Review: Annichop Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Annichop Massage is one of the many locally owned and oriented massage parlors in the mountain ringed city of Chiang Mai that offers happy endings as a standard part of each appointment. It is centrally located but little known.

As explained in previous posts Chiang Mai is absolutely filled with massage parlors. But only a handful are oriented to sensual services. Still there are many more options than the average visitor may expect or know about which could explain why so many think the city has little to nothing to offer in terms of adult entertainment.

Annichop Massage

Annichop Massage is located a few twisting and turning blocks away from the famed Tha Phae Gate which happens to be one of the main “sights to see” according to most travel guides. It’s no Angkor Wat to be sure but it does get its fare share of visitors.

The parlor itself is located inside of a more or less unassuming house that has been transformed into a business. That is not uncommon in Chiang Mai. There is a sign for the place though it is not the easiest to see. The small barking dogs that hang around the lobby and leave it with the odor of urination are probably more obvious to most passersby.

Inside the lobby is a desk where a male manager seems to do more resting than anything else though he can actually be bothered to get up when it is time to collect money from a customer. Neither he or anyone else on staff seems to be able to speak English though they are willing to work through the language barrier to secure a customer.

menu at annichop massage

Annichop loosely translates to “you like that” which should give an indication of the kind of services offered there. Although various options may be offered the basic session most people book is probably a one hour oil massage for 500 Baht ($16 USD).

There are a handful of women working at Annichop with most hailing from the surrounding area. They tend to be attractive and in the early twenties. A sort of lineup is available for customers who want to chose their service provider from the two or three ladies available.

The women seem to be doing their first bit of work in the industry and more than likely have little to no experience with people who are not Thai. That can lead to the sort of awkwardness that one might expect though it doesn’t necessarily have to. Ultimately the women are doing a job to earn money just as most other people on earth have to do.

The rooms at Annichop are private and most likely converted bedrooms. They are big with locking wooden doors. Each has a large mattress on the floor along with an en suite shower and toilet. There are also air conditioners but there also seems to be an infinite number of mosquitoes flying about in spite of that.

Customers are expected to shower before sessions. Then they return to the mattress and get a rather full if somewhat unskilled massage. After that bargaining for extra services typically begins. I don’t know what the official policy of the shop is but the gals working at Annichop seem to be keen to do a hand happy ending for 500 Baht. Others may offer different services at different times but that would come down to them individually. Most probably go no further than hand release on any given day.

After the massages complete customers can shower again then get dressed and leave. Payment for the massage is rendered after the fact and any tipping is done privately in the rooms. Two stars.

Address:Soi Rachadamnoen 2, Chiang Mai, Thailand (Map)
Phone:+66 093-412-9449
Hours:12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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