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The 3 best Japanese onaholes

Just how good are onaholes? Aren’t the plastic pussies from the land of the rising sun the same as similar cock socks from any other part of the world? The truth is that Japanese male masturbators cannot really be compared to lower level male masturbators. Let me explain.

Onahole is the term for male masturbators from Japan. It is totally fair that they would have their own name since they are so superior to any would-be competition. In my extensive travels over many years on this planet I have not seen anything that comes anywhere near the quality or inventiveness of male sex toys from Japan. Even well known western products such as the Fleshlight cannot hold a candle to Japanese masturbation sleeves. These adult toys are the pinnacle of onanism.

Japanese male sex toys

Japanese onahole manufacturers take great care when designing and creating their sex toys. They are constantly coming up with new models based on various technologies, shapes, sensations, ideas and even collaborations with professional artists and porn stars. No wonder entire floors of shops like Love Merci are taken up by these toys.

I recently received three onaholes from J-List that I will review here. For those who don’t know J-List is a longstanding website that curates a full catalog of great products from Japan. For 25 years J-list has been making these products available to people outside of Japan at very reasonable rates. So people from any country on earth can order their favorite Japanese snacks, Japanese porn, and male masturbators, and have it all delivered right to their home. Unless of course they live in Australia.

Koji Rase Virgin

The Koji Rase Virgin is a high quality male masturbator from famed manufacturer PxPxPx. This is a “torso” toy meaning the exterior is shaped like an actual woman’s body. In reality few if any woman are as curvy as this toy. It is made from an incredibly soft material molded like a body with big firm boobs and prominent nipples. Like most good Japanese masturbators the interior of the sleeve is actually made from a different material than the outside. So sliding into the round hole creates a variety of different sensations.

koji rase virgin onahole

The toy comes packed with some lube and is ready to go. It is easy to get into this thing. And I mean that in the most literal way. The toy itself is pliable and probably about as long as the average man’s endowment. Anyone hung like a horse would probably hang out of the back. But they would still be able to get ample enjoyment on their most sensitive areas around the glans and upper shaft.

The canal inside contains some rings that give way to a larger open pocket. Due to the elaborate design the toy can actually create different sensations depending on how it is turned. Flipping it around it almost like having real doggy style sex though the outside torso here is obviously not to scale. So this toy feels fairly realistic. In any event is quite pleasurable to use. It is also one of the easiest toys to clean I have ever used thanks to the stretchable material.

I can’t imagine any man with a pulse and an erect penis would not enjoy playing around with this onahole. Quite simply it is easy to use and it feels great. It certainly beats the hand when it comes to beating the meat!

Puni Virgin Zero Lv.2

The Puni Virgin Zero Lv.2 is one of the stranger male sex toys I have seen. At the same time it really shows just how creative Japanese manufacturers can be. There is an old saying that the Japanese would tap on a stone bridge before crossing. The idea is that Japanese people are risk-adverse and unwilling to break new ground. But just look at how far they go in creating male sex toys!

puni virgin male sex toy

This toy has a realistic flesh tone but otherwise it looks nothing like any person I have seen. The outside is bubbly which looks a little odd but actually comes in handy when it comes to gripping the thing. No pun intended. This is especially helpful because the toy is so soft. It almost feels like a marshmallow when you grab it.

The Puni Virgin Zero comes with a small pack of lube that is enough to get started. More interesting are the three rings that are packed in with the toy. These are sort of like cock rings and they are meant to enhance enjoyment. The hole itself is small but not tight at all. Sliding in is a breeze with the appropriate amount of lube.

Using this toy is more comfortable than intense. In other words it is more like a warm bowl of soup than some spicy chicken wings. It is also quite realistic feeling and is reminiscent of mounting a well worn woman with experience. That is not a bad thing. It allows for extended play and enjoyment. Don’t judge an onahole by its cover. If you lube this toy up and slide a finger inside the resemblance to a real woman is uncanny!

Japanese Real Hole Fella Rara Anzai

The Japanese Real Hole Fella Rara Anzai (aka Rion) 2-way Dual Hole is a double-sided onahole based on the busty Japanese AV Star Rara Anzai. Rara-chan is also known as Shion Utsunomiya and Rion due to her multiple starts in the Japanese Adult Video industry. No matter what you call her you must admit that she is a beautiful woman with an incredible chest. No wonder she has amassed so many adoring fans around the world.

rion onahole

In case you are not aware “fella” is Janglish for fellatio. It makes sense since one end of this toy is a molded mouth complete with lips, teeth and a tongue. This isn’t just some basic thing. The soft yet firm teeth are white like the real thing. The tongue is firm and realistic and made out of an entirely different material. So it is actually like a miniature oral orifice!

Unfortunately I don’t know how closely it resembles Rion’s mouth. I have had the please of spending time with AV stars like Egami Shiho and Leina Kitamura. Sadly I have never met Rara Anzai in person. What I can say is that using the mouth end of this toy feels a hell of a lot like a real hummer! Pushing far back into the back even feels like real deep throat. It is a modern engineering marvel!

On the flip side there is a molded pussy complete with external lips. Although this toy is modeled after a very experienced porn star it is actually tighter than the two other “virgin holes” I tried. All three were good to great. But I thought this contradiction was at least worth pointing out. Speaking of “pointing out”, the two sides of this Real Hole toy are linked. So entering the mouth can have your penis coming out the other end. It’s no problem though. It feels fantastic and actually makes cleanup a breeze.

I honestly cannot find fault with any of these toys. All three are excellent and provide an extremely pleasurable and quite realistic experience. Sure they are handheld and not connected to living breathing women. But man doesn’t have access to a never ending harem of willing and available women. Taking that into consider Japanese sex toy manufacturers have created these three spectacular units and many more like them. J-List has assembled some of the best and ships them out to guys all around the world. Despite everything that has happened in recent years this is enough to give me hope in the human species. Long live Japanese male masturbators!

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