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The best guest friendly hotels in Pattaya

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This is a list of some of what I find to be the best hotels in Pattaya. None of the hotels on this list charge a fee for customers to bring someone into their room.

Pattaya is a world renowned nightlife, entertainment and relaxation destination. The city is filled with hotels from one side to the other which keeps prices reasonable. It also makes it difficult to find the ideal place to stay for short time visitors.

Nearly every hotel in Pattaya is guest friendly but some do charge a “joiner fee” of 500 Baht ($15.50 US) or more anytime a customer brings a friend to their room. I find the policy to be a put off but still many places continue to practice it.

I try my best to avoid any hotel that charges me extra for the use of a room I have already paid for.

1. LK The Empress (Beach Road)

The four star LK The Empress hotel is centrally located on Beach Road, right in the heart of the action and within walking distance of multiple shopping malls, coffee shops and eateries. It’s also within walking distance of the famous Walking Street, Soi 7 and Soi 8. LK The Empress consistently receives top marks from guests who leave reviews online.

pattaya no joiner hotel

LK The Empress is also one of the newest hotels in Pattaya. It was constructed a few years ago and its been well kept since then. Extra amenities include strong Wi-Fi throughout the hotel and a nice clean pool. The ocean front rooms are especially nice but they do come at a premium. The Empress is completely guest friendly.

A stay at the hotel isn’t cheap but it is certainly less than what a similar room would cost on any beach in the US or Europe.

2. Citin Loft (near Central Pattaya Road)

I think Citin Loft is one of the best hotels in Pattaya. The hotel is large, well run and clean. It’s a little out of the way but that’s nothing a short walk, taxi or moto taxi can’t solve. It also guarantees a bit of peace and quiet which can be hard to find in Pattaya.

Citin Loft is completely guest friendly. Customers simply need to stop off at the front desk with any friends they want to bring to their room so that an ID card can be held. This is done for the guest’s safety. When the visitor leaves the front desk will call up to the room to make sure that everything is okay.

Stays at Citin Loft are usually reasonably priced but sometimes the hotel fills up and the rates for the remaining rooms go through the room.

LK The Empress beach road Pattaya thailand

3. 18 Coins Inn (Soi Buakhao)

There are plenty of budget options in Pattaya. Rooms can be had for the equivalent of ten US dollars or less. The budget rooms are usually inexpensive for a reason. I wouldn’t stay in some of them if the room was given to me for free. 18 Coins is a trustworthy budget option centrally located near a major intersection on Soi Buakhao.

I’ve already posted a full review of 18 Coins on this website. It goes over all the major points. For the purposes of this post I will repeat that the rooms are suitable for the price, the place is secure, the wi-fi is strong throughout the building and the hotel is completely fine with customers bringing guests back to their rooms. In addition many of the rooms have received an overhaul since I wrote my review so the place should now be nicer than ever even though the rates have stayed the same.

Rooms at the hotel never cost too much but the only way to get the best rate is to book a room at 18 Coins online. When purchased on the internet rooms can go for as much as half off the price one gets when they wonder in off the street.

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