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The best guest friendly hotels in Kuala Lumpur

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These are the best guest friendly hotels in Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur is a very large city and the capital of Malaysia. The country of Malaysia is generally a conservative place but there is still plenty of nightlife and entertainment around.

Since most of the better (and worse) hotels in KL have no prohibition against customers bringing guests back to their rooms I’ll list here some of the better options. All of these hotels are listed in the same area because it’s the best place for visitors to stay.

1. Invito Hotel Suites (Lorong Ceylon / Bukit Bintang)

The four star Invito Hotel Suites is consistently one of the best reviewed hotels in Kuala Lumpur and there’s a good reason for that. Although it’s not right on Jalan Bukit Bintang it is centrally located. There’s tons of nightlife and entertainment only a short walk from the hotel and everything else can be reached by taxi or public transportation.

invito guest friendly hotel kuala lumpur

A twenty four hour front desk is helpful. The swimming pool and gym are both nice and well maintained. Perhaps most importantly, the hotel is guest friendly and the staff is generally good at minding its own business.

Stays at the hotel aren’t cheap but the price is worth what’s given.

2. Hotel Sentral Pudu (Jalan Pudu / Bukit Bintang)

The Hotel Sentral Pudu is the most inexpensive hotel on this list. Great for people who don’t want to shell out a lot of money the hotel is still well run.

It’s also centrally located and only a short walk from the well known Bukit Bintang strip. The immediate area of the hotel is filled with eateries, shopping outlets and massage shops.

The Sentral Pudu isn’t the most lavish hotel in the city by any means but for the price paid that only makes sense. The hotel is completely tolerant of guests bringing friends to their rooms.

Aa stay at the hotel doesn’t cost much.

3. Federal Kuala Lumpur (Jalan Bukit Bintang)

The Federal Kuala Lumpur is a well known hotel in the heart of Malaysia’s capital city. The hotel has been around for years and was apparently the scene of many nationally important events. For the visitor all that matters is that it’s a nice and well run hotel. That it absolutely is.

The Federal Kuala Lumpur is located on Jalan Bukit Bintang which is a main thoroughfare filled with restaurants, bars, hotels, massage parlors, shopping plazas and a whole lot more. The place is within walking distance of many nightlife spots and others can easily be reached by taxi. Cabs are always lining up outside of the hotel and they can also be quickly hailed from the street. Those who are too tired who travel out of the hotel will be happy to know that there is a full range of room service available and even a massage parlor and spa on the ground floor.

Check in can be done at any hour of the day or night in the large and well done lobby which is just through the main doors and up the escalator. Uniformed staff is on hand to help carry any luggage in from the street. The staff is warm and helpful and they all seem to know what they are doing. Some of the late night guards are a little more involved in their smartphones but since this part of Kuala Lumpur is such a safe place it’s not too big of a deal.

The rooms at the Federal Kuala Lumpur are spacious and clean. The beds are of a high quality and the rooms are stocked with everything a male traveler could need, including an iron, hair dryer and shaving kit. It’s not the newest hotel on the block but it continues to hold up nicely. It’s hard to believe that the hotel is as old as it is. The rates are perhaps the most attractive thing of all as they are among the most reasonable to be found in the city.

The Federal Kuala Lumpur doesn’t explicitly state that it is a guest friendly hotel but it’s clear that this is their policy or at least their practice. With a set of elevators just inside the front doors and away from the check in counter there is no need for any shame or discussion for customers who decide to have a guest join them in their room. Privacy is virtually guaranteed.

The free wireless internet connections work well throughout the hotel and are of a higher speed than some found elsewhere. This is a big plus in the modern age though many hotels still don’t seem to be aware of it. The Federal comes through on this and every other category. I really have nothing negative to say about the place.

There is all sorts of entertainment within walking distance of the hotel. Places beyond walking distance are easily reached by taxi and they are easy to get right in front of the hotel. There’s even a large spa on the ground floor. Check in is a breeze and the staff provides good customer service without being intrusive.

Rooms at the hotel are reasonably priced.

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