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I just got word that the Smooci escort site is expanding to Tokyo. The escorts on demand site will make it easy for people from all over the world to access a wide variety of escorts in the city. As regular visitors know the various escorts in Tokyo aren’t always easy for foreigners to locate or contact. So Smooci is positioned to be quite successful.

I first mentioned Smooci on this website last year. In the original post I wondered if Smooci was the new alternative to Backpage in Asia. As it turns out I underestimated the service. It is now a go to escort directory all over the world.

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Over the last year Smooci has expanded to places as diverse as Hong Kong and Berlin. So it is truly international. And why not? Arguably the biggest advance of the internet is that it universalized so many things. A website is a website and it can work anywhere. At most the languages need to be changed. That’s why sites like Facebook are able to take off everywhere.

Smooci is basically a platform for customers to find escorts. And vice versa. You wonder why it didn’t come around sooner. Apparently no one else had the idea. All it took an investment of time and energy. And now it is operating all over.

Smooci in Tokyo

Smooci lists both independent escorts and those working through agencies. Tokyo has both in some quantity. So there should be no shortage of women on the site. From what I hear some popular agencies will be using the site too.

All of the escorts who use Smooci will be totally foreigner friendly. So customers won’t have to try to figure out if they are okay with gaijin. That is the biggest hurdle for anyone looking to engage with the legal prostitution industry in Japan.

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Things have really opened up in Japan over the years. It can still be a struggle at times for foreigners to make it in the land of the rising sun. But there are all sorts of new opportunities that did not exist even a few years ago. That includes all sorts of things. But the focus of this website is the commercial industry. And that has start to welcome foreigners as well.

When Rockit Reports went online seven years ago there were only a few sex shops in Tokyo that would accept foreigners. Even some of those were picky. They would do language tests at the door. Or they would simply turn foreigners away at times seemingly without rhyme or reason. Those kinds of places still do exist. But there are now also several places that actually cater to foreigners. And the number of foreigner friendly establishments seems to increase by the day.

What Smooci in Tokyo will do is allow for the formation of a sort of centralized directory of escorts in English. Customers will be able to review and book ladies with the push of a button. They will get all pricing and service information up front. And they’ll know exactly when the escorts they hire will show up. Isn’t technology something?

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