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Review: V2 in Jakarta, Indonesia

V2 is another top end adult entertainment facility in Jakarta. Located on a main thoroughfare only meters from Malioboro and Illigals,V2 is very easy to find for those who know what they are looking for. Those who can’t navigate on their own won’t have much in the way of problems either since every good taxi driver knows the area well.

Like the other adult entertainment complexes in Jakarta V2 takes up several floors. The ground floor is rather empty but customers can enter the elevator and make their choice from there.

Nisa at V2 Jakarta

The lounge is done well and seems to be pretty popular. It’s a lot like a regular club with the addition of very sexy Indonesian nude dancers and working girls prowling the floor. Obviously this area only really comes on at night.

A large and very nicely decorated karaoke area is also available. I won’t repeat my feelings on KTVs since I’ve already written about it so much in the past. Suffice to say that I’m not a fan but I realize that many others are and that’s why these areas exist in every entertainment facility of this kind in the city.

Inside V2

The main attraction for many male visitors to V2 would have to be the spa which is similar to those in other entertainment centers in Jakarta. The facilities are located on level 4 which is labeled as level 3B in the elevator. Once customers leave the elevator on that level they will find themselves in a large lobby area that is nice but minimalist. There they will see a few rough and tumble security guards in black suits and a front desk manager. Here they will get a numbered wristband to track their purchases inside the spa.

While V2 has nice spa facilities I don’t think they’re any better than those at Malioboro, Alexis or Illigals. Where V2 does have the advantage is with its management. Many of the guys working the front desk are friendly and have a very good grasp of the English language. This makes things a lot easier for any non-Indonesian customers that visit. At least in making the initial arrangements. Most of the women on staff do not speak much English is they do speak any at all.

V2 in Jakarta

The women available for full service massage sit in two long rows of bleacher type seating located inside of a very well lit fishbowl. This is more like something out of a Thai soapy than an Indonesian entertainment center. Some may prefer this set up while others may prefer the local tradition of a lineup on request.

The management knows the ins and out of the services on offer but they do not necessarily know anything about the women working. If a customer inquires about a woman in the fishbowl the manager may stick his head inside and ask her questions like her name or age.

A full service sauna

The women working this section of the spa range in looks from average to attractive but in general they are not as good looking as the dancers or even some of the massage women working at other similar shops. The average age seems to be somewhere in the mid to late twenties.

Before 5 PM a full service massage goes for 800,000 Rupiah ($68 USD). After 5 PM the same service costs more than 1,000,000 Rupiah. Five also seems to be the magic time that the full service masseuses from China show up. Before that time there are only Indonesian women available.

A discounted massage is also available for a mere 200,000 Rupiah ($17 USD) but the customer cannot see or chose the woman who will deliver it. This is such a budget option that not much should be expected though pleasant surprises are always possible.

The rooms at V2 are among the nicest around. They aren’t necessarily decorated like a Roman emperor’s suite or anything like that but they are large and clean. The showers are also rather large though they could stand a little maintenance here and there.


The service provided at a place like the V2 Spa will always depend on any number of factors. In general customers can expect a satisfactory level of performance with possible stand outs in the right situations. At the very least every customer should leave satisfied.

The spa and pool facilities at V2 are very nice. I don’t know that women can join punters inside as they do in Alexis but I imagine it may be possible. They’re suitable for a good soak if nothing else. The small entry fee would be reasonable if only for that purpose. Of course customers are under no obligation to use the spa facilities or even look at them if they’re not interested.

After customers have had their fill of the facilities they can simply head back out to the front desk to hand over their wristband in exchange for a itemized bill. Once they pay this they receive a proof of purchase to show to the security guards. With the all clear they can enter the elevators and head back down stairs.

If they’re unlucky they may run into some unwanted company as the elevator stops on the second floor and opens up to a large family friendly retail store that seems to be very popular. This could be a bit uncomfortable for some visiting in the middle of the day.

V2 Club, Lounge, Karaoke and Spa is a decent enough place. It offers quite a bit to customers at reasonable rates. If this facility was located somewhere else it would possibly be a very special facility deserving a very high score. As it stands it’s located not only in Jakarta but within spotting distance of superior facilities like the aforementioned Malioboro. In comparison with what else is available V2 is an average place. Because of that I give it an average score of two-and-a-half-stars.

V2 Club. Jalan Gajah Mada Plaza 3-5, Jakarta, Indonesia. Click here for a map. Open every day from 1:00 PM until 2:00 AM. Website:

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