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I have been covering compensated on this website for more than seven years. The almighty dollars speaks to men and women around the world. Some have even called it the ultimate aphrodisiac. Compensated dating has been a regular feature of Japanese society for years. It has also been long common in other Asian countries like Taiwan and Thailand. Of course we can trace features like kept women far back into western society too. But sugar baby dating has only exploded into the public eye in recent years.

For those who are unaware sugar babies are people who seek financial gain. Most sugar babies are women. They exchange their time with more well off individuals who are willing to part with some dosh. Most of these “sugar daddies” are obviously men. It’s not an exact pay for play set up. Some sugar babies and their benefactors enter real relationships or even get married. So this sort of relation doesn’t necessarily violate any spoken or unspoken rules.

But how do people involved in sugar relationships meet? That may have been a better question to ask years ago among hushed circles. Nowadays there are websites and apps for everything from purchasing a vehicle to selling a pair of used socks. It should come as no surprise then than many sugar dating relationships start on the internet. Sugarbook is one of the most popular sugar baby dating websites around.

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Sugarbook has tens of thousands of members. There are many more women on the site than men which is somewhat surprising for a dating website. Most of the women on the website are in their twenties or thirties. A significant amount of them are be university students. That makes sense since female college students are actually given free accounts on the site.

Guys can sign up to browse the site for free. But men who are seriously looking to meet women on the site can sign up for premium accounts. The rates are on par with a monthly membership running $79.95 USD. Lower prices are available to those who pay for longer periods up front. For example guys who sign up for a year pay just $59.95 USD a month which represents a significant discount.

Premium accounts come with a lot of benefits. The biggest one I see is unlimited messaging. But it is also nice to know if a message you sent is actually read. That feature is given to those with premium accounts. Premium account holders can also see who has saved them as a favorite and utilize advanced search features that make narrowing down the field a lot easier.

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Members at Sugarbook are quite active. Thousands of people utilize the site on a regular basis. The sign up process only takes a few minutes and is open to adults over 18 years of age. Signing up involved filling out some information and uploading a picture. So it is quite simple. Those who don’t want to create an account from scratch can even sign up using their existing Facebook accounts.

Potential sugar daddies do need to go through a screening process to sign up. That is meant to ensure some measure of safety for women on the website. And in any event it doesn’t seem to have deterred anyone from joining. Guys ranging in age from 20 to 50 and 60 have already taken advantage of the site. I am sure that more are to follow. Especially as the idea of people getting paid for their time in non-traditional avenues continues to grow.

Members can be searched by a large number of criteria. It is possible to sort through the women on the site using features like location, ethnicity, language, relationship status and even eye color. So the options are quite thorough! Members can message each other through the site or use the chat feature. Sugarbook also has a full featured app that can be utilized by members.

One nice thing about Sugarbook is that individual member profiles have a lot of details. Paying members can view full size images and even gain access to private images. Since there are some very sexy women on Sugarbook that feature alone might be worth the cost of entry to some.

Surely though the main draw of Sugarbook is that it brings tens of thousands of people together who are looking for the same thing. If you told me years ago that I could have tens of thousands of women at my finger tips I may have thought I had died and gone to heaven. In fact this is exactly what is available at Sugarbook today!

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