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Review: Ling Big Tits Hentai sex doll

The Ling Big Tits Hentai sex doll is a very interesting product. Larger than a typical action figure and smaller than a full size sex doll this adult toy is built for admiration and masturbation. That is this unit could be either a display piece or a discreet male masturbation sleeve. Either way it works and works well.

I have been writing about and reviewing sex toys since 2013. You might think I would have seen it all at this point. That is not the case. Every day I come across new and innovative approaches to the age old question of how to get off when alone.

Ling MRLsexdoll big tits

Ling Big Tits Sex Doll

The hand is the old standby but guys are increasingly reaching for fully engineered love tunnels that can add to the experience. Those with the money and space may even opt for the larger sex dolls.

The Ling doll is an all around toy that fits a whole bunch of niches. On the one hand it is molded with a relatively huge pair of hooters that would put Danni Ashe to shame. On the other hand the toy is small enough to be stowed away in the privacy of a drawer, bag or shoe box. Guys who are more open may even want to display Ling openly as a hentai sex figure.

Hentai sex dolls?

Anime figure collecting has been popular in Japan for quite some time. I remember seeing sexy anime figurines on sale in the Akihabara section of Tokyo decades ago.

While I would not judge a person based on their hobbies I must admit that I don’t really get the figure collecting trend. On the other hand I can fully understand why a guy would want to buy figures they can have sex with. Perhaps that says more about me than anyone else.

ling mini sex doll ass

A view of Ling from the back

Male sex toys are also popular in Japan and available in Akihabara. Though even the most hardcore “hentai” style figures and the onahole masturbators and sex dolls were always sold in different stores. I would never expect to see a plastic pussy in the corner store near the Sega building. Nor would I ever expect to see a topless PVC figure for sale in Love Merci. And that’s the way it has been for some time. It always sort of seemed as if the worlds would never collide.

Then came people with the sense to merge the two obviously interconnected fields and create fully fuckable figures! If a guy is attracted to a sexy model of a woman it only makes sense that he might want to stick his penis into the thing. That has to beat watching a hentai anime and using a totally unrelated sex toy. Right? Though it is also easy to see why a guy who is not even a fan of anime or manga would still want to own a small portable sex doll.

Unboxing Ling

Ling is sent discreetly in a box that gives no indication of the contents. Inside Ling is packed inside her own nice little black box. This looks like something that package high quality electronics. Except that there is a sticker with an artist rendering of Ling along with some basic details. This box also mentions that the Ling toy is not for use by people under 18 years of age.

Ling sex toy spread eagle

Ling spread eagle

Once you swing open the box you see Ling in all her glory. She looks like a handheld version of an anime sketch up with the proportions of a Dolly Parton. Calling back to the earlier mention of electronics I would say that the Ling sex doll is about the size of three modern smartphone stacked on top of each other.

Ling is in a sort of kneeling position with an oversized orifice right between her legs. I am speaking relatively of course. Ling’s gaping hole is large in proportion to her body. But it is decidedly smaller than the vaginal canal of a human being. This is all by design. Around back Ling has a perfectly molded set of cheeks that would get any fan of doggy style sex excited. You can see why this sort of thing is popular.

Taking her for a spin

The Ling doll has some of the smoothest skin I have ever felt. I am not sure how the manufacturer formulated their silicone to come up with such a soft and silky texture. It is soft yet firm in a way that makes you want to keep touching the doll. Of course the goal is to actually stick your penis inside. The firm buttocks and pert titties can get you primed up for that.

Ling is easy to lube up. A few squirts between her spread lips and you’re ready to go. Using Ling also requires lubing yourself up liberally. Ling’s twat is tight even for a man of modest means like myself. It’s easy to slide inside though Ling’s “snapping pussy” has the effect of either sucking you in or pushing you out. This isn’t a toy you just leave on your erect rod. You want to grab up and thrust to get the full effect.

mini sex doll doggy style

Ling is always ready for doggy style sex

Using Ling creates a sloppy sucking kind of sound. Especially with a good amount of lube in play. This might enhance the experience for some. While others might not want to wake up the people next door. Since the toy almost seems to suck with each pump I enjoyed the extra effect. If I could find a real woman with a pussy that sucked my penis while I pumped I might retire from my research and settle down once and for all.

I will say that Ling’s pussy creates some intense feelings. Minute men who get off at the slightest stimulation might cum quickly with Ling. Though in that case this unit could also be valuable as a stamina training apparatus. I was able to hold out though things got more difficult once I gripped the toy by the tits with both hands and really went to town. I found that a sideways position and standing doggy style were most pleasurable.


Ling is a fun male sex toy with a lot of character. That is not only because the thing is based on an actual fictional character either. There’s something for everyone to love here. An interesting look, big boobs, a small package that is easy to store, and a fully functional pussy. What more could you want?

A lot of work has obviously gone into the creation of Ling. Some of the sharpest minds around have dedicated themselves to creating great looking hentai sex figures that we can actually fuck. Who could have imagined something like this would have existed just twenty or thirty years ago?

Ling is as easy to clean and store as it is to use. Just turn the doll upside down under a faucet and wash the thing out. The hole is tight yet open enough for easy maintenance. Then Ling can be placed pretty much anywhere until the mood strikes again. If only interpersonal human relationships were so easy!

This is a very cool toy made from a high quality material. It feels good, cleans up easy and is offered at a totally reasonable price. If you’re into hentai, sex dolls, sex toys, or just having a good time, there is a great chance you would enjoy this toy. I give it four-and-a-half stars.

The Ling:Big Tits Hentai Sex Doll Realistic Vagina Sex Toy is available from MRL Sex Doll

3 thoughts on “Review: Ling Big Tits Hentai sex doll”

  1. Outstanding! The illustrations that are on the site show that the interior orifice runs in a curved fashion up the the doll’s neck, giving a better idea of its size and, importantly, length.

    Although I can’t imagine my prim and proper flat mates allowing such a “conversation piece” out in the open, this toy would make an excellent bedside drawer companion for when you need just a little release in order to drift off back to sleep.

    The only thing I don’t understand is why the Godzilla sized fun bags? I can’t imagine an angle where they’d be suckable while also allowing little Phil to to unload. Aesthetics, perhaps.

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