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Car wash prostitution in the Dominican Republic

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I have written about some of the most interesting aspects of the international commercial sex industry here over the years. Everything from Saigon hair salons that sell suck jobs to Korean kissing rooms have been covered on Rockit Reports.

This website recently turned five and it is still going strong. One reason for that is that there is still so much to cover. While topics like blowjob bars will never be boring I still work to expand coverage on this site to new and exciting locations.

The Dominican Republic is a pretty well known place for many guys in the United States and parts of Western Europe. Towns like Sosua have a reputation for having a large commercial sex scene relative to their size. Some bigger cities like Santiago are not talked about as often even though they are also home to plenty of adult oriented venues including some that may not exist anywhere else in the world.

Sexy Santiago car washes

The mountain city of Santiago de Cabelleros has long been home to a number of venues known as car washes that sell a lot more than soap suds. These car washes are popular hang outs for local guys and often have lots of women around who do anything from dancing in bikinis to selling sex.

The car washes may have humble or modest beginnings as places where people met to have a drink and some fun but a few now rival night clubs in size and scope.

International Gozamba Bar

One of the most well known car washes in Santiago is International Gozamba Bar. Located on the Autopista Duarte near a large IKEA the place has evolved into a sort of hybrid club complete with sexy dancing girls and events hosted by famous DJs.

The International Gozamba is so popular that it even has its own Instagram and Facebook pages, each with plenty of followers.

More than soapy suds

Other popular car washes include places like Plaza La Colonia which is also located on the Duarte highway. In addition there are other smaller places around that operate on a similar model.

Latin America doesn’t have the same kind of xenophobia that can often be found in Asian countries with venues that ban foreigners or people from this or that part of the world. Generally speaking any place open to the public in Latin America is also open to foreigners. That said the car washes are absolutely oriented to a local customer base. The people on staff often speak no languages other than Spanish and its not unusual for regulars to stare at foreign visitors as if they were exhibits in a zoo.

Years ago the car washes tended to look a lot more like car washes than they do today. Some are still basically open air garages with chairs and drinks but others like the aforementioned International Gozamba have turned into something a lot bigger and better.

Price of sex

Of course that increased attention seems to have brought about increased repression too. Totally nude strippers and such have become very rare. In many places women will not leave with customers until after closing time if they leave at all. Thins can still get wild but they are generally more subdued than they used to be.

With women asking customers to give them around 4000 Pesos ($69 USD) to join them at a local cabana the car washes aren’t necessarily places loved by budget minded customers. At some places like Gozamba Bar even locals can feel out of place if they’re fiscally challenged. There are still some economical salt of the earth style car washes around but they obviously don’t have the same kind of notoriety.

All in all the adult oriented car washes of Santiago are some of the most interested adult entertainment venues in the world. One might think that they would be better known around the world because of that. I’m sure the world will get out soon enough however especially since so many websites are now in the habit of picking up whatever information they can find here and republishing it in another form.

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