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Kimochil is one of the newer blowjob bars in Bangkok though in reality it isn’t much of a bar at all. For all intents and purposes the place is basically an adult oriented massage parlor even if the promotional material it puts online and in nightlife publications bills it as “a new kind of pink salon”.

There are of course all sorts of different blowjob bars ranging from the standard Thai model seen at Lolita’s to the Japanese pink salon model that has been described on this site from many angles and in full detail.

Kimochil pink salon in Bangkok

It’s difficult to say exactly what makes a place a blowjob bar but just claiming the title can’t be the sole defining feature. Not all blowjob bars serve alcohol of course. Most pinsaros in Japan don’t. Not every place provides the oral services in public either. Many in Thailand now do not. Some of the newest places that take influence from Japan while setting their own rules and styles don’t even have seats. Instead they rely on massage tables in private booths as seen at 7 Heaven. Some places are even set up like barbershops.

So the mere setup at Kimochil doesn’t exactly exclude it from the long list of local lingam lapping lounges. At the same time, since customers can’t simply walk in and whip out their wang for a little oral attention I am not sure that it qualifies as a proper intimate item ingesting inn either.

Kimochil is located off the second alley to the left projecting off of Sukhumvit Soi 55 near Thong Lo Station on the BTS. It sounds more difficult to locate than it actually is. Basically two turns off of Sukhumvit and a five minute walk take one right to the shop’s front door.

Kimochil is in a typical row of shop houses and apparently took up the spot of a previous massage parlor. In the lobby the place looks rather nice with a big seating area and art on the walls. That’s where appointments are booked including on the spot walk ins which are probably the most common.

Like many of the Japanese style places Kimochil has a somewhat elaborate menu considering that it is a self proclaimed BJ bar. A forty minute session with a handjob is 1000 Baht ($32 USD). A forty minute session with a blowjob is 1400 Baht ($45 USD). A one hour “special massage” which is another way of saying full service is 2,500 Baht ($80 USD). Beyond that there are individually priced options for things like finishing with a facial or getting into the sixty nine position.

Except for some of the extra options these prices are not that far off of what the typical Bangkok oily massage parlor charges. That makes sense since the place looks and feels like an oily massage parlor. After selecting a service provider from the lineup customers head upstairs into a somewhat rundown yet clean looking room with a shower and a mattress on the floor. They then receive a rudimentary massage followed by whatever other services they selected and paid for up front. After that they shower again and head out the door.

There appear to only be a handful of women working at Kimochil with some of them doing their first adult industry work. The are generally average in the looks department and in their mid to late twenties with perhaps a few exceptions. Though they are service oriented none seem to be especially skilled in any of the sensual arts.

Given its location and style of service I am not exactly sure how Kimochil can compete with with the more well known dick digesting drinkeries in other parts of the city. Then again maybe it is not meant to compete with those places at all. It could be that it is carving out its own niche with a different location and way of doing things. One-and-a-half stars.

Address:95/5 Soi Thong Lo 3, Bangkok, Thailand (Map)
Phone:+66 02-712-5817
Hours:12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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