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The best guest friendly hotels in Bangkok

Here’s my list of the best guest friendly hotels in Bangkok. Bangkok is a huge city and the capital of Thailand. For most visitors the center of activity is the Sukhumvit area which follows Sukhumvit Street for several kilometers.

Tourists looking to access the varied nightlife and entertainment opportunities the city has to offer usually stay there. Some may prefer to stay in the Silom area. Both offer access to more than one could do in months along with eateries, shopping outlets, street food and more. Best of all it’s easy to get from one of these areas to the other by air conditioned train or taxi.

A guest friendly hotel allows women to visit a guest’s room. Many hotels in Bangkok are guest friendly. But some are not. They do not always state this policy upfront. I was forced to discover which hotels would allow me to go to my room with a guest through trial and error. This list is based on my research.

Most hotels in Bangkok are guest friendly but there are a few that will not allow guests to bring visitors back to their rooms. A few will allow it but only for a premium. This is a list of the best and best priced hotels in the prime areas of Bangkok with confirmed guest friendly policies.

1. Nantra Silom Hotel (Silom Soi 8)

Those who prefer to stay in Silom could do worse than the Nantra Silom Hotel. This hotel was redone a few years ago though it’s still a midrange place at best. What it offers is a very convenient location, solid rooms and a very easy check in.

nantra silom hotel guest friendly

Only steps away from the infamous Patpong area and trains that can take visitors all over the city for very little money this hotel is in the heart of the action.

The hotel is completely guest friendly. Visitors are free to come and go as the customer sees fit. There’s never any hassle or extra fee. At most a temporary visitor may have to show their ID card but that’s only for the safety of the person staying in the room.

Another thing the Nantra Silom Hotel has going for it is the price. The rates are very reasonable and unbelievably low prices can often be had by booking a room at the Nantra Silom Hotel online before visiting.

2. Legacy Suites (Sukhumvit Soi 29)

Legacy Suites is one of the better hotels in all of Bangkok. It’s a very large establishment with rooms filling separate buildings. A walk way and a large lobby with a very helpful and service oriented staff ties everything together. Located on Soi 29 the hotel is only a short walk from Soi Cowboy and countless restaurants and shopping centers. The train is also nearby.

The standard rooms at Legacy Suites are nice but the superior rooms are even better. This is a place where shelling out a little extra for a nicer room is worth it. Some of the better rooms are as large as apartments and have their own kitchen and dining areas. The bathrooms are similarly large with separate showers and bathtubs.

Legacy Suites is completely guest friendly. They even go to the extent of posting warnings in the elevators about the danger of bringing unknown people to a room. This isn’t done to deter guests from having visitors but rather in the interest of their safety. Although guests can easily bypass the lobby and go straight to their rooms the management recommends that they stop by the front desk to log the identity of the person visiting. It’s clear they have their guests in mind.

3. Galleria 10 (Sukhumvit Soi 10)

Galleria 10 is a middle of the road hotel that offers nice rooms at a great price. There are many similar hotels in Bangkok but most are not as well located as Galleria 10. The hotel is literally smack dab in the middle of the Sukhumvit area. It’s only a short walk from the Nana Entertainment Plaza and Soi Cowboy. Guests are also near to the trains, countless restaurants and bars of all sorts.

Galleria 10 is completely guest friendly. Guests can simply walk in with their guests and head straight to the elevators. No need to discuss the stay with anyone. The place is going for a kind of metro vibe and it pulls it off without being tacky. There’s also a nice restaurant on the ground floor that has reasonable prices but still manages to attract businessmen.

The price may be the best thing about Galleria 10. It has some of the best rates for its range in the area.

4. On8 Hotel (Sukhumvit Soi 8)

On8 Hotel is always reviewed well by guests who stay there. The staff is warm and attentive without getting in the way. The hotel has two entrances. One is just off of Soi 8 and the other is right on Sukhumvit. The hotel is literally a few steps from the BTS train and countless places to eat and shop. Nana Entertainment Plaza is only a few minutes away on foot and Soi Cowboy isn’t much further.

The rooms at On8 are quite good. They are well laid out and maintained. The showers are large walk in setups that give a lot of space. Each room comes with a modern television with plenty of channels which is not always the case in Bangkok. The wireless internet is strong throughout the building.

On8 is a totally guest friendly hotel. Guests who enter from Sukhumvit are guaranteed privacy since they don’t even pass the front desk on the way to the elevator. Those entering from Soi 8 will pass the counter and may be asked to have their visitors show identification.

On8 is a hotel that’s expensive to book in person. The walk in prices are always higher than what is paid online. The hotel also sells out from time to time.

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