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Review: Juliet’s Gentlemen’s Club in Erie, PA USA

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Juliet’s Gentlemen’s Club is a strip club in Erie, Pennsylvania. The city sits on the shores of the Great Lake of the same name. Cold winds often blow in off of Lake Erie into the city of Erie. But that is not the only thing that blows. And not in a good way.

Don’t get me wrong. This place is not far from the previously reviewed Partner’s Tavern. Nor is it up to Partner’s standard. Juliet’s certainly isn’t the worst strip club in the world. It just isn’t the kind of place I would seek out. Here’s why.

Inside Juliet’s

Juliet’s is housed in a red brick building that looks like a cross between a doctors office and a house. Except there is graffiti scrawled on the side wall. The purple sign near the street and the beer sign over the awning are the only indications that the building is a strip club. There is even a silhouette of a woman on a stripper pole for those who can’t read. I do have to at least give the place credit for that. I also have to give them credit for the low cover charge of just $5 USD. Finally I like that the charge is paid to a women inside the door rather than some big muscled grimacing bouncer.

The layout is also home-like in that there are several rooms inside the building. Through a sort of empty room there is another leading to restrooms. Go the other way and you enter the room where the dancing happens. There is a full bar against one wall. Across from that there is a small elevated stage with a mirrored wall behind it. Stools around the stage give a close up view of the action. Unfortunately there isn’t a ton of action to see.

Dancers, services, prices and summary

There may be just three or four women working Juliet’s on any given night of the week. The gals are fairly fit and attractive especially considering the location. All seem to be in their early twenties. As is often the case in a US strip club the dancers are a mix of white and black women. There are a couple of chubby or even overweight dancers at Juliet’s though that is okay since some people like that sort of thing.

As per usual the ladies take turns working the stage for sets lasting as long as a couple of songs. Yet the women here don’t actually get naked. Perhaps as a result of yet another set of odd local regulations the women wear panties and cover their nipples with some sort of paint. Although the paint starts to wear off through the night I still find this incredibly odd. Especially when the nearby Partner’s has fully nude dancers.

Worse still is the fact that at least 50 former dancers at this club allege that they were not paid for their time. This story is all too common in the industry. Although I simply report what I see I have to admit that I find this practice atrocious.

Lap dances are available at Juliet’s and current dancers at the club tell me they do receive their share of that money along with any tips. Full contact dances going for $20 each or three for $50. They are performed in a private area too which is nice. Still the low number of ladies, covering of nipples and reports of unpaid labour all combine to put me off. I won’t be back.

In summary Juliet’s is a below average strip club. Since American strip clubs already lag far behind the civilized world in terms of adult entertainment this place is in a bad position. I am sure a certain subset of people will continue to patronize this club for the simple reason that it exists. However I am not one of those people. I’d much rather watch women strip on the world’s best cam sites. So I give Juliet’s Gentlemen’s Club one star.

Juliet’s Gentlemen’s Club. 2022 W 8th St, Erie, PA 16505 USA. Click here for a map. Open every day from 4:00 PM until 11:00 PM.

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