Review: Heaven Massage in Angeles City, Philippines


While Angeles City is probably one of the most well known sex industry hot spots in the world I have not covered the place in much detail here on Rockit Reports. Thus far reports on the city and its adult entertainment scene have been limited to news items and overviews. That will begin to change today with this review of Heaven Massage.

While I do not have any conclusive evidence it seems that Heaven Massage is a sort of thrown together agency. The company maintains no physical presence though it advertises on English and Korean websites. It also pushes itself to nearby users located in Angeles City through smart phone apps like Kakaotalk and WeChat.

Heaven Massage in Angeles City

Heaven Massage basically offers outcall massage to people staying in Angeles City. While there is suggestion in its ads the company doesn’t advertise full service massage. Instead it pushes things like oil, dry and “special” massages ranging in price from 300 to 500 Pesos ($6-11 USD). Recently the company started advertising nuru massage though it uses pictures of fully clothed women to do this.

Customers book sessions with Heaven Massage through the aforementioned apps or over the phone. They give their hotel name, room number and name and suggest a time. The company replies with a list of avail abilities.

After customers select a time, date and masseuse they need only wait. Unlike nearby Manila where running seriously late is a way of life people in Angeles City tend to show up for appointments within thirty minutes of the stated time. That is as true for Heaven as it is for anyone.

The women who work at Heaven tend to be in their twenties. They are for the most part generally attractive though quite a few have already given birth. Shyness is an aspect that quite a few seem to share. This is understandable though not necessarily what would be expected from women who have chosen such a line of work.

The pictures the company uses of the women it has on staff are pretty accurate. This makes sense since most appear to be selfies taken by the women themselves. Surely women would only send the pictures they think are the best but there isn’t much in the way of photoshopping applied. In fact the photo quality tends to be of the low sort that comes from an inexpensive phone camera.

Once staff members from Heaven show up for an appointment they introduce themselves and advise their clients to get comfortable on the bed. They then go on to perform perfunctory body rubs that reveal a clear lack of training. No matter how hard a woman tries a mechanical and unskilled massage can’t amount to much more than some pushing and pulling with no real result.

Limited adult services are offered by the women at Heaven when booked in advance. A sort of ball massage is offered with some packages that basically involves a light oiled handjob that lasts quite a while. This is supposedly tantric though it is unlikely that any of the women working at Heaven have learned how to jack guys off from gurus. The tantric label seems to be a way to get around any rules that might exist against happy ending massage and it also serves to indicate that orgasm isn’t the goal.

While the women do their handy work in a fashion that does not encourage ejaculation I do not think they would be incredibly upset if a customer did accidentally erupt. I have nothing to base this on but it is an educated guess. I could certainly be wrong.

While Heaven Massage does not advertise or offer any full service packages there are some hints that suggest that at least some of the women who work for the company may offer select customers action for generous tips when in the privacy of a room. If this is the case the company wants nothing to do with it. It is not even something they discuss.

Women who give regular or tantric massages for Heaven Massage expect tips on top of the fees charged for their services. To their credit they do not push for these or demand any particular amounts but they would most likely be very upset if they did not receive anything extra after putting in a session. Who can blame them?

One may wonder why a gal would choose to work at a place like this rather one of the many other options around town. I don’t have any definitive answer for that. Outside of the many bars that the city is known for there are other venues. There have long been freelancers in town too. Now they’re joined by a coterie of escorts listed on Smooci’s Angeles City site.

Angeles City is loaded with adult entertainment including its famous go go bars. Heaven Massage is a small fish swimming in a sea of sharks. The outfit tries in its own way but it simply isn’t equipped to compete. I give it a below average score of two stars.

Address:Angeles City, Philippines
Phone:+63 090-6169-8370
Hours:24 Hours
Heaven Massage. Angeles City, Philippines. Open 24 hours. Phone: +63 0906-169-8370.

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