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Review: XCESS in Evansville, IN USA

XCESS is a strip club in the American river city of Evansville. Located near a large casino the place gets its fair share of visitors. Still for a strip club located in the middle of a city it isn’t the busiest place around by any means.

That’s not for lack of effort. XCESS is well appointed. It also staffs a good number of ladies. As opposed to many other American strip clubs this place hires a variety of women too. There are black dancers, white dancers and Latina dancers. This is the sort of thing I would expect in the great melting pot. Though XCESS is one of the few US clubs where I have actually seen such diversity in practice.


In XCESS is located inside of a nondescript building marked with a fairly small sign. There is a small parking lot adjacent. That parking lot can fill up quickly even when there aren’t a lot of customers inside. Perhaps the cars belong to the people on staff. The bar is somewhat on the small side too though it does seem to be able to handle the normal number of guests nicely.

At just $5 USD XCESS has one of the lowest cover charges I have seen anywhere. Frankly I wonder why they even bother to charge it at all. It is such a paltry sum that it almost seems inconsequential. In any event this fee gives access to the club which is long and lit with purple neon lighting.

The place is watched over by a bouncer though he doesn’t seem to get too involved. At the far end there is a bar which looks to be popular with regulars and locals. There is also seating spread around the floor. Then up some stairs there is a rather highly elevated stage. That’s where the dancers put in their work which is obviously the main draw here.

Strippers, services, prices and summary

There are maybe 6 or 7 strippers working XCESS on any given day. All seem to be local women in their twenties. Though as stated there is a lot of variation in their appearances. I didn’t see any elderly or overweight women which is always a plus. But the mostly fit gals here come in all shades even if there aren’t any Asian or Arab dancers around. Just don’t expect any hot naked teens.

The ladies take turns working the stage and taking off their tops. They do wear revealing thong style bottoms though they do not get fully nude. This may have something to do with local laws. The club does sell beer and alcohol at reasonable prices. In some places that alone is enough to put a ban on the full monty. Still I don’t mind much. If I wanted to see as much as is displayed in some of these strip clubs I would have studied gynaecology.

Although the women working the club are clearly there to make money they do not exhibit any signs of aggressiveness whatsoever. There is no hard sell at XCESS. At most a dancer might offer up a dance. Those dances take place in a fairly open room past the bar. Dances run $25 per song or $100 for fifteen minutes. Longer sessions are available for more. But since they consist of little more than watching a woman dance with her top off I wasn’t motivated to investigate further. Especially considering what the same amount of money gets a customer at a place like Artemis.

There is nothing wrong with XCESS. The nice mix of women working the club drop their tops and dance for money. Still that is about as far as it goes. There isn’t much more to draw one inside. Especially these days with an endless supply of live nude dancing available on all the adult webcam sites accessible through every smart phone and computer. As a middle of the road strip club in middle America I can’t justify giving the place more than one star.

XCESS. 201 S Fulton Ave, Evansville, IN 47708 USA. Click here for a map. Open every day from 5:00 PM until 3:00 AM.

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