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Review: King’s Club in Pattaya, Thailand

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King’s Club is a gentlemen’s club on Third Road in Pattaya. It takes the place of the old Bliss Lounge BJ bar which I reviewed all the way back in 2014. Services are similar here though not totally the same as they once were.

King’s Club is easy to find if you know what to look for. It is directly across the road from the intersection with Soi Xcite and a few doors down from a 7 Eleven. There is a large purple sign over the door that spells out King’s Club in plain English alongside a rather regal looking lion.

There are no big casino style lights or anything like that at King’s Club so the place is rather discreet. Though a local married man parking his well-known motorbike in front might not agree.

I would say that I am a bit surprised that a business like this can operate under the name “King’s Club” in Thailand. Especially with the purple and yellow signage and insignia. But I am aware of several other places with similar names. That includes the long operating King’s Castle in the Patpong redlight area of Bangkok. So apparently this is not really an issue.

Inside King’s Club

King’s Club is officially a restaurant. Or at least it was during the special regulations in force for the pandemic. Then again Bliss was also listed as a “bar and restaurant” when it was in operation. Perhaps this has something to do with licensing issues. I have no idea. Of course in practice the place is a pub staffed with women who are eager to get their customers off for cash. And that’s all that matters for our purposes.

Kings Club Pattaya sign

Bliss operated more like a standard blowjob bar. Customers walked in to find the staff lined up in the entrance way. They would typically select a lady, move through the empty bar, then go upstairs for a bit of head work.

King’s is more like a functioning club. The ladies mingle with patrons inside the bar area which admittedly hasn’t changed much. But these gals wear a rotating array of costumes including bikinis or dresses sans panties. Some will even get up and dance once in a while if the mood strikes. This is a somewhat stark change from Bliss where a team of rather demure ladies in polo shirts and jeans waited patiently on seats for each guy to come in.

In the tradition of Telephone Bar and La Poste ladies at King’s will also get their jugs out with purchase of a lady drink. Full on shows and nude billiards are also possible at this new gentlemen’s club while at Bliss I don’t believe I ever saw the pool table used in any fashion whatsoever. So there is certainly a lot more activity now!

Staff, service and rates

There are close to a dozen women working at King’s Club on any given night. This is probably a little higher than the staffing numbers of the old Bliss. In terms of looks the ladies are mostly average and ranging in age from maybe 25 to mid-40’s. All of the ladies are friendly and fairly forward. A couple have nicely enhanced silicone knockers that are quite the handful.

Services remain more or less the same with some new twists. For example all of the ladies on staff offer oral as they did in the old days. But while most may prefer to blow in the privacy of the basic rooms upstairs they will all do it out in the open in the seating downstairs too. As far I recall that was not an option at the old bliss.

Another difference is that nearly all of the ladies at King’s offer full service. It is not the price that is notable here but that fact that this is even available. Some of the women at the old Bliss may have offered Full Service some of the time. But some ladies were oral only.

Skills are good and rates are fair. Oral on the ground floor can be had for as little as 500 Baht plus a 300 Baht charge. That comes out to 800 Baht ($23 USD) which is more or less on par with what similar venues in town are charging these days. Upstairs room visits can cost a little more at 1000 Baht.

Perhaps I am getting soft in my old age. In more ways than one. But for some reason I do find the new King’s Club to be at least a bit more enjoyable than the old Bliss Lounge. Even if the amazing deepthroater Oi is no longer on board. Since I gave Bliss Lounge three-and-a-half stars 8 years ago it only seems fitting to give King’s Club four stars today.

King’s Club. 79/19, Pattaya 3rd Road, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi, Thailand 20150. Click here for a map. Open every day from 1:00 PM to Midnight.

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