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Asian Feeling review – Erotic massage in Tokyo

Asian Feeling is a happy ending massage parlor in Tokyo that is fully open to foreigners. While many or even most of the adult service shops in the Land of the Rising Sun have a no gaijin policy Asian Feeling goes out of its way to welcome in people from different countries.

Asian Feeling also staffs a bevy of beautiful Thai women which adds even more of an international flare. Plus it’s a a high quality place with fair prices for the area.

This shop has been open for many years. Based on what I have seen, the place has only gotten better as time has gone on. While many shops curtailed their operations or disappeared completely Asian Feeling continued to upgrade.

Kabukicho erotic massage

There are jack shacks all over the world. Tokyo surely has its fair share. But Asian Feeling is above and beyond the average rub and tug. In fact the level of service offered at Asian Feeling is superior even to most of the Thai massage parlors in Thailand whether they are erotic or mainstream. Asian Feeling is appropriately named. It offers what many would recognize as the best of both worlds. Pretty and skilled Thai ladies offer massage at a Japanese level of quality.

Sexy Thai masseuse

It is easy to see just how attractive some of the ladies working at Asian Feeling really are. Many of the ladies on staff show off their nice beaming smiles right on the shop’s website. That too has been upgraded. The site looks better than it ever did. Yet it remains easy to navigate complete with an English Page for those who do not speak Japanese. This may not seem like much to the unaware. But those with experience know just how dense and frankly confusing the various “systems” at Japanese adult shops can be. At Asian Feeling everything is very straight forward.

Asian Feeling is located in the famed Kabukicho red light district. The building that houses Asian Feeling is pretty unassuming. If you weren’t in Kabukicho and there wasn’t a sign for Asian Feeling outside, you’d probably never even know that untold hundreds of loads have been blown within its walls. Yet the shop is easy to find thanks to modern technologies like smartphones and GPS. On top of that there is a large Asian Feeling sign right on the building. When customers enter they walk up to the desk. There they can select their service and pay to the staff who speaks English and Japanese.

In that little entry way customers will meet the front desk guy. He’s neither friendly nor cold. His attitude is a lot like his English. In other words, it’s just passable. There are a number of options that customers can choose from. It’s a lot like a Bangkok oily massage shop in that way, though here there is no full service on offer.

Staff, service and prices

There are three types of massages at Asian Feeling. Thai Massage starts at 6500 Yen for 60 minutes ($48 USD). a Powder Massage is 9500 Yen ($70 USD) for 60 minutes. Finally there are oil massages for 10,500 Yen ($77 USD). Longer sessions are available at slightly higher rates. And any session can be extended by 30 minutes for an extra 4000 Yen ($29 USD).

There are also a lot of deals at the shop. Regular customers can get 1000 Yen taken off their session if they bring a new customer along with them. There’s also a 2000 Yen discount on oil massages between midnight and 2:00 AM. Considering all that is offered and where the shop is located these prices are quite good.

If customers want to select one of the masseuses from the pictures on display at the counter they pay a 1,000 Yen ($9 USD) nomination fee. Otherwise they are assigned whichever woman is next in the queue. Since all the women I have met at the shop were absolutely lovely I see no issue with the standard rotation. All of the ladies seem able to speak Thai, Japanese and at least some English too.

The happy ending

After paying in cash customers are greeted by their masseuse and lead to one of many private cubicles. After a brief meet and greet comes the opening shower. Customers undress and are lead to a clean shower both. After washing off they are led back to the private booth. There the masseuses perform brief but good massages. Of course the real focus is on the main event.

To say the lasses that work out the stiffness at Asian Feeling are skilled at their craft would be a vast understatement. So would saying they are limited to hand service. Because although the ladies at Asian Feeling do not offer oral or full service they are able to manipulate a man with various other parts of their bodies.

Sure they do an expert hand job as a standard part of the happy ending massage. But a few of the more legendary ladies here have a between-the-leg and behind-the-knee style that is just out of this world. I never knew banging the back of a knee could feel so good!

After the happy ending time can be applied to more together time or in the case that a session ends customers head back to the showers for another cleanup. Everything is well done and as it should be. All is erotic and yet at the same time professional. The place is also very clean and well run. It’s an example of what a massage parlor can be in the right situation.

As a reliable and foreigner-friendly rub-and-tug in the heart of Tokyo with a decent staff of skilled Thai ladies, I give Asian Feeling a score of four stars. The place deserves credit for avoiding the schemes and rip off stylings that are unfortunately common in Kabukicho. This place provides a good service at a reasonable price. That’s especially notable since it is operating in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Asian Feeling. Shinjuku-ku Kabuki-cho 1-18-1 Fujita-buiding 5F, Tokyo, Japan. Click here for a map. Asian Feeling is open every day from 12:00 PM to 5:00 AM. The shop’s phone number is +81 03-3202-0723. The website is

12 thoughts on “Asian Feeling review – Erotic massage in Tokyo”

  1. So is the HJ included in the rates? Is there a lineup or you can only choose a girl from the photos?

    Some of the body part stimulation mentioned here is quite familiar to me as I have experienced in Hanpul back home. (no massage though) Some guy perhaps in the early 2000, came up with Haviot, a technique he coerced the girl to do behind the rear or between the legs. Just one time, the genital accidentally went in but the girl didn’t mind. I guess she liked me or something.( I even forgot to pay for the service in advance, which is very rare.) There used to be annual offline meetings for active pay for play punters where I live and I heard that some other guys got lucky as well but usually FS is not allowed in such places and they rarely write that in the review to protect the girls from doing the extras that they are not required to do. Cheers!!

    1. Hand release is included in the price as a part of the regular service. As is normal in Japan there is no expectation of tips. I would note that they do not use the simulated sex “sumata” method common to Japan. Here the providers use their hands and legs in interesting ways. In any even they are very skilled. Cheers.

  2. Visited the place at the beginning of September, no problem visiting the place – very foreigner friendly. Upon entering I was given a sort of menu and told that only oil and powder massage would include HJ. I opted for the 1 hour oil massage.
    Only one member of staff was available (I think it was Shino looking at the website) and I was told that I would have to wait if I wanted one of the other girls.
    Quick shower followed by a long massage. The massage was intense but I felt really relaxed afterwards. Shino had good skills, much better than the standard that you can get in the UK and Europe. She finished with a HJ which was ok but I had better to be honest. I also did not like that she did not get naked and did not get her boobs out when I asked (unsure if not allowed or language barrier). The top showed good cleavage though, she wore something similar to what is shown on their website.

    Would I go back? Maybe. It was just not quite what I expected based on experiences in Thailand and I think that is the lasting impression for me.

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