Review: Jade Palace Spa in Medellin, Colombia


In recent years Colombia has started to shed its reputation as an extremely dangerous place. The mountain city of Medellin is becoming increasingly popular with foreign visitors. More than a few of the people who travel to Medellin join the youthful revelers in the Poblado part of town. This somewhat affluent area is popular with residents and tourists alike.

Just off of the main thoroughfare of Calle 10 that runs through the heart of the Poblado area sits an adult oriented massage parlor hidden in plain sight. That massage parlor is the Jade Palace Spa.

Jade Palace Spa in Medellin

Jade Palace Spa is located on the second floor of a small building on Carrera 38. The only thing that marks the shop’s presence is a small sign above the doorbell at street level. It is very unlikely anyone who wasn’t specifically looking for the place would ever find Jade Palace situated as it is between a pharmacy and a mainstream bar.

ladies at Jade Palace Spa

When customers reach the building entrance they press a button to ring number 202 which is marked by the aforementioned sign. Once management decides everything is okay they are buzzed into the building. Customers then climb a single flight of stairs to an open door where the female manager awaits in a small waiting area with a desk and some seats.

Prices and staff

That manager who is petite yet somewhat stern greats customers in Spanish though customers from all parts of the world seem to be welcomed. After giving a brief explanation of the shop’s system she shows customers to one of the private massage rooms just around the corner from the waiting room. Inside the available women on staff introduce themselves. The women wear professional style massage outfits for the introductions. Customers then return to the waiting room where they chose one of the women they just met and in most cases hand over 150,000 Pesos ($50 USD) for a standard one hour session with full service.

Jade Palace Medellin

At any given time there can be between two and four women on staff at Jade not including the manager who is attractive but not available to service clients. The women range in age and looks though most are in their twenties and attractive. Although the staff is small it is rather diverse just like the general population in Colombia. It’s not uncommon for a somewhat short curvy woman with pale skin to work along side a tall gal with black skin on the same shift. There is little diversity when it comes to language however. The women working at Jade speak Spanish exclusively though they are able to use their phones to translate whatever words are needed if required.

Sessions and services

After customers pay they are asked to enter one of the three available massage rooms. The rooms are large and clean. They are basic containing nothing more than a quality massage table and a coat rack. Customers are expected to strip down in massage rooms while for their service providers to appear.

Jade Palace has a shower room at the end of the hall which is clean and filled with various soaps. Customers are free to use the showers by request before or after any session. The shower is surrounded by frosted glass for privacy but it’s not uncommon for the service providers on staff to pass through the room while customers shower. When women do pass through they often take a peak at customer packages which goes to show a real curiosity if not an interest in guys and their reproductive organs.

Massages at Jade Palace are usually perfunctory. The service providers do use oil and rub various body parts but its pretty obvious that most have absolutely no training as masseuses or at least no interest in putting in any real effort at massage. Since customers probably don’t visit just for a back rub this doesn’t seem to harm the shop’s business.

Happy ending

After a bit of light rubbing the women at Jade usually begin to work the groin area. This too is aided with oil and typically comes with more skill and effort applied than the general rub down. Once customers are good and ready the women strip out of their masseuse outfits and get into their birthday suits.

From there things go as they usually do wherever full service is offered. Obviously there are variations between sessions as all sorts of different factors come into play. Suffice it to say that the women who work at Jade offer standard service for the area which typically includes covered oral and a main event performed in a few different positions. Everything normally takes places on the massage table and real effort is put in by the service providers.

The people at Jade aren’t real clock watchers though sessions do have their limits. In most cases things seem to be allowed to play out at their own pace though surely anyone taking an extreme amount of time would probably be asked to wrap things up.

After sessions conclude at Jade customers put their kits back on while the service providers retire to somewhere in the back to clean themselves up. When the customers are ready they head back through the lobby and down the stairs into the street where they rejoin the crowds on the street. Four stars.

Address:Carrera 38 # 10 09, Medellin, Colombia (Map)
Phone:+57 05-708-639
Hours:11:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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