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Review: Sabrina Life-Sized Pussy Ass Masturbator

Sabrina is a life-sized sex toy modeled after a real woman’s ass that is a very accurate representation. Yet it is more than just a model. I will state from the beginning that this toy is by far the best I have ever laid my hands on. Sabrina is also the most realistic toy I have ever seen too. I say that after covering modern sex toys for more than a decade. So it comes with at least some level of authority.

It almost seems that the possibilities for sex toy development are endless. Though at the same time Sabrina appears to me to be the pinnacle of “ass and hip” sized sex toys. It’s difficult to think that anything better could be constructed. Sabrina is that good. Pictures cannot do it justice. Hopefully my words will.

sabrina big ass

Sabrina’s big ass

I could have never imagined that such a male masturbator would come into existence during my lifetime. I still remember purchasing rubbery “pocket pussies” out of dingy dildo shops. These days I can order a full sized ass and pussy to my doorstep. We’ve come a very long way in terms of technology and acceptance of male sex toys. The Sabrina masturbator proves that many times over.

To be fair I have seen some impressive love dolls in recent years. I have even reviewed a few toys that were very good. The Sabrina is on its own level. This thing is simply incredible. I will do my best to do it justice. The pictures I have seen of Sabrina were nice. But in person the toy is so much more than I ever could have imagined. Seeing is believing. In the case of Sabrina touching is also of the utmost importance. You really have to get your hands on this thing to understand just how good it is.

Sabrina Big Ass Silicone Sex Doll

Sabrina is a 1:1 ass replica manufactured and sold by Love Nestle. This company painstakingly forges toys that are as realistic as realistic can get. In this case we are talking about an ass that would drive any man crazy. Weighing in at a lifelike 37.74 pounds (17.12 kilograms) it is hefty and representational. Though few actual women have an ass as nice and shapely as Sabrina.

This sex toy is made of an ultra-soft silicone that truly feels like real skin. A process of hand painting is used by professional makeup artists to make the toy truly look like real skin too. It is simply astounding how realistic this ass looks in person. Random tiny imperfections, minor birthmarks, variations in skin tone and more are applied. I showed the toy to a woman for a second opinion. She told me she would think it was a real woman’s body if she didn’t know better.

life-size silicone sex doll

Sabrina in missionary

This isn’t just another silicone sex doll. It even outpaces some of the higher end toys on the market. You don’t get any sensation that you’re looking at or touching an artificial creation. There is a realness here that I didn’t know possible. The skin looks totally real. The ass has realistic weight and movement. When you squeeze the ass you don’t think you are squeezing on a molded piece of plastic. Instead you get the feeling of grabbing on a real human ass with all the differences in skin tone, musculature and texture. It’s almost unbelievable!

Sabrina is shipped discreetly in a brown box. The box is on the heavy side as this toy has some weight. But it’s nothing that can’t be managed by the delivery man or end user. Inside the box Sabrina comes wrapped in a velour blanket for added discretion and privacy. My toy also shipped with a free cleaning kit that makes maintenance a lot easier.

A true heavy weight

As stated Sabrina looks and feels real. Imagine yourself grabbing a handful of bare ass and you’ll know what it feels like to grip this thing with two hands. You will likely need two hands too! It is a replica of a real woman’s backside in both the looks and weight department. This is great when you want to set it down and pound away. Picking it up and repositioning it does take some work. Though the result is definitely worth the effort.

There is an internal skeleton inside of Sabrina. This helps hold things together and also give the doll form. You can’t really tell the skeleton is there unless you really look for it. If you’re anything like me you’ll be too busy rubbing your eyes in disbelief over the authentic appearance and feel of the toy. It’s easy to imagine you’re staring at some well built European lady’s ass when you take a look at Sabrina.

Love Nestle sabrina sex doll review

Doggy style

Sabrina sits naturally in a sort of arched-back doggy style position. This makes it easy to attack from the back. As this toy is a real ass lovers dream that works out well. Though you can also use this love doll in other positions. Sabrina will sit up normally or lay back to make missionary style easy. That is not to be overlooked. This pussy toy feels great from basically any angle.

The toy’s ass cheeks are soft but firm. It is actually difficult to explain how real they feel even for a verbose man of words such as myself. If you have ever felt a really nice ass then you will have an idea of what it is like. If you haven’t felt a nice ass but want to then you should probably look into purchasing a Sabrina toy of your own.

How realistic is it?

Not only does Sabrina look like a really nice ass. It feels like one too. If you give Sabrina a good spank it sounds exactly like a smack on a real ass. Pushing up against the ass makes the same kind of spring back you would expect from firm living flesh too.

Most importantly Sabrina comes with two easily accessible holes. Both the pussy and asshole keep with the overall naturalistic approach. They look and feel like the real deal. The vaginal opening has a soft inside that feels like it is made of something different than the outside. Actually it doesn’t feel “made” at all – it feels like a real pussy! The same goes for the anus. Though it is not quite as tight. Apparently Sabrina is no stranger to anal sex.

silicone sex doll turned sideways

Sabrina is good from any angle

Sabrina’s love tunnel is 7.09 inches (18cm). She can stretch to accommodate an erect male member. The asshole is 5.11 inches (13 cm) deep and also very accepting. Using either hole just requires an application of lubrication. As you might expect fucking this toy also creates the same sort of minor sloppy sex sounds you get from actual intercourse. It is not loud at all and in fact it just adds to the overall experience.

The genuine representational aspects of this love doll are only enhanced with use. The silicone quickly heats up to body temperature and the ride feels so good that you might forget you are actually using a formed adult toy.

Taking Sabrina for a ride

Give Sabrina and your own unit a nice coating of lube and you are ready to go to town on this male sex device. Sabrina is built for doggy and that’s the easiest position to do her in. When pumping Sabrina doggy style the heft of the thing comes into play. The weight keeps the toy grounded while the makeup of the ass creates a sort of wave pattern. The momentum catches up with your thrusts and it soon feels like Sabrina is throwing her hips back to meet your every thrust.

It’s very tempting and pleasurable to switch back and forth between Sabrina’s wet slit and round buckeye. Both holes feel great and create their own individual sensations. Neither are so tight that you cannot hold out. You can take your time and get a really pleasurable ride out of this doll. Standing doggy while holding the ass with both hands is especially nice.

used male sex toy

Sabrina is always ready

Don’t overlook other positions with this big round ass toy. Standing missionary is excellent and easy to do with a table or elevated bed. It might sound strange at first but you can hold Sabrina by the stumps for leverage and get some really great pumps in this way.

You can also pick Sabrina up for some serious cowgirl session. The weight of the doll sort of slams back down in reaction to your every thrust. It is like having a woman riding on your rod except that you can still see the porn playing on the screen while you go at it. No need to ask Sabrina to move her head. She doesn’t have one!

In my experience the best position of all is plain old missionary style. You can lay Sabrina down on the bed and then climb on board. You might be tempted to pound the pussy out. I was too. But after some experimentation I found that the best feeling of all was created by some slow and steady grinding. It is very easy to get lost in this and end up with a mind blowing orgasm. This may be an artificial sex doll but it has some really good box.


At the risk of becoming repetitive I must reiterate that this is the best sex doll I have ever used. I am simply blown away by every aspect of Sabrina. From the look to the feel it is a stellar joy toy. It is so good that it doesn’t even feel like a toy. It’s almost like some sort of sexual release device. It gives you constant access to very good twat whenever you want or need it. Who wouldn’t love that?

Sex toys are getting better with each passing year. Sabrina is at the top of the list based on what I have seen. There’s no need to go through the difficulties and risks involves in pursuing meaningless sex when you can get it from Sabrina with no strings attached. You pay the purchase price once and then you have lifetime access to a fantastic ass and a great set of holes. What is not to love?

Sure you may have to make a little space for Sabrina. But at a height of 13 inches it doesn’t take up much room. You have to clean the thing out after use too. But that’s true of any sex toy. I used the provided tool with some soap and water and everything came out fine. Literally.

The “Sabrina: 37.74LB 1:1 Life-Sized Pussy Ass Masturbator Big Ass Silicone Sex Doll” is the greatest sex doll I have ever known. It is hard to believe anything could be better. Though some of the other toys at Love Nestle look like they might give Sabrina a run for the money. As it stands I am standing by my judgement. Sabrina is absolutely outstanding. I give it a perfect five star score. Somehow it seems that Sabrina deserves even more than that!

Sabrina is available from Love Nestle.

5 thoughts on “Review: Sabrina Life-Sized Pussy Ass Masturbator”

  1. Goldmine! Sabrina would have been a much better companion on my month long solo road trip a few years ago, rather than the $75 heavy hips and hole I bought at a roadside adult store. I filled that one with spunk a few nights in a row, and even once in the driver seat, before dropping it in a dumpster outside of Sturgis.

    The vendor site is great as well. So many options for onanism!

      1. They’re an improvement over what I saw in a fisherman’s hut in a village on the Caribbean in my backpacking days. This guy was proud of the ship maiden he had mounted on the wall of his hut and decorated with a palm frond skirt, coconut shells for enhanced bazoongas and REALLY proud of the wisp of corn husk he used to imitate pubes under that skirt.

        I was 20 he was probably 50 and I remember thinking “what a sad old man” as I looked for ways not to be impolite as he imitated kissing and fondling her. Oh how I wish I could gift that old man in the sea with a more lifelike doll!

        1. Carvings and sculptures with generous proportions are universal. One of humankind’s first creations was the Venus of Hohle Fels after all!

  2. I had to loom that one up, Professor Rockit!

    Apparently it was an amulet, so although erotic a little hard to squeeze my lil Phil in. My beach combing fisherman had a life sized gal carved out of wood and decorated with coconuts. I’m just thankful he didn’t show me whether and how he put his rod into “her” oyster bar.

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