Review: FKK Artemis in Berlin, Germany


FKK Artemis in Berlin is probably the largest and most visible of all the sex saunas in German’s capital city. Artemis made international headlines a few weeks ago when the place was raided by authorities for alleged tax violations along with other charges.

As reported on this site there may have been ideological motivations behind the raid even though the sale and purchase of sex remains legal in Germany. In any event Artemis is still open and operating just as it always has which makes it an obvious subject for review here at Rockit Reports.

The place is totally open to foreigners and has visitors from around the world. Most customers seem to be from around Europe but people from much further also show up with regularity.

Artemis in Berlin

Artemis is housed in a large and fairly obvious building in a well traveled part of town. Most people could probably find it on their own with a little help from a map but nearly every taxi in town knows it by name. That’s really no surprise. Artemis advertises on a number of taxis in a similar manner to the the mostly sexless and expensive strip clubs in New York’s Manhattan.

FKK Artemis in Berlin

Customers enter Artemis by passing through the parking lot and into the main doors. Once inside they are faced with a front desk usually manned by an attractive lady. Up a flight of stairs to the left one sees a loft that contains the wallet lockers and more often than not some nude ladies standing around waiting for customers to pay them.

Entry fee

When guys approach the front desk they are usually asked if they speak German and if it is their first time at the club. The front desk workers like the rest of the people working in Artemis can speak a variety of languages with all being able to converse very well in English. Customers who say it is their first time are given the run down on the place while repeat customers are simply asked to fork over the 80 Euro ($89 USD) entry fee.

The entry fee gives customers access to the entire facilities along with unlimited free non-alcoholic drinks at the bar and food in the dining area. Unlike FKK Mainhattan in Frankfurt there is no extra charge for robes at Artemis. They are included in the entrance fee along with unlimited clean towels and slippers.

Inside Artemis FKK

Once customers pay the entrance fee they are given a wrist band to wear while inside. They then walk up the stairs and straight into the large locker room. Women are prohibited from entering this area but there are usually at least a few guys inside. To the left there is a large shower area and some toilets and to the right there are several rows of slim lockers. Customers find an available locker and put their things inside. Then they change into a towel and slippers in their size and head over to the showers to wash off. Next they put on a robe. Then they retrieve their money and head over to the smaller lockers just outside. They find a locker here and place their money inside. After having a session they return to this mini locker to retrieve payment for their service provide after which they are expected to shower again before reentering the main public areas.

Artemis is a pretty large place. The locker room floor also houses the main lounge which is filled with a long round bar and countless seats all around. A raised level in the back has plenty of couches and there are more all around the room. At the far end there are even stripper stages and some beds which allow for public play but these don’t seem to be used much. Beyond that there is a door that leads to a medium sized dining area where food is served. Another door leads to an outdoor patio and a pool of decent size.

Down the stairs just outside of the locker room there are some semi-private rooms and a lounge with another indoor pool. There is a bar at the back end and lots of soft seats around with books and magazines to read. I have been told that is meant to be a relaxing area for guys so no women are allowed inside. In reality some of the more aggressive women do come inside from time to time. There is a gym too.

Also downstairs is the “keno” or public theater which gets a fair amount of use. There are elevated row seats in front of a large screen that plays porn around the clock. Some guys start sessions here with women and some like to receive oral sex here to completion. The action is out in public but a little dark. Most people pay little attention to what others are doing but some guys do seem to like to watch. Guys looking to play in the theater usually ask women for it before agreeing to a session. Some others just sit there and wait. Women pass through all the time and ask guys there if they want some company. Most of the women will at least start their play in the theater. Many will go all the way there. A few refuse it all together.

Climbing the stairs from the locker room floor leads to halls filled with private rooms that are used for sexual services. They are pretty plain but surprisingly clean considering what goes on and how often they are used. They are nothing like the filthy beds one finds in some Southeast Asian massage parlors where some of the bedding looks as if it has been around as long as the local strongmen.

Women at Artemis

There are dozens of women working at Artemis at any given time. Some days it seems like there are a hundred. Women from all over the world are represented with Romanians and Moldovans being the most common. A few women from places like Turkey, Poland, Hungary and even the Dominican Republic also show up with regularity. Some women have one Asian or African parent and one European parent. In my view they are some of the most attractive.

The women at Artemis walk around nude with only the occasional piece of sexy lingerie and high heels to accent their bodies. Most sit in the main lounge though they can be found throughout the facilities. Some hang around the stair cases and as mentioned many move through the theater quite a lot looking for fresh meat.

The majority of the women at Artemis will gently approach guys to see if they are interested in a session. Some wait to be approached. Almost all will accept offers for sessions though there are a few who are picky. Usually this mean that they insist on working with a friend or something like that. This is pretty rare however and frankly not that big of a deal.

Price for sex

The women who work at Artemis ask for 60 Euros ($67 USD) per session. This typically includes a blowjob and condom covered sex. Some will do more or less. The women who will do things like take facials usually ask for an additional 50 Euros ($56 USD). Those who will do anal usually want an extra 100.

Although the pricing scheme may seem a little cold the women aren’t all that mechanical. Most are very skilled in their job and go out of their way to get guys off. Some even seem to enjoy it. There are a few who are clearly looking to get money the quickest way they can but they are not the majority. The place has a lot of return customers and guys know who performs and who doesn’t. Women who put in no effort aren’t likely to last long.

Artemis has one of the biggest varieties of women on staff of any German sex club. It is impossible then to make a judgement on overall looks with any certainty. Different people have different ideas and there are all sorts of ladies working the place at any given time. I can say that most of the women would be considered attractive but most men. Different styles and sizes are around but there aren’t many overweight or overage ladies. Bodies typically look good with few saggy stomachs or breasts. A handful of women have fake breasts and a couple have gone for the full plastic Barbie look. It’s hard to believe any red blooded guy wouldn’t see plenty of women they would like to fuck on a visit.


Artemis isn’t all roses. Especially when it comes to smell. It seems that most of the customers and nearly all of the women at Artemis smoke cigarettes. The ventilation system in place is not able to handle this so the entire place stinks of smoke. Years ago I may not even have noticed this but today when smoking has been eliminated from most public places around the world it definitely stands out. Surprisingly the women don’t really smell of smoke. Either that or they do and its simply impossible to notice since everything else does too.

Another issue is that the club is so well known and central that it can get crowded at times. Even then there are many available women and space to play however. It doesn’t seem to get as rowdy as FKK Oase does either.

All considered Artemis is a good example of a European FKK club with plenty of women on staff who are eager to work and make money. I give it four stars.

Address:Halenseestraße 32-36, Berlin, Germany (Map)
Phone:+49 030-890-4440
Hours:11:00 AM - 5:00 AM
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