Prostitution at Blackbeards Resort in the Dominican Republic


Blackbeards is an all inclusive adult resort in the Dominican Republic. Two decades ago, the small and unassuming Dominican city of Sosua was home to several adult entertainment venues like The Palace and Passions, along with some nightclubs that were mainly patronized by freelance prostitutes and their customers.

Then along came a civil campaign and one by one the sex industry centered businesses closed their doors — in some cases by force — with claims of illegality attached.

Nowadays the shops are all gone but the sex workers remain. They walk the small Sosua streets or hang around in open air bars where guys who mainly hail from the US and Europe gather. There is continued talk of a drive to rid the town of its sex industry but as of now it is still there.

Another thing that hasn’t changed in the last two decades is Blackbeards Adult Resort. Although it is not technically located inside of Sosua a lot of people refer to it as such since that is the focal point for tourists in the area.

Blackbeards in Costambar

Blackbeards is a private hotel complex located in Costambar. Most people access it through the Puerto Plata airport which is about ten minutes away by car. The place does allow guys to just rock up and check things out though most people who stay there book in advance through the Blackbeard website. Although Blackbeards is listed and reviewed on mainstream sites like Trip Advisor, it is not listed with popular online booking services.

Blackbeards is basically a self contained resort intended for guys and perhaps adventurous couples who want to meet up with local service providers without having to venture out into the streets themselves. It is not an all inclusive club. It is more like a German sex sauna or even a place like Habano’s in Panama in terms of the business model. Customers pay for their rooms and food and other incidentals. They also pay women who show up at the club to spend time with them if they desire but the club management has nothing to do with those transactions as they are between the customers and the women themselves. The management will step in if there are any problems but that has more to do with maintaining a safe and orderly environment than anything else.

Women and prices at Blackbeards

There are about two dozen women who regularly work at Blackbeards Adult Resort. They range in age and looks but most are average or attractive and in their twenties and thirties. Single mothers are not rare but overweight women are unheard of. The women have a reputation for being honest at least while at the resort so theft and things of that nature which happen from time to time in Sosua rarely if ever go down within the walls of Blackbeards. Most of the gals are of course Dominican though some Haitians can be found at the resort too.

Most days the women just lounge around at Blackbeard waiting to hang out with some customers. Special events like lingerie days are sometimes organized that can get a little wild. The bikini contests are reminiscent of the pool parties that used to be held at some of the bigger hotels in Angeles City but they are not every day occurrences. During regular times the place usually starts to shut down around midnight as the patrons head off to their rooms with companions of their choosing.

While the women who sell their services at Blackbeards are independents there is a universal rate they all charge. The women ask 1800 Pesos ($38 USD) for a short session and 3800 Pesos ($80 USD) for an overnight stay in one of the rooms in the hotel. Sessions typically include oral and full service.

Although the women are independent Blackbeards does have a sort of bar fine in place for guys who want to take the ladies to hotels out of the resort. I honestly find this confusing though I am in no position to do anything other than report. At last check the “salida” fee was 600 Pesos ($13 USD).

Standard rooms at Blackbeards cost about $60 US dollars per night. Other more elaborate quarters are of course also available. There is a restaurant, a pool and a small dancing area on premises. The beach is right across the road and can be reached on foot in about five minutes. The resort is pretty standard for the area in terms of design and operations. It is a Spanish styled building with a breezy and open design though everything inside is kept private from eyes outside of the complex.

Address:Costambar Beach, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic (Map)
Hours:24 Hours
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