Japanese prostitute claims ability to diagnose health problems by tasting cum


According a sex-oriented myth-busting section in the Japanese publication Nikkan Gendai, a Japanese prostitute says she can tell whether or not a man is healthy by the taste of his semen. I have heard of a lot of different diagnostic tests. But tasting cum is a new one to me.

If Japanese porn is to be believed, there are a lot of guys busting a lot of nuts in the land of rising sun. At the same time, there are plenty of women on the other end taking loads on their faces and in their mouths. Is it out of the realm of possibilities to imagine one developing certain skills as a semen aficionado?

Tasting cum professionally

A professional cock sucker has this to say. “Yes, it’s true, the semen of healthy men is a bit on the salty side, but when they get stressed out, the taste becomes more bitter.” She claims further to confirm her accuracy. “I’ll ask them, ‘Have you been having a rough time at work?’ and they’ll react with surprise, asking, ‘How did you know that?'”

Japanese woman with a mouth full of semen

Maybe because few people, least of all Japanese office workers who patronize blowjob shops, have an easy or good time at work. Especially in a country where people are overworked and stressed out. This reminds me of phony “psychics” who amaze naive customers by “knowing” the “secret” that they have had their heartbroken and/or lost a loved one at some point in their lives.

Taking into account the fact that workers in Japanese pinsaro blowjob bars can suck up to 15 cocks in a single shift, one may be inclined to believe there was something to it. Well maybe if one had little to no grasp of human physiology.

Is this for real?

I love working women in the sex service industry as much as the next sex fiend. But this is just ridiculous. The aforementioned blowjob master is onto something when she talks about being able to determine diet though.

“If a man eats a heavily salted diet, his spunk is more likely to be salty,” she says. “If they drink a lot of beer, I can usually tell because they tend to taste more bitter. But if they’re in good physical shape, their sperm is more liquid, and there’s nothing strange about it.”

It’s long been said that diet effects the taste of your jizz. Many recommend eating lots of pineapples and avoiding things like coffee and alcohol if you want your sperm to taste sweet. I don’t know if the slight value attained is worth altering your diet. Especially when you’re paying for the service rather than begging for your bitter old wife to suck you off once a century.

It turns out the taste testing performed by our pro prick licker has as much to do with marketing and the famed level of customer service in Japan as concern.

She continues, “if a customer’s sperm tastes different from the previous time, I might ask, ‘Are you feeling all right?’. In many cases they’ll be surprised and deeply touched that I remembered them, and after that will drop by at least once a month to get ‘tested.'”

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