The sudden appearance of jeweled butt plugs


Anyone who watches even a bit of porn will probably have noticed the recent proliferation of these shiny jeweled butt plugs jammed up plenty of poopers. This phenomenon seems to have come out of nowhere.

I’m not sure who started it or even when it began. But I definitely don’t remember any sparkles other than raw sweat emerging from the ass cheeks of classic porn hotties like Mai Lin, Aunt Peg or Raven.

Spotting the first shimmer

If my memory serves me correctly, I think the first time I saw one of these bedazzled bum stoppers it was up the firm little bubble butt of the now well-known porn starlet Sasha Grey. She has now gone on to bigger and better things like making mockumentaries and causing uproars by contributing to youth literacy. But I am still left thinking about the shimmering anal toys.

green jeweled butt plugs

I don’t really know what to make of it. Call me old school, but I think I’d rather get a real shot of the rectum than a piece of lurid jewelry in most cases. That is, when I want to look at the bung hole at all.

This trend doesn’t seem to have filtered into the world of hands on sexual services yet. But I’m sure it will only be a matter of time. Especially with the back and forth movements of escorts, bar girls, and the like in and out of adult video. As much as some would like to deny that it happens, it is a reality.

Putting butt plugs in their place

Butt plugs do have their place other than the obvious “up someone’s ass”. They can be great tools to get the backyard ready for a plowing. I remember one particular situation when a woman was driving thirty minutes or so over to my place. I thought we’d just do some fucking and a bit of oral. But then I realized she had driven over with a black latex plug up her ass. After a bit of heated sixty nine, she pulled out the plug and demanded I fuck her in the ass. No pussy action at all. Just straight to the tailpipe. The only demand was not to cum in her ass. So after a bit of pumping I pulled out and sprayed all over her pink lips. Then she cleaned up and left. A true booty call. This is something that vividly remains in my memory.

I don’t know if the experience would have been enhanced at all if the plug would have been metal with a shimmering stone set in the end. I doubt it, especially since those seem to be designed for wear during sex or maybe especially adventurous parties. I don’t know how often they are used as a precursor to the main event.

I don’t have anything against these things. I just don’t really care either way. I don’t understand the popularity. Am I missing something? What do you think?

Just in case anyone is really interested, you can pick up a nice stainless steel jeweled butt plug over at Amazon for $49 US dollars with shipping included. The description says it is “designed for a nice comfortable fit for long term wear”. For the extremely adventurous, there even appears to be three used pieces of these ass accessories available online, at a discount as you would probably expect. No comment on that.

Maybe it’s best to just let one of the product reviewers get the last word in. Kate says “This plug has a narrow “neck” that keeps it in place so it can be worn in public. I have a drawer full that just won’t stay put without some belt or strap”.

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