Rockit Reports turns five years old


Rockit Reports will celebrate its fifth birthday today. The first piece ever posted on this site was published on October 1, 2012. I still remember writing that post as if it was yesterday. That is either a sign of the onset of dementia or a testament to the meteoric rise of Rockit Reports.

When I launched this site five years ago I had no idea that it would go on to grow so immensely and be read by millions of people. I was simply creating the kind of website that I wanted to see but couldn’t find anywhere. Apparently others were looking for the same type of website. As of now Rockit Reports has been viewed nearly 18 million times. If trends continue the site will be closing in on twenty million views by the turn of the near year.

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Regular readers will notice that Rockit Reports has undergone a much needed redesign in recent weeks. The old design was a relic of the past. It lacked responsiveness which meant that it didn’t resize for mobile viewing. Since more than half of the people viewing this website so far in 2017 were using mobile devices that became an important issue. The old site also had a dark background with light colored text. I much prefer this type of design but apparently I am in the minority.

I held off on redesigning the website longer than I should have. One reason is that I was happy with the design as it was. Another it is that I would rather spend time doing research and writing new reports instead of working on a website design. Eventually I gave in to the pressures and redid the site with what I think is a clean and modern design. Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks?

Traffic to this website grew exponentially almost from the moment this site first went online until the middle of 2015. Then it flattened off for a while at a rate that many bloggers and webmasters would be envious of. In recent years an increasing number of websites covering the sex industry have gone online. Many are written by single protagonists with their own unique views. I wish them well. One or two are simply rehashes of content that has appeared on this and other websites. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery but I am not ecstatic about seeing others profit from my work, to say the least.

Regular readers will also notice that I have been posting more than usual lately. This website has published at least one post a week for five years. In the early days I published every day before falling back to a more manageable schedule. I experimented with an increased publication rate in 2015 and 2016. Later I decided to go back to publishing every week plus the first Saturday of each month. Late this year I started posting twice a week or more.

Finally, return readers will notice the extension of the geographic range of this website that started this year. As promised around new years I have begun to cover the commercial sex industry in several new parts of the world including Colombia and Panama.

Hopefully the redesign of the site, increased frequency of publication, and extension of coverage will bring even more eyes to Rockit Reports. But it is okay if it does not. After all I created this website because I could find nothing like it online. Today there are numerous bloggers and aggregators covering the pay for play scenes in Asia and other parts of the world. But without bragging I truly still feel that there is no other website like Rockit Reports on the internet.

Rockit Reports has developed a very large audience over the last five years. Several readers have gone on to become regular commentors who in some cases have contributed their thoughts on a regular basis for many years. I am very grateful for their input which has helped make this website what it is. I am also grateful to the other millions of others who have viewed the website a few times or even just once in passing. I don’t know if a tree falling when no one is around makes a noise, but I do know that a website without viewers is just an electronic diary.


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