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I first wrote about Club 4 in Pattaya way back in 2014. At the time it was a pioneer blowjob bar nestled out of the view of most tourists on Bongkoch Soi 8 which is also locally known as Soi Full Love Inn. Since that time a number of other gentlemen’s clubs have opened on the same strip. One of the latest is J Club.

Even though the original Club 4 has been raided by police time and time again, the area that the bar set the stage for has become something of a modern “blow row” in Pattaya. It may be a case of too much in too little space though. Or at least at the wrong location.

Too many blowjob bars?

I am sure most readers are familiar with the recent talk of a BitCoin bubble. I bet most have not considered the possibility of a blowjob bar bubble however. I fear that point may have been reached. In other words Soi Full Love Inn may have reached the peak of pickle polishing pubs.

Review J Club Pattaya

I say that because the existence of six bars in the small space seems to have had a negative effect on all of the places involved. A recent tour of these bars revealed severely reduced staffs that in at least a few places approached the skeletal including at Club 4 which despite everything continues to operate.

Now correlation doesn’t necessarily indicate causation. But I don’t know why else the clubs would be so devoid of staff. It can’t be the location. Even though this blow row is a little out of the way it still continues to draw lots of guys. In fact it sometimes draws too many guys as customers enter a club only to turn around and walk out when confronted by a staff of two or three ladies.

J Club in Pattaya

To its credit J Club does have a sign outside in Thai trying to recruit new staff. I am not sure how many potential workers would see it though since the place is located in a bit of a no man’s land that the average person probably wouldn’t pass by accidentally.

J Club is a nice enough place. It is no better or no worse than the other clubs in the immediate vicinity like 007 though it does seem a bit more confined. The bar is on the right side after entering and there are a few sofas spread out around the rest of the space. Everything is relatively clean as you would expect in a newer bar.

The three or four women on staff don’t seem bound by any kind of uniform so they wear their own assortment of dresses. There are no special clothing related tricks either unlike Club 4 where the women used to walk around without panties or Telephone Bar where breasts are bared for anyone who buys a drink.

The women are all from the Isaan area and in their twenties. Some are more attractive than others. Ultimately beauty is in the eye of the beholder and besides that in places like J Club some customers are more interested in skills than attractiveness.

Service, rates and summary

The usual rooms are available upstairs as with all other similar bars. The rates are about the same too. Oral is typically offered on the sofas downstairs or in the rooms upstairs depending on the desires of the clients. Full service is normally available too but that is of course at the discretion of the service providers.

The normal rates are in effect with oral sessions going for 800 Baht ($25 USD) and full service going for 1000 ($32 USD). A house fee of a few hundred Baht also applies. So the total price for sensual service is somewhere between 1100 and 1400 Baht not including drinks.

J Club is apparently owned by the same group that owns the Nightwish bar over on Soi 6. This group has been able to develop quite a following thanks mainly to a slick internet marketing campaign but their success has clearly not spilled over onto Soi Full Love Inn.

The bar went up for sale on the market almost a year ago where it remains today. There are no for sale signs on the bar but it is listed on some internet sites where an adventurous buyer can snap it up for a mere 2,500,000 Baht ($78,275 USD).

It might be easy to attribute the apparent decline in that area on the presence of too many bars but I don’t know if that is certainly the case. Soi 6 is in fact packed with bars from one side to the other and most are overflowing with ladies. Perhaps something else is at play. One star.

Address:Soi Bongkot 8, Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Hours:1:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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