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Bar Club la Poste is a gentlemen’s club in Pattaya with all the features of a BJ bar. It is sometimes also referred to Bar de la Poste or Telephone 2. It is not the most popular bar in town by any means. But it is regularly visited by both tourists and long time residents of Pattaya.

As time keeps marching on I continue to cover the blowjob bars of Pattaya. I have already written about several on this website but there are still several places out there that fit into the mold. New places continue to open too which makes reporting on it all a challenge. Of course there are worse struggles to be involved in.

bar de la poste pattaya

I try to strike a balance between the places I cover. I want to write about places all over the world without spending too much time focusing on one or two places. I set a sort of agenda as I go along but at times I have to break away from it. Sometimes breaking news or the need to report on a place while the information is still fresh gets in the way of the publishing plan I have worked out. Hopefully as long as content keeps coming readers will have something entertaining to look at and a reason to return again in the future.

Thailand has a huge adult entertainment scene that is almost entirely open to foreigners so there is a lot to write about. Within that scene there are different cities and all sorts of venues that can be described. Within each category there are news and events that can be covered too. This is the source of a lot of content and the reason that the country appears so often here on Rockit Reports.

Bar Club La Poste

Bar Club La Poste is a sort of satellite spin off of the original Telephone Bar that I reviewed years ago. To confuse matters more, some people also refer to the bar as Trafalgar. That is actually the name of a guest house in the same building.

Bar Club la Poste

The name doesn’t matter much but the confusion is understandable. The Bar Club La Poste sign apparently from the original owners still appears outside next to a small model of the red phone booth that serves as the entrance to the original Telephone. Trafalgar seems to be a new name given to the place and commonly used online.

Inside Bar Club La Poste is just like it predecessor. This location has a much more centralized and easy to find location. It also much larger. The original Telephone isn’t small at all but this place has enough room to host a huge party. There is a big bar to the left lined with stools. There are also tables throughout the place. In the back of the bar there is a “smoking section” with a wall blocking the view of what goes on below. Down a short hall there are more private booths filled with nice new leather style couches. Bar La Poste is by Pattaya bar standards. That said it is at most times pretty empty. At most there are usually two or three customers hanging around with the six to twelve ladies on staff.

Women at Bar Club La Poste

The ladies who work at Bar Club La Poste look a lot like their counterparts at the original bar. They tend to be in their thirties or even forties. There may be one or two in their mid to late twenties. Nearly all have had children and show clear signs of that. A few are quite large. While these ladies won’t win any beauty pageants they tend to be very nice and ever fun. That’s a feat considering their line of work but it helps to explain why places like Bar La Poste thrive and are even able to expand.

The service level at La Poste is also a lot like the shop’s predecessor. When customers walk in they are greeted in unison by all of the women working. When they leave all of the women wish them a fond farewell. None of the women push guys to buy them drinks but they are happy to receive them. When a customer buys a drink for a lady she removes her top and stands close by to give him an opportunity to enjoy.

Services and summary

Most if not all of the women working the bar with the exception of the bar tender are up for more too. Oral services are available at rates comparable to most similar places around town. If customers want to receive their services in the back of the bar or one of the private booths in the back they pay a 150 Baht ($4.50 USD) fee to the bar. Additional money must be given for the service provider. The rate is 500 Baht ($14.50 USD). This comes to a total of 650 Baht which is a little less than the more straight forward Lolita’s nearby charges.

Women at Bar Club La Poste seem to much prefer the smoking section in the back of the bar to any more public action. They seem to like the private booths in the back of the building and the rooms upstairs most of all. This is no Star of Light.

At any place with numerous women working the level of service can vary. At La Poste there is a pretty uniform approach. Nearly all of the women know what they are doing though few would probably blow anyone away.

Bar Club La Poste is larger, cleaner and easier to find that the original. You might think that this would make the place much busier but it doesn’t appear to. It remains relatively quite. It is fairly average as a bar but the level and type of service offered set the place apart. It reminds me a bit of the old Pattaya full of wild and crazy fun. Four stars.

Address:Soi Lengkee, Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Phone:+66 038-720-290
Hours:1:30 PM - 2:00 AM
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