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Pegasus is another Manila “gentlemen’s club” like the previously reviewed Kremlin and Air Force 1. The place is easy to find at its prominent corner location on Quezon Avenue which is the main thoroughfare in Quezon City. Every taxi driver in the metro area worth his salt probably knows the place even if their pronunciations of the name differ.

Like other men’s clubs in the city Pegasus has an entertainment area for stage shows along with private karaoke rooms and the like. Rumor has it that some top female stars in the Philippines actually started out working here. It’s possible for customers to arrange for the women on staff to sit with them though it comes at a cost. The rate to book the time of a guest relations officer working the floor is 1100 Pesos ($25 USD) per hour, a dancer or singer 1200 Pesos ($27 USD) per hour and a so-called model 1500 Pesos ($34 USD) per hour. Extra curricular activities can be arranged in some cases but this can resemble something like compensated dating. For many visitors who don’t have the time or energy to put for any chase the attached Sylvanus massage parlor is probably much more interesting.

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Customers who arrive to Pegasus by car are escorted to the front door by an armed security guard which is not really something out of the ordinary in Manila even if Quezon City is generally considered to be an upmarket area. On hot days the attendants carry parasols to shield customers from harmful UV rays during their two second walk to the entrance.

Once inside customers can enter the entertainment area, stop at the front desk for a consultation or simply head to the right and down the stairs into the Sylvanus massage area. In the massage area customers see a front desk that is well staffed but often very busy along with some attendants who float around and a side room with couches and a large flat screen television where lots of guys like to hang out for some reason.

Customers who want a massage can either try to get the attention of an attendant or simply head past the desk and into the short hallway that leads to the room where the massage staff waits. Customers can then have a look into the room in question where dozens of mainly attractive women in their early 20’s wearing nice dresses sit on a number of seats. The women wear badges with numbers so that customers can indicate the masseuse they’re interested in upon returning to the front desk to book a session.

As with most similar massage parlors in Manila there are different types of rooms available. The poorly named deluxe rooms are 950 Pesos ($22 USD) and the deluxe presidential rooms are 1500 Pesos ($34 USD). There are some discounted rates available early in the day and during certain promotions. The “deluxe rooms” are basically some rooms with a twin sized bed and a curtain though they do have mirrors on the walls. Customers who take these rooms can wrap themselves in a towel and head down the hallway to shower in a shared wash room where other customers are usually also found. When they do so they’ll have to leave any valuables in a small ratty dresser with a locking drawer. Or they can opt not to shower if their service provider is okay with that. The deluxe presidential rooms are better and include in-suite showers along with all the other expected features. The masseuses don’t seem to mind which room is used which makes sense since it probably doesn’t affect their income.

The women who work the massage area at Sylvanus are generally good looking as has been mentioned. Things always vary from one person to the next and in any large group there are all sorts of variations but it’s rare to see someone who would be considered unattractive by most guys working. Actual massage skills seem to be lacking across the board and in many cases an attempt at even the poorest of rub downs won’t even be made. That probably isn’t a problem for most guys considering the environment.

Full service is usually offered as a standard and probably the main draw for most. The quality of service at any place with a number of women on staff will always range and it’s difficult to make any kind of real judgement on them as a hole because of that. Regular readers may be tired of seeing me write this once again but it really is true and must be mentioned. In general it can be said that women working the job for any amount of time will at least know the ropes even if they cannot all be top performers. Chemistry and a whole host of other things can also come into play. Covers are always used for the main event but may at times be skipped for the opening act.

Tips are usually not discussed in the rooms though the unspoken rule is that customers should give a tip of anywhere between 1300 and 2000 Pesos ($29-45 USD) at the conclusion of the session. It’s possible that some punters give a little less or a lot more but that is probably out of the norm.

After sessions conclude customers are guided back down the halls by their service provider because being bid farewell. Many then head outside and back into the world though a fare share do seem to hang around which is a possible explanation for the aforementioned guys sitting around the television in the lounge area.

As an easy to find and fairly straightforward club for men Pegasus delivers. The place has been around for more than twenty four years and has built up a good reputation which is one reason why it is so well known in certain circles. Having a large staff made up of beautiful women also helps. Considering everything including the competition I think the place deserves a solid four stars. If it didn’t include the massage parlor the score would be considerably lower.

Address:Quezon Avenue corner Scout Chuatoco Street, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines (Map)
Phone:+63 02-371-9605
Hours:10:00 AM - 3:00 AM
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