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Interview with Monika from International Sex Guide

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Monika is one of the two main writers behind the site International Sex Guide. This “Intl Sex Guide” is of course not to be confused with the long lived International Sex Guide forums that have been online for decades.

That ISG forum was included on my list of interesting sex industry websites. This is the first time I making mention of the newer Intl Sex Guide site.

Monika from Intlsexguide

Monika is a former sex worker from Europe who is quite adventurous when it comes to sex. She writes about her experiences on the site. But there is always more to get into. At least that this the thesis behind my continuing series of interviews with people involved in the sex industry.

I was introduced to Monika and her partner Karl by Catherine Duffy from Whoreuro. All are leading lives which could at the very least be described as interesting. So it only follows that it is very interesting to interview them too!

How old are you, and where are you from?

My name is Monika, and I’m in my late thirties. I’m originally from Prague in the Czech Republic but now spend a lot of time in Germany and traveling the world as a female sex tourist with my equally sexually-open minded partner, Karl.

What is your profession?

I started out as a sex worker as soon as I turned 18. But the money in the Czech Republic wasn’t good, so I went to Germany. I started out hustling in porn cinemas before landing a job in a couple of sleazy little brothels and eventually worked my way up to FKK clubs and mega brothels.

These days, I’ve stepped back from sex work and prefer to write about my horny experiences, advise kinky folk and budding sluts, and travel the world searching for new sexual adventures. I’m a kinky consultant, erotic writer, and blogger.

What was your first experience with sex that deviated from vanilla in-and-out intercourse?

My first out-of-the-ordinary sexual experience was whilst working in a German brothel. Most guys opted for the standard suck and fuck, which I found really mundane and unexciting. One day, two guys came in seeking to DP one of the girls. It was good money, and I volunteered.

In DP, I put myself into these two guys’ hands and felt completely out of control being impaled on their cocks. It was a life-changing experience and felt almost like an out-of-body experience. After that, I craved group sex, gangbangs, and having all my holes plugged. It really changed everything about how I viewed sex. I wrote a detailed account of my first double penetration sex on my website.

When did you first see porn? Do you remember what kind of porn it was?

I’d seen flashes of porn playing cards and shit growing up, but my first porn experience was during the 1990’s in post-Communist Prague. An ex-boyfriend and I snuck into a local porn cinema and were enthralled by the grainy, hardcore porn playing before us. both of us were turned on like crazy and he slid his fingers up my skirt and finger-fucked me to orgasm, I didn’t mind the random old guys watching in the shadows and pumping their dicks, it was quite a turn-on!

When did you start traveling?

I first left home at the age of 20 to pursue sex work in Germany. But my traveling really took off after I met my partner Karl as he’d been around and encouraged me to see the world and all of the sexual delights that lie within it.

How many countries have you been to?

So far I’ve been to over twenty countries and counting.

Do you think sex workers are any more exploited than say, manicurists?

As a sex worker myself, I never felt exploited. If I saw any girls who were, I wouldn’t have tolerated it. Of course, it does happen, usually in illegal prostitution, and it’s horrific when it does. For me and many of my fellow sex workers, I loved the job. I adored being paid for men to drop to their knees and worship my tits and tongue my pussy. It was the best job ever!

Do you think prostitution should be legalized?

Yes, I do! In Germany and the Czech Republic, prostitution is legal. In my opinion, it serves to protect sex workers and their clients, combats the spread of STDs and fights the exploitation of prostitutes. The banning of the profession is downright backward.

What do you think about the idea of “sex addiction“?

I know quite a few sex addicts, both male and female, and I class myself as one. Sexual pleasure defines my life, and it’s almost like a hobby for me to test my sexual boundaries and explore new and exciting things. Addiction is often portrayed as a harmful and negative thing. But when managed correctly, such as being open with your partner and practicing safe sex, being a sex addict can be a rewarding lifestyle.

Do you get into swinging at all? What is the swinging scene like in Europe?

Indeed I do! There is a booming swinging scene in Europe that ranges from classic sex clubs to dedicated swinging hotels. As a sex tourist couple, my partner Karl and I are in an open relationship and love to invite new cocks and pussies into our sex life. It’s a lot of fun and the swingers in Europe are a great crowd.

How much crossover is there between swingers and punters who pay for sex in your experience?

In my experience, quite a lot. I know swingers who regularly hire sex workers to spice up their bedroom fun, and I know sex-addicted escorts who attend swinger parties to satisfy their lust (myself included) and vice versa. Both swinging and sex work are very sexually liberated worlds, so the crossover is huge.

What about gay or bisexual activities?

Absolutely! I’m equally happy with my pierced tongue in the pussy of another woman as I am with a cock slamming into my throat. For me, gender doesn’t play a role in sex. I want pleasure and I don’t care where I get it.

Do you ever have unprotected sex? How about bareback sex with prostitutes?

Well, yes and no. As a sex worker, never. It’s a common misconception that sex workers are riddled with diseases when the truth is that professional hookers are extremely conscious about their health.

Personally, I love the flood of hot spunk being pumped into me and the sensation as it leaks down my thighs afterwards, but I choose my moments wisely. If I’m fucking my partner, we never use condoms. Also, if I’m in gangbangs or arranging casual hookups, I’ll ideally ask for a recent STI test to feel the raw sensation of a bareback cock.

Have you run into any trouble with sexually transmitted infections?

No. I’ve been sensible so I’ve thankfully been lucky.

Do your family or friends know about your sexually adventurous lifestyle?

Due to some rather explicit tattoos, my family know my profession is clearly related to sex work. But they don’t pry into it. All of my friends are mostly in the same kink circles, so they naturally know.

Are there any countries that you do not want to visit?

Yes, India! It doesn’t appeal to me at all.

If you had to choose one country to live in permanently, what would it be?

It would have to be a country with various sexual debauchery on tap, such as Germany. In most German cities, you can find anything from BDSM dungeons and porn cinemas to creampie gangbangs and mega brothels. So yeah, I’d live there. However, the food could be better!

What kind of porn do you like? What’s your favorite pay site?

My porn tastes vary wildly. But in particular, I love hard anal gangbangs. Especially skinny girls taking multiple ridiculously sized dicks in their tight asses until they’re left a gaping mess. Squirt, lube, spit, and spunk are mandatory in my porn. These days, I’ve tried to reign it in a little as I spent hours upon hours with my eyes fixed on porn. I found it’s better to engage in the real thing than become overly addicted to porn! My favourite pay site is probably Brazzers but I’m also a member of Whoreuro too, the latter I use for when I really want to go down the rabbit hole of sin.

When I reviewed Artemis FKK in Berlin in 2016 I gave it four out of five stars. Your site recently published a rather glowing review of the place. Yet it seems that the place isn’t very highly regarded by many German punters or FKK regulars in Europe. Why do you suppose that is?

I worked in Artemis, but my partner Karl wrote the review. Look, the experience you get in Artemis varies on the girl. Some are fantastic, and some are shit and want to hustle a quick buck with a lot of paid extras. Overall, it’s expensive, but it’s hard to find such an experience of being surrounded by often hundreds of naked women keen to sexually serve you in such a luxurious environment. At least in Europe. It’s not for everyone, but some people adore it whereas others prefer the cheaper, sleazier kind of atmosphere of smaller brothels and I completely understand that!

What’s the situation with gangbang parties in Europe post-pandemic? Are they back to normal?

Pretty much, thank god! I attended two in Germany recently and found them to be as debauched as ever, although numbers will slightly lower than before. I’m just glad we’re returning to normality.

Recently, we attended one of the notorious creampie gangbangs held by WelshGB in Wales. It was absolutely wild and a perfect example of how gangbangs are coming back after the pandemic.

Any regrets?

Yes, I regret not doing more porn. I’m a bit past it now, and I missed my chance about ten years ago to go to the US and do some shoots. I’m pretty sexually ferocious, and many people have said I could have really made a good career out of it. But overall, I’m happy with how my life turned out. Being a female sex tourist, and being paid for it, isn’t a bad life at all!

Thanks so much for doing this interview. Is there anything else you’d like to say to readers of this site?

You’re very welcome! Thank you so much for having me! I’d just like to say that if you’re interested in hearing more from me, reading my filthy confessions from a life of sex work, and reading my advice from years of travel as a female sex tourist, check out our dedicated website: International Sex Guide.

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