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Review: Juicy Honey in Bangkok, Thailand

Juicy Honey is one of the newest erotic massage parlors in Bangkok. With a bit of a Japanese flare this shop offers both standard happy endings and full service nuru massage service. The shop opened its doors in late 2023 and has been going strong since.

Nuru massage originated in Japan. Hence the name. The Japanese onomatopoeia nuru nuru describes something very slippery like an eel. In genuine nuru massage a masseuse covers her nude body in a slippery gel. She then slides all over her customers body. This “mat play” is performed on a large inflatable mattress.

juicy honey nuru massage bangkok

Once limited to the land of the rising sun nuru massage is now practiced all over the world. Or at least is purported to be on offer in many places. Unfortunately many providers claiming to offer “nuru massage” are simply doing regular body to body massages. Juicy Honey is one of the handful of places in Bangkok offering the real nuru experience.

That doesn’t mean Juicy Honey is strictly a nuru parlor. As stated they also offer other services. One course is the 30 minute hand job special. That is sure to be popular with guys on their lunch breaks. Meanwhile the 24 hour outcall set should be attractive to those looking for an overnight date.

Location and layout

The Juicy Honey massage parlor is not to be confused with the Juicy Honey trading cards sold in Japan. Those interesting products carry images of famous Japanese porn stars. Some even come with samples of hair or panties. The unaffiliated Juicy Honey massage offers a real skin to skin experience.

The vast majority of sensual massage shops in Bangkok are located around Sukhumvit Road. Juicy Honey is located on Surawong Road in the Silom section of the city. It is just one alley over from the well known Thanon Patpong 1.

davi juicy honey

Juicy Honey is easy to find. It is located down a short alley that houses other massage parlors and a post office. There is a large white illuminated over the entrance with the name of the establishment. There is also another sign on the front wall next to the glass door entrance.

Inside the place is quite standard. There is a basic lobby area where customers can book sessions and see the ladies on staff. The private massage rooms are of the utmost quality. These tiled rooms look like they came right out of a soapland in Japan. Each room is equipped with an elevated bed and a wet area complete with a silver nuru massage mattress.

Staff, services, prices and summary

There are over a dozen women working at Juicy Honey. Overall the team contains a lot of good looking Thai ladies. The women range in age from 19 on up to 29. There is some variation but most of the women are quite pretty and fit.

The cheapest option at Juicy Honey is a 30 minute handjob for 1700 Baht ($48 USD). This is not the cheapest service in Bangkok. But the price isn’t bad either. A 40 minute full service session is just 2200 Baht ($62 USD) while a one hour nuru massage costs 3200 Baht ($90 USD). One hour outcall service runs 3000 Baht with prices going up from there. The rates are right about average for the local industry.

beautiful erotic massage lady bangkok

The service itself ranges from average to amazing. There are some real nuru massage pros here like the lovely Davi that are as good as any others in the city. A couple of the gals are quite skilled at hand manipulation too. Then there are the women who are more mediocre or at least new to the field. Though they all seem to at least put in an honest attempt at leaving their customers satisfied. I don’t have any complaints about the staff at Juicy Honey.

Indeed I don’t really have any complaints about Juicy Honey at all. I am glad it exists in this part of the city. I wouldn’t say that is the greatest place I have ever visited. But it is very good. If anything I would like to see more women working here who can do mat play and two lady massage. But it’s probably not easy to find talented nuru artists in Bangkok. I like this place. I give it a very solid four stars.

Juicy Honey. 113/12 Surawong Road, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 11:00 AM until midnight. Website:

12 thoughts on “Review: Juicy Honey in Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. Thanks for the report Rockit. I checked their website and added their LINE and Wechat accounts, but in fact both link to another shop called Bright Inn Massage. I chatted with this account, they have nothing to do with Juicy Honey. Would you happen to know what is Juicy Honey real LINE account?

  2. Lower Suk is every day getting more touristy and sanetized. Maybe Thaniya and Silom will be preferable in the future? I have always liked Patpong and I have no problem hanging out with North Asians. Cheers.

      1. Meaning Sanitized-cleaned up-gentrified.

        Well I dont, I liked the street cart bars, the many massage places, Cheap charlie, Soi Cowboy without the tourists and music places.

        I seek a vibe in a City-experience and other parts of Bangkok might be better. Silom is a possibility, for the reasons I mention above. Cheers.

        1. Japan is quite sanitary. It is also home to one of the largest and most diverse sex industries on earth. Cheers.

  3. The link at the bottom of the article sends you to “BRIGHT INN & MASSAGE,” and it seems like its a legit massage place

    1. The link at the bottom of what article? The link at the bottom of this article goes to which is the website for the place in question. Cheers.

      1. I walked past and they said it’s no longer there. Replaced by another shop already. Seems to be Bright Inn similar to what the Line account points to.

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