Review: Orgasmo in Baile Tusnad, Romania


Romania is a country in Eastern Europe much praised for the beauty of its women. While it doesn’t generate quite the same buzz as the Czech Republic or Ukraine, guys in the know have been visiting the country for decades and continue to do so in large numbers, whether they are looking for hookups or pay for play action. A few readers of Rockit Reports even explicitly asked for information on Romania.

Today’s review will cover a little known but outstanding strip club with extras located in the region of Transylvania, way off the beaten track. Hopefully readers will find it just as entertaining as the numerous write ups on mainstream locations such as Bangkok and Tokyo.

Orgasmo is located in the mountain resort of Băile Tușnad, a small town of about 1,500 permanent residents that thrives on its growing tourism industry. While plenty could be said about its family spa or the beauty of the scenery, readers of this site are undoubtedly more interested in the adult entertainment available. As the only adult themed venue in the entire town, Orgasmo would stand out even if the services provided were of poor quality. Luckily it also has some merits of its own.

Visitors unable to speak Romanian don’t need to worry since Orgasmo is nearly impossible to miss. Băile Tușnad is so small that it can literally be walked from one end to the other and Orgasmo happens to be right on the main street, advertised by a large sign. Nothing happens around there during the day but the club comes alive at night when its lights are turned on to signal that the place is open for business.

Much like the town itself, Orgasmo is a tiny and cozy affair. It doesn’t appear to attract more than a handful of customers on any given night. On some nights there may not be any customers at all. This doesn’t seem to affect the business though as Orgasmo has been in operation for years and it seems unlikely that it will go away anytime soon.

First time visitors can expect to be jovially greeted by the owner, who doubles as a bartender, and escorted to a couch on the opposite side of the room. The couch is right in front of a small round platform with a single pole where a few dancers take turns showing off their skills. Some of them can pull quite a stunt. The couch is positioned so close to the platform that there is barely any legroom, but any discomfort to the lower limbs is mitigated by the up close view of the action. There is also the option of sitting on a stool next to the bar, which is located near the entrance and offers a view from afar. In either case the customer will be handed a menu consisting of drinks and some services such as the classic option of a private lap dance.

To say that the lineup of girls is limited would be a major understatement. At last check, there were only three women working at Orgasmo. Some nights only one or two will actually show up. Thankfully what it lacks in quantity is more than made up for in quality. None of the dancers at Orgasmo could be called unattractive and at least one of them meets all the requirements to be considered a stunner.

At any point the customer can ask a gal to join him on the couch or at the bar. The ensuing interaction will be punctuated by the purchase of lady drinks that sell for 50 RON ($12 USD) each. While not every girl can speak enough English to sustain a prolonged conversation, they are usually less than shy about taking their bra off. If a customer and a gal hit it off some mild foreplay can take place out in the open. The women are very flirtatious and drinking with them can be a lot of fun. Punters looking for some real action can easily take things to the next step by pointing at the last page of the menu.

A quick glance past the beers and spirits will reveal two mysterious items highlighted with a text marker. Their names roughly translate to Small Champagne and Big Champagne. While anyone would be forgiven for assuming that these refer to actual drinks, they are in fact code names for sexual services. Small Champagne stands for a blowjob while Big Champagne stands for sex, the services being priced at 200 RON ($48 USD) and 400 RON ($96 USD) respectively.

The sale of sex is officially illegal in Romania. Any venue or individual engaging in the trade is forced to operate under the radar. Plenty of guys have visited Bucharest or other major cities in the country only to be frustrated by the apparent lack of venues offering full service, which for many ends up taking the form of a private negotiation with a masseuse in a massage parlor. That’s not the case at Orgasmo. Here full service is available as a standard service and the process is very straightforward.

After making his intentions known to the girl, the customer will follow her into a small room behind the dancing platform. The room comes with a bed, a vertical mirror and a corner table. Here they will proceed to undress and she will perform the service of choice within the time allotted, which is 30 minutes for oral action and 60 minutes for full service. Both services are covered and the condom is provided by the girl. There is no clock watching and all of the women are experienced at what they do. As always, your mileage may vary depending on a number of factors such as chemistry and perhaps the phase of the moon, but most customers should leave satisfied.

The titular bottle of champagne is actually available for consumption even though it doesn’t taste very good in my opinion. The customer and his girl can wrap things up by sharing a drink or two in the privacy of the room. Smoking is also allowed. Once the session has come to a close the punter will either head back to his seat in the main lounge or walk straight toward the exit, where he will make a stop at the counter to settle his tab.

As a well run gentlemen’s club offering a varied range of services, provided by enthusiastic women at reasonable rates, Orgasmo deserves praise for effectively catering to different needs under the same roof. It manages to be at once strip club, blowjob bar and something more. Unfortunately it’s a small and understaffed venue in a somewhat secluded geographical location. It is difficult to access unless one is willing to travel across Romania by train or bus. Then again it delivers unmatched value to people who should already find themselves in the area for leisure or business. Taking all of the above into consideration, I believe it deserves a solid three stars.

Address:DN12, Băile Tușnad, Harghita County, Romania (Map)
Hours:9:00 PM - Late

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