Review: Ponytails in Angeles City, Philippines (CLOSED)


Ponytails is one of the many go go bars in Angeles City. It is also one of the largest bars though the place never seems to get that much attention. The only reason I can find for that is the bar’s location up the road from the main Fields Ave “Walking Street” area. Because it staffs its share of attractive women as has some of the lowest prices for the area.

Another thing that makes Ponytails notable is its operating hours. Although Ponytails is just a short walk from the main Walking Street area, the bar opens at noon like many of the lesser known bars further up on Perimeter Road. This even makes the place stand out from other parts of the world like Pattaya where go go bars usually don’t get going until well after nightfall.

Ponytails go go bar

Ponytails opened in the early 2000’s, in what many consider to be the peak of the Angeles City bar scene. The go go bar is located on Fields Avenue a few doors down from the well known girl friendly Angeles Beach Club hotel. The bar’s building is large and easy to spot thanks to a big illuminated sign in front that reads Pony Tails.

dancers at pony tails

As the layout inside and out vaguely suggests, the bar used to have a sort of country western theme. Nowadays it doesn’t have much of a theme at all. It’s a go go bar with several women working the stage in bikinis. The gals used to dance with nothing more than body paint covering their cans. But that ended after a series of raids put a damper on things.

Ladies and prices

There are usually a good number of ladies on stage and off at Ponytails. Of course there is always a variety of gals in any place like this. But larger and more aged ladies have become more common at some bars than others. Ponytails has always done a surprisingly good job at hiring a significant number of attractive ladies in their early twenties with fit bodies. At least on all of my visits over the years.

The mamasans at Ponytails are quite friendly too. These days its common to run into cold and aggressive managers in the bars. But I’ve always been greeted with a smile and a friendly welcome at Pony Tails. That is as true now as it was years ago when I first visited.

The dancers themselves are usually quite friendly too. Though some of them can be a but shy. This makes sense, as the bar doesn’t seem be nearly as popular as it used to be. So some of the newer employees that in rotate in simply don’t have a lot of experience interacting with foreign guys.

Ponytails has reasonable prices. They have gone up over the years, but they’re still not nearly as high as what some of the big Walking Street bars charge with their “models”. Drinks are less than a hundred pesos. Lady drinks are 200 Pesos ($3.85 USD). The barfine, or early work release, is 2500 Pesos ($48 USD).

Many repeat visitors and full timers in Angeles City decry the decline of the bar scene. Yet some others newer to the city proclaim its greatness. As usual, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. Ponytails at least is much the same as it was when I first found the place years ago. It is still an above average bar with lower than usual prices. Three stars.

Note: Ponytails has closed.

Address:850 Fields Ave, Balibago, Angeles, Pampanga, Philippines (Map)
Hours:12:00 PM - 2:00 AM
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