Review: Exposed Beauty in Las Vegas, NV (CLOSED)


As this site begins to approach its two year anniversary, I am beginning to get a sense of what it is that readers would most like to see. Moving forward with Rockit Reports I will balance that against what it is I want to do on my end. After all this site was created as a personal project and it would be difficult to continue on if I didn’t write about the kinds of things that interested me as well.

There are a lot of massage parlors around the world and no two are exactly the same. Still, as much fun as visiting and writing about rub down spots can be, it’s ultimately to the benefit of all involved to mix things up a bit and cover some of the more unique venues around the world. Variety is the spice of life as they say.

Today I’ll be reviewing a shop in the United States. Some time ago I made a post on finding happy endings in the United States that spelled out my refusal to provide coverage that could in any way, shape or form contribute to the suffering of service providers. Luckily (or unluckily as we may come to find) what goes on at Exposed Beauty Salon in downtown Las Vegas is totally allowed by the powers that be.

Prostitution is famously legal in Nevada, though the exacts are a lot more restrictive than the casual observer may guess. Although there are countless massage parlors and escorts in Vegas offering sexual service, the sale of such things is only officially allowed at highly regulated and even more highly priced brothels in 11 of Nevada’s counties. Clark County, which contains Las Vegas, is not one of them.

So now that you know Exposed Beauty isn’t anything like the hot toc blowjob barbershops in Vietnam, let’s get down to the details and find out what they do provide.

Basically what a guy (or gal) can get at Exposed Beauty are any services they could expect to receive at any other beauty salon in the country. The reason this shop is being reviewed here is that the staff at Exposed Beauty go about their tasks in sexy clothing (as you may have already guessed by the oh-so-provocative name).

Exposed Beauty sort of takes off where the fabled “A Little Off The Top” in Vegas left off. I say sort of because I don’t think it’s as good as it’s now-shuttered predecessor. For starters, the prices are too high for what’s offered. Maybe it’s a symptom of getting get hair cuts by skilled barbers in Asia for next to nothing while being pampered afterward by the (fully clothed) women on staff, but I think $50 is too much to ask for a trim.

That’s especially true since the kinds of lingerie most of the staff at Exposed Beauty wears doesn’t “expose” much at all. During my visit, most were wearing loose fitting nighties that weren’t even close to revealing. Finally, in all honesty I can say that most of the staff here is at best of average attractiveness. If these were just gals walking down the street it wouldn’t be for me to place judgement on them, but let’s remember that the concept at Exposed Beauty is that a premium price is being charged for a regular service. In other words, for fifty bucks I expect some exposure and some beauty.

I’ve seen some pictures of decent enough looking gals online, but none of them were there during my visit. To make matters worse, the staff wasn’t what I’d call very friendly. They were nice enough but they certainly didn’t go out of their way to make me feel welcome or even to try to earn fat tips for themselves.

The first time I tried to visit Exposed Beauty I was turned away for not having an appointment. The second time I did have an appointment but getting to the place ended up being a huge hassle. This only added to my view of the place as something that may be more cost, time and energy than it’s worth.

On the positive side of things I will say that the staff at Exposed Beauty is good at what they do. My hair cut was satisfactory and my hair wash was also quite alright.

Overall Exposed Beauty Salon is a good enough place in an overall sense, but for a guy who has experienced as much as me it simply doesn’t do much. I would imagine that is also the case for many others in Sin City where so much of the flesh trade goes on right out in the open.

As a somewhat unique shop offering normal services I can’t score Exposed Beauty Salon too highly. I give it two stars. Maybe if it was topless I could throw in another star, but then again maybe the inherent dangers that would be faced by exposed nipples in that case wouldn’t be worth such an esteemed award from this site. Exposed Beauty is something to see but it isn’t a place I’d visit again, even if I did live in Las Vegas. If I’m looking to have beauty salon services performed by hot women in a casino town, I’ll head to the men’s saunas of Macau.

Note: Exposed Beauty closed in 2014. Their Facebook page claimed they would reopen in a new location. But I haven’t found any new shop.

Address:Plaza Hotel & Casino, 1 S Main St Las Vegas, NV, USA 89101
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