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For those with experiences in the adult entertainment scene stretching over a period of years there is often a discussion about things like value and whether or not things are as good as they used to be. Depending on who you ask the prime time in Thailand’s capital city for punters could have been decades ago, a few years ago, or right around the corner. One topic that comes up from time to time is the emergence and growth of escort agencies.

While I have reported on escort agencies in Thailand in the past I haven’t done any full reviews. There are many reasons for this and they don’t have to be elaborated here. What matters is that I will make my first foray into giving local escort services a full look over today, starting with  Pure Bangkok Escorts. Pure Bangkok Escorts has been running for some time but I haven’t had a chance to review their services until now.

Sex shops in Thailand

There’s no room in this review to do a full overview of the industry in Thailand. That may come in the future in the form of a series of posts or something larger. Still I should make some mention of what goes on to put things into perspective.

Go go bars are probably the best known adult entertainment venues among foreign visitors to Thailand but truth be told they haven’t offered much in the way of value for sometime. Prices have continued to increase over the years while at the same time quality and the level of service has decreased in the eyes of many. The prime advantage go go bars offer is the ability for customers to get a good look at a woman before he agrees to spend time with her. Indeed some would have it no other way.

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Along with some other downsides of agogos there is often a clear lack of enthusiasm outside of the bars on the part of the service providers. This is partly understandable considering the modern business model but that’s not much help to guys who end up disappointed. That’s especially true when single short time sessions can now cost as much as 7500 Baht ($230 USD) once one considers bar fines, short time hotel fees, tips, lady drinks and drinks acquired while bouncing from bar to bar. It’s understandable then that many are disappointed by the experiences they end up with considering that they are shelling out more than they would at a place like a full service massage parlor in an affluent Western country where the cost of living is higher.

Oily massage parlors over a better value than most go go bars but they have their own set of downsides. Some of the women who work them are older and less attractive than one may expect. It can also be difficult to get an accurate idea of what a woman looks like even if a line up of the available staff is requested since things like lift bras and even regular clothes can get in the way. Soapy massage parlors can be as expensive as go go bars or cost even more and while some staff some very beautiful women the places aren’t really known for their level of service. Additionally some foreigners may be uncomfortable trying to find and navigate them.

Escort services in Thailand

It is totally understandable to me then that many guys prefer to go an easier route and simply find an escort service that can deliver a woman of their liking to them. As an added bonus these guys can enjoy the discretion that comes with meeting a single woman directly at a hotel or in some other public place. In many instances people around would probably have no idea that a form of compensated dating was taking place. This stands in sharp contrast to things like walking out of a bar or red light district hand-in-hand with a woman who obviously just hired for a certain period of time. For many the latter is nothing to worry about but for others the “walk of shame” is a major concern. Depending on their personal or professional situations it can even carry large dangers.

Other reasons also exist for people to work with escort agencies even in a city like Bangkok where so many options for adult entertainment exist. For example, customers may be able to read reviews and details about a woman before booking her. This isn’t usually possible in bars and even many massage parlors. Guys may also be looking for a classy gal, a woman who can speak decent English, someone to show them around town or a lady they can take for a nice dinner date.

Pure Bangkok Escorts

Pure Bangkok Escorts is an established Bangkok escort agency with a good reputation. In fact I don’t believe I have ever seen or heard a negative comment about the company anywhere. That says a lot today when the internet and the presence of devices that are always connected allows people to register their complaints to the entire world in a matter of milliseconds.

Pure Bangkok has a staff of ten women at the time of writing. Although these things are subject to change with any agency I’ve noticed that the women at Pure Bangkok tend to stay put. That probably means they are comfortable with the work and their employers which is another positive since.

The company’s website is well done and clear. There’s even a little chat box that pops up when people visit the site which allows customers to get into immediate contact with the people in charge of booking. Whoever does that chatting is friendly and customer service oriented. So much so in fact that they are even willing to answer questions that may already be answered on their convenient frequently asked questions page. This is a nice alternative to some other companies out there who don’t seem to be able to reply to emails at all.

The website contains a gallery with clear and accurate pictures of all of the women on staff. There are also brief descriptions of each women and the kinds of activities they like to partake in.

Staff, service and summary

Booking with Pure Bangkok is easy to do. They accept reservations through various forms of communication including a form on their website, email and of course the traditional old phone call. The women who work at the agency are punctual and seem to possess the ability to show up on time even in the middle of Bangkok’s notorious traffic jams.

On top of all that the women who work at Pure Bangkok Escorts are in my opinion all very good looking. Usually there are a few women in any operation that even the horniest of guys may not be interested in. That’s not the case here, at least according to my well trained eye. I wouldn’t throw any of the women from Pure Bangkok out of bed for eating cookies.

Looks don’t always accompany skills and by many accounts some of the best looking women around offer some of the worst services. Again that doesn’t seem to be true here. Pure Bangkok babe Candy is attractive and appears to be up for just about anything within reason. Grace is a pretty young lady who has certain skills that surpass what her age would indicate and she also has the ability to converse well in English. Nina is pure class.

It should be obvious that I’m pleased with Pure Bangkok Escorts. I don’t have any complaints about the place at all. The management seems to expect that customers will be happy with their bookings as they invite them to leave feedback right on their website where it can be read by all perspective clients in the future. The rates are also reasonable with 2 hour sessions starting at 5000 Baht ($154 USD). That’s not the cheapest fun to be found in Thailand’s capital city by any means but it isn’t out of this world either. Since the rate is on par with what sessions from many bars cost nowadays it seems fair, especially considering everything that goes into the service.

We all know there are many options available in Bangkok. Different people have different needs. Tastes and interests can even vary from one day to the next. That’s as true for me as it is for anyone else. I always try to base my ratings not only on the place I am reviewing but also what surrounds it. The truth is certain places are hard to compare with other places and at times it seems the best thing to do is judge an establishment on its own merit.

As an established escort agency in Bangkok with an attractive and skilled staff that offers a high level of service I give Pure Bangkok Escorts four-and-a-half stars. It stands up to scrutiny month after month and seems to grow in popularity and I can see why.

Address:Bangkok, Thailand
Phone:+66 084-219-1077
Hours:24 Hours
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