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Interview with a Japanese “health” prostitute

In the same vein as the professional blowjob giver I featured on the site earlier, a Japanese prostitute working at a “fashion health” club set up an impromptu interview with the always unpredictable users at the wild Japanese website 2Chan. The Japanese site 2Chan inspired the American-based 4Chan, so you have an idea of what to expect.

Fashion health in Japan

In Japan, fashion health (ファッションヘルス) shops are basically incall brothels. They get around the prostitution laws in Japan by offering things like sumata, handjobs and oral sex instead of full penetration. Though as you’ll see, certain girls offer that too.

Japan red light district

The term “health” originates in massage. Supposedly the services health girls offer are good for the body. I won’t argue with that. The “health” field has a bit of range. Fashion health shops maintain a set location, whereas “delivery health” shops like Fukuoka Erotica Massage send the girl to the customer’s home or hotel.

Now onto the questions and answers.

Are there really guys with HIV out there?

I don’t know. The girls who do full sex probably have a higher risk of having it I suppose.

You know you can get it through unprotected oral sex?

Well, it’ll be fine. It’s not that transmitted that easily, after all.

Your cup?

F cup.

Does it feel good?

We’re a mat health place, it feels amazingly good! Especially with all the slippery lotion! If I was a man I’d be going there all the time.

Do you think your pay is good considering you spend all day sucking off guys you’ve never met before?

It’s OK. It’s good fun, and all the customers are nice people.

What prompted you to become a health girl?

I dropped out of high school and tried all kinds of work as a freeter. I kind of thought I’d try sex work. I wanted the money too.

I’m not brave enough to go to a brothel. Come over, I’ll pay the same!

Try a delivery health outfit?

How old are your patrons?

Really there are all sorts. From 18-year-olds to 70-year-old grandpas.

You health girls are really regular aren’t you?

I don’t know about the other girls, but I go smoothly everyday. I’ve never been constipated in my life!

Will you even service a creepy guy like me?

Sure, if you’re not dirty.

What sort of penises do you like?

I don’t like long ones. Short fat ones are good.

What can your customers do about STD protection? Do you have private relations with the hot guys?

I’m not interested in hot guys so I don’t know. I only look at them as customers.

For the STDs, just go to a clinic regularly? And don’t play around with a lot of different girls? Just pick a favorite and do her.

I got sex with a condom for ¥5,000, and then she gave me free anal afterwards, with a rubber. What do you think?

Health girls who offer sex are a real nuisance to girls who are working properly, aren’t they?

I get asked “can I put it in?” and when I gently refuse they say “but so-and-so let me.”

If you want to make money having full sex you should use a dating website.

Which are the most problematic customers?

We’re a mat health service, so basically the customer is supposed to be passive. The ones who want to take a more active role are a problem.

They have to stay still on the mat or they might slide off at is quite slippery, and we don’t want anyone falling. Dirty guys or drunks can be problems as well.

“Health” means no sex and sumata only? Is a rubber essential? Can you negotiate full sex beforehand?

There’s no full sex. It ends with sumata, handjobs or oral. We don’t use condoms at our place. Not for fellatio either. But there seem to be places which do insist on condom usage. There are girls who will do sex too.

Will you go out with a customer who offers you a proper life?

No. I have no interest in customers.

Prostitutes are professional sluts aren’t they?

Absolutely… I’ll be sure to use that job description in future.

How much do you have in savings?

My bank statement says ¥783. And I have ¥400 in my purse.

You only have ¥1,000 [$10 USD]? Hang in there!

Thanks, I’ll keep at it!

Should a customer tell you when they’re about to cum?

If it seems like you’re ready, I’d prefer if you say.

We’re on a strict time limit, but you can come as much as you like in that time. Although some can only manage once. Things get boring after they are done.

And people being sucked, please say when you’re on the verge! Because otherwise I get choked.

Do you feel much during work?

I do, I do! It’s slippery and feels good, I always end up coming during sumata!

Prostitutes hide their past from a normal guy and marry him, then end up cheating on him and get divorced. I hear that a lot. It seems once you’ve fallen and become scum, there’s no going back.

Indeed, once a slut, always a slut. I never wanted marriage or kids to start with, and after starting work I want them less. Or rather, I mustn’t.

In a 69, can we rim you?

Sure, but to get your mouth there your penis probably won’t reach my mouth!

Do the people around you know what you do?

As you might expect, I haven’t told my parents. But my friends know.

How much do you make?

I only started recently, it should be about 300,000-400,000 ($3000-4000 USD).

You making about 300,000 a month? Is that enough?

There’s no other part time work which is this easy. If you can avoid disease there’s no better work.

You say you are okay with telling your friends what you do. It seems less women these days are even ashamed of being prostitutes. It seems the morals of women are really collapsing.

No, as I said I’m not doing anything to be ashamed of, right? But I don’t think I should ever get married or have kids.

Big is better?

Not long ones. Thick ones are nice.

What makes customers happy when you suck them?

With fellatio? What kind of question is that?

Well, when you take it up to the base a lot are quite happy. And when you clean up with fellatio.

You give tongue kisses to lots of hideous old guys?

Sure I do.

Of your customers, what’s the longest and shortest they lasted?

We’re using mats, so we get changed and go to the bathroom. One time, after I got changed the customer was already hard with his underwear on, and he came as soon as I touched him. That all took 8 minutes.

For the longest… well, there was a guy who went through an hour long course without coming. At the end I had to just apologize as the time ran out.

How much do you charge?

Depends on the time slot. From ¥10,000 to ¥15,000 for 50 minutes.

When was your first time?

Second year of middle school, in the public toilet at a park with my boyfriend.

What is your favorite position?

Cowgirl and from behind.

What are your stats?

149 cm, 50 kg, F cup. Sorry for being a fatty.

You do titty fucking?

I do!

A lot of you girls are big. Do you get implants?

I don’t know. Some do. Mine are natural.

Don’t you realize you’re nothing more than a sex object?

It’s a job.

Do you get strange customers? Old guys or foreigners or ones who come funny.

Well, I got an 18-year-old kid who came for his first time and was really nervous. He was cute.

And there is a guy in his seventies who is really passionate and was quite hard to satiate. He was saying stuff like “you’re beautiful, for us to meet like this must be fate.”

Do you get regular customers?

I only started a month ago but I got one. That old guy, he said “I definitely, definitely come again” with a hot look in his eyes.

Why is it called “health?” Is it healthy?

How would I know?

Ever have any men who are smooth down there?


He said it was for swimming. The stubble hurt my clitoris when did sumata.

Does semen taste different from man to man?

My ex who liked booze was bitter and strong

My ex who had a sweet tooth was quite sweet

You like S and M?

“S” I would try.

Tell me how to become a pimp.

Find some bitches with issues.

What makes you happy you chose this line of work?

When I finish up and collect my pay.

Do most customers do it at a hotel or at home?

We’re a shop so I don’t know about that.

What is the biggest penis you’ve encountered? The smallest?

Biggest was the length of a can of coffee. Smallest was only 7 cm when erect.

Ever have any trouble with customers?

None. The advantage of a shop is that you can call the front desk at any time in any case.

How can I make friends with girls?

The art of conversation.

And there you have it. Another in a long list of interviews with sex workers that appears on this site. What do you think?

10 thoughts on “Interview with a Japanese “health” prostitute”

  1. Hey rockit, nice job on the site! Do you have any fashion health shops in Tokyo that you can recommend? I’m going to Japan in May and I’d love to visit one. Much appreciated and keep up the great work :)

  2. I feel I need to say something about that. I tried to get serviced once in Gotanda by riera:
    I got robbed of 10.000Yens. I asked a girl, and some horrible fatty came instead, I didn’t want to do anything with her. I tried to cancel but the chauffeur was long gone with my money. they blocked my cell phone later on their line.
    So advice: if one day you try “delihe”, be super careful to not give money before you see the girl. they have a well oiled system to steal from clients. Pictures on the site are just bullshit. :'(

    1. It’s not too often one hears of a rip off in Japan. Certainly it’s less common than it is in many other countries. With the industry being legal and regulated there are many websites and publications with reviews. Unfortunately they can be difficult for people to navigate if they don’t speak Japanese. The new Rockit Rising Sun site should be of use to some people.

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