Review: P.P. Massage in Pattaya, Thailand (CLOSED)


Not to be confused with the large soapy massage parlor with a similar name, the P.P. Massage being reviewed here is a small oily massage parlor on Sai Song Soi 11 in Pattaya. This is an economical and even somewhat run down shop where women offer sexual services on the cheap.

Pattaya Sa Song Soi 11 in Pattaya contains so many massage parlors that it’s often referred to as “Soi Honey” in honor of the large and elaborate Honey Massage parlor. Besides Honey and one other well appointed massage shop the street contains several low cost oilies that are more about service than surroundings.

P.P. Massage

If you walk a few meters on Soi 11 from Second Road you pass some of the fancier parlors on your left. Right after those comes the oily massage shops, open from early in the morning to very late in the night. These shops will usually have staff members waiting outside trying to call you in for a “massage”. The rates are low and the service is reliable. P.P. Massage is just one of many. But it stands out for its name if nothing else.

This is an oily, not a soapy, which means you don’t get the body slide “nuru nuru” treatment. It’s basically a regular massage parlor with more-or-less guaranteed full service available. All the oily massage parlors work on the same principles. You select a woman from the front and walk upstairs or in back with her. Then you get bathed by hand in a stand up shower. Next you get a perfunctory rub down, and then move on to the extras.

P.P. Massage in Pattaya

Full service fucking on the table is what most punters choose, but hand jobs and blowjobs are also on offer. In Pattaya, handies and more are widely available at many of the hundreds of “regular” massage parlors around town too. Rates are pretty much the same across the board.

PP Massage then is nothing special or out of the ordinary. It is just a good example for what is available in any of these shops. The level of performance is pretty standard, and any variation will come from the worker you get more than the facilities themselves.

Inside Pattaya oily massage parlors

Tables are packed close together and separated by only a curtain. Sounds, shadows and shapes filter over from other tables if there are multiple customers.

I remember one very late I was pulled into a place across the street from P.P. Massage on my way back from a go go bar on LK Metro. The girl I wanted at an LK Metro go go had her red visitor, so I decided to head back to my hotel. On the way back a cute girl summoned me in the quiet street. She looked good enough and so off we went into her nondescript massage parlor.

Upstairs I disrobed and another worker wanted to come in and see me naked. I had no problem with that. The massage began and soon after two Russian punters entered, obviously drunk off their rockers. They moaned and talked back and forth to each other in Russian in between communicating to their respective temporary companions in broken English. My girl and I had a good laugh at the sounds of slapping skins and satisfaction as I did her in multiple positions. It was funny to hear one of the guys repeat “my wife not do like this” as I came in from the back.

With her clothes off my lady of the hour a bit soft in the middle, with saggy tits and obvious signs of child birth. But even with that and her wide love cavern, I was able to enjoy myself a lot and fill up the rubber in due time. The service was good and she certainly couldn’t be faulted. We all have to work with what we have.

Oily massage: inexpensive but not excellent

And that brings me to my next point. Although there are some lookers working in a few of the oilies, many of the staff members are a bit older or more worn out than their go go bar or even beer bar sisters. Rememver that clothes can cover up a lot, especially nowadays with the ubiquitous push up bra that make every woman look like they have a set of perky sweater puppies.

The girls at P.P. Massage range in looks but can all work a load out a guys sack with relative ease. There is a chance some of them might ask a guy who doesn’t know better for more than the going rate. But it’s not that likely.

In any event the rate for massage full service is 1000 Baht ($33 USD). That’s not too bad for a brief lame massage and sex. But it’s not necessary great either considering what it used to cost around here. And the fact that full service is also available at any of the bars on the infamous Soi 6 for just a little more.

The main draw of P.P. Massage places like it is the ease of access and long opening hours. Guys looking to sneak away from a significant other for a quick fuck early in the morning or late at night seem to favor these kinds of places. And that makes sense .

As a decent and reliable oily massage parlor in Pattaya, I give P.P. Massage a solid two-and-a-half stars.

Note: P.P. Massage has closed. Another business took over the building. But there are still several oily massage parlors around.

Address:Pattaya Sai Song Soi 11, Pattaya, Thailand.
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