private room upstairs is 350 Baht ($10 USD). The ladies tend to ask 500 ($14 USD) for oral services and 1000 or occasionally 1500 Baht for full service. So prices are basically in keeping with what other similar venues charge. Though some ladies do ask more than their counterparts in other gentlemen’s clubs where the price is almost always 1000 for a full session.

I like Babylon. I don’t think it’s the best venue of the many gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya. But it’s definitely not bad either. It looks especially good when compared to other sorts of bars in Pattaya where the focus may be on things like drinking. Or there may even be no focus at all. Three stars.

Babylon Gentlemen’s Club. Pattaya Tai Soi 16, Pattaya, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 2:00 PM until 12:00 AM.

9 thoughts on “Review: Babylon Gentlemen’s Club in Pattaya, Thailand”

  1. I have visited this Gentleman’s club tonight, around 07:30pm.
    Bad luck for me, a ten of ladies and the youngest was probably near her forties.

  2. Hi.
    I visited this place tonight, around 8pm. I decided to do a bit of of tour the last week, and I included Babylon because it was new on Rockit’s.
    I have to agree with Pat that none of the ladies were in their prime. A few wearing bikinis still had very decent figures, but if you’re looking for young and slim then this is not really the venue for you.
    If you like to spend a few hours with fairly fit, early 40’s, good looking women (and I mean “women”), who are going to be knowledgeable and open-minded, then leave any age-ism at the door and become immersed.
    To be fair, I did not partake. Mainly because I was knackered. But I spent an hour with a couple of girls (sorry… ladies), and I had nice, fun, relaxing time.
    If I were to give and advice, I’d say grab a bikini girl as soon as you enter. There are a few un-fit ladies which can be difficult to shake, but if you get a good-un straight away then you have a base to work with.
    Best fantasy… a couple of MILFs who’ll do anything.


  3. There are so many unknown or new places in Pattaya every year and I found one offering oral service at 500 THB many years ago, but it wasn’t there last time I was there. Some lades in their 40s or eve 50s were there but I have never done with anyone over 30s in Thailand. For massage with extras, I have done it with much older ladies in various countries and sometimes they are simply best in both massage and the extras!! Cheers!!

    1. Indeed. The city is filled with countless venues of all types. Even if it is being increasingly billed as a family friendly tourist town. Cheers.

  4. I’ve visited Babylon several times, last time being in Oct 2023. I prefer when Babylon first opens. The atmosphere is inviting, the Ladies are Beautiful. My favorite Lady is Anne. The Rooms upstairs are nice, one being a Master bedroom. The Shower is perfect size for two. My experiences have only been positive and mind-blowing.

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