Review: Honeypot Bar in Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Honeypot Bar is one of the numerous hostess bars in Cambodia. It is one of the newer generation of bars that popped up on Street 130 after Angry Birds paved the way. Many of the bars on that short strip seem to function in a similar manner. The exceptions are places like Intoxica.

There are still some of the old school bars around. But very few of them have the sort of vibe of the original places. Years ago bars around the Central Market had women on staff offering oral samples with the purchase of a beer. It was all quite raunchy. The newer bars are more like regular bars that just happen to have a bunch of friendly women inside. There is nothing necessarily wrong with that.

I have seen a lot of changes over the years. Some have been good. Other things have taken turns for the worse. Rather than pine away for a long gone past I am forced like the rest of the population to deal with life as actually is. So I try my best to looks at things as they are and as they are found. This is how I find the Honeypot.

Honeypot Bar in Phnom Penh

Honeypot Bar is located on Street 130 just a short walk from the riverside. A few years ago this area was really quiet at night. There were just a couple of bars on the block and they were quite private. Surrounding buildings were mostly closed up after the sun went down. Then things changed.

Today the block that holds Angry Birds, Intoxica and Honeypot Bar is lively and filled with people. Most of the people are women who work at the various bars. That is quite alright with me. If I have to be in a crowd I would prefer it to be made up mostly of attractive women.

honeypot bar ring the bell

Honeypot takes up the same shophouse style building as the other bars around. But it is notably cleaner and better maintained than some of the older style places. It has a bright and vibrant feel even though it is an after dark adult entertainment establishment.

There is a long bar on one side. The other side of the room is lined by high tables and chairs. Then there is a bit of booth style seating in the back. All is open to paying customers and filled with numerous waiting women in between. Drink prices are totally reasonable for the area and the industry. The women double as wait staff and are a lovely bunch.

Staff and summary

There are dozens of women working at Honeypot Bar. They are for the most part attractive gals with fit bodies in their twenties. There may be a handful of women over thirty but if so they must really keep up with themselves. English is widely spoken and the women are warm and welcoming.

Honeypot Bar is an easy place to pull up a chair and start a conversation. A man could have between one and four women engaged in banter and fun within a minute of entering. It’s that easy going a place. The gals are there to entertain men who come inside and they seem to know that almost instinctively. Of course they appreciate lady drinks but they are not demanding or pushy in the least.

That also applies to extracurricular activities. While there is a barfine in place at Honeypot Bar none of the women seem especially keen on pursuing it. Most are quite satisfied with working inside the bar. They earn pay by passing the time with punters who come inside. They are friendly and fun loving but they aren’t obsessed with finding the next short time. In many ways it is like the new breed of hostess bars in Ho Chi Minh City such as The Pub in that regard.

Honeypot is one of the better examples of the new entertainment style hostess bars. It isn’t a dingy place that doubles as a brothel. Then again it doesn’t claim to be. It is just a place for guys to kick back and enjoy drinks with a lot of lovely ladies. It doesn’t cost the world either. It’s a lot like Angry Birds. But I prefer that place a little bit more. So I give Honey Pot three stars.

Address:No 35 Street 130, Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Map)
Hours:7:00 PM - 2:00 AM
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