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Since the inception of Rockit Reports years ago readers have continued to send emails and leave comments asking how they can support this site. While the people asking to contribute probably represent less than one percent of the total readership I have always been pleased to know that at least a fraction of thousands of people who view this website each month find it so entertaining that they want to make a contribution to show their gratitude.

This website is free to view and it will always remain that way for as long as I am able to keep it online. Readers are under no obligation to offer anything in exchange for browsing through the pages here. After much difficulties I was recently able to organize a roundabout way for dedicated readers to donate and those interested can get all the information by sending an email to donate -at- I do realize that the majority of people that find their way here probably aren’t interested in that but from time to time I do promote adult entertainment and other products here like the Fleshlight that they may be more willing to spend money on since they will get something more than gratitude in return.

There are times I report on things or places because I find them interesting or think that readers will. On some occasions I’m asked to cover something and if everything looks okay I will usually do that too. In many cases I try to stay as objective as possible.

Pontificating on porn

When I write a review or report about something like the best Japanese porn or porn worth paying for however you can bet that I actually find the thing under discussion valuable. Even though this website can earn a bit of money when someone signs up for a porn site after clicking an affiliate link placed here this is not my main motivation for writing. If it was this website never would have started since it cost more money than it earned for many months.

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If I want to write about a website or product I will even if there is no opportunity to get any fees for referring people to it. That’s why I have repeatedly linked to sites like Clips4Sale even though they don’t have any affiliate program in place.

Because this website does use some affiliate programs and also because I’m on various mailing lists and other networks that allow me to stay up to date on what is going on in the sex industry I frequently receive notices of sales and specials that are going on. I usually don’t report on these because I don’t want to weigh the site down with frequent short updates that could crowd out other more detailed reports. I did make an exception when I reported on a holiday sale that Fleshlight was running back in 2013 because I thought that was something readers would be interested in and I am doing it again today as I report on a number of sales that have come across my radar recently. I hope you will enjoy and in case you decide to partake in any of these services you can be content in the fact that you are helping both yourself and this site.

Fleshlights and Japanese AV

The aforementioned Fleshlight which at this point is pretty well known as the best selling male sex toy in the world is currently running a three-for-two special with a Fleshlight girls orgy pack. When customers choose any two Fleshlight girl sleeves modeled after famous porn stars like Stoya and Jenna Haze they can select a third at no additional cost. That’s as close as most people will come to having a foursome with three hot gals. I have had the pleasure of foursomes and moresomes but I can still see the value here, especially since shipping is free on orders of more than sixty dollars.

R18 Japanese AV stars

R18 which is an incarnation of the gigantic DMM conglomerate was linked to in the previously mentioned post on the best Japanese porn. The site is one of the largest to be found anywhere and has a back catalog of Japanese AV that could take a lifetime to get through.

They have been running various specials for weeks including a 30 percent off discount on all videos from the KM Produce production company which includes great films like “I Heard That You Could Get Laid At Traditional Massage Shops in Korea” and “Brothel Hostess Will Take Your Creampie Now” featuring Ai Uehara dressed up as a sexy bunny.

The site is also running other promotions including access to 5,000 movies by production company Moodyz for only $0.90 USD and another giving users an opportunity to view 16,000 more movies on the Dream channel for ninety cents with unlimited streams and downloads. While there are lots of tube sites out there that are free to view none are as well organized as R18 and for less a dollar it seems like a waste of time to go anywhere else looking for hardcore action from the land of the rising sun.

Big names and small studios

Speaking of tube sites the inexhaustible Bang Bros production company based in the US has recently launched Bang Bros Tube to promote its seemingly never ending supply of porn scenes. This company has been around for years and was one of the first to really take advantage of the internet which is probably why they are still going so strong today. Old hands like me will probably remember the Bang Bus site that made them famous.

Fellatio Japan

Because they are such a big company most of their stuff can’t be found on the free tube sites. Whenever someone does upload one of their scenes it is usually quickly taken down for copyright infringement. That means those who want to see their work have the best chance of doing so by shelling out a whole dollar to gain access to their network. After doing so they’ll have access to great stuff like a new scene featuring Lebanese porn star Mia Khalifa doing two black guys on screen for the first time ever. Viewing the scene I can see why she is the most searched for porn star on Porn Hub. If I ever get the opportunity to do an interview with Mia I will be sure to ask how filming that was for her.

I also want to mention Fellatio Japan. Even though they aren’t running any promotions at the moment the site does feature a big library of expertly shot uncensored Japanese blowjobs. Since Japanese blowjob sites like Ferame and Japanese Slurp have been among the most popular I have ever linked to on this site I imagine that many viewers will find this tantalizing.

The same network runs a similar site called Tokyo Face Fuck that is a little more hardcore as the name suggests. Additionally they run a site called Ura Lesbian that despite the name contains plenty of blowjobs performed by two beautiful Japanese women at a time filmed in high definition.

Finally I want to mention the new “teen porn megasite” DaGFs which is actually made up of ten sites containing Asian, black, Latina and other content including more rare niches like French and emo. And that’s what I have for now. If readers express interest I will report on more new and exciting events and special discounts in the world of adult entertainment when I come across them in the future.

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