Review: Kitten Club and Obsessions in Pattaya, Thailand (CLOSED)


Twas the day before Christmas and all through Soi 13/4 plenty of ladies and ladyboys were creeping on and off the stage. The Kitten Club and Obsessions are two go go bars rolled into one, located in the middle of the internationally renowned sex city of Pattaya.

With so many go go bars in Pattaya, what sets the Kitten Club / Obsession apart? This club, which is two-in one, is a sort of “shared space” with one half supposedly oriented toward ladyboys and the other half oriented toward genetic women. In reality the lines are more blurred than a Robin Thicke song.

Kitten Club go go bar in Pattaya

Or maybe they’re not that blurred that all. There are usually more ladyboys on stage and they are in general much more aggressive than their born-with-pussy counterparts. I’m not one to throw in with stereotypes but it’s clear when you enter who is at the front of the pack. Unlike some go gos where you can sit back and enjoy the show with a single drink for a while, at this place you are often quickly asked who you would like to buy a drink for, who you would like to sit with or even who you would like to fuck.

This is a trend seen across the go go scene in Thailand though as a sort of split seems to be emerging between the “big show” go gos that want to focus more on packing the house with expensive drink buying customers and the “dancing brothel” places that want to get customers out the door with a lady for a short time romp as soon as possible so they can squeeze in a few more short times later. The Kitten Club / Obsessions is definitely one of the later places, especially since it has rooms right next door for customers to squeeze off a quick shot (the Kitten Club / Obsessions is also linked with the Penthouse Hotel, making it a sort of three-in-one).

Inside, the Kitten Club / Obsessions looks like a lot like a single go go bar. Set a little apart from most other go gos, it doesn’t usually have a lot of customers. At least that’s been true when I’ve visited. It’s not unusual to be the only customer in the place in fact, especially if you visit a little early or a little late. I’m sure it can get crowded at times, I’ve just never seen it.

Don’t get the wrong impression about the level the staff here will go to squeeze a dollar out of you. While they are obviously trying to make a buck, it’s definitely not the worst place for that sort of thing. Some places in Thailand are pushy enough to actually be repulsive. This is not one of them.

While the ladyboys tend to get in front the girls are also there and though there aren’t dozens of them, there are plenty of pretty gals working (the website says there are 100 but during a recent visit I saw less than a dozen and it wasn’t any kind of holiday). It’s easy enough to state your preference up front, though I could see how some newer or more timid guys could be afraid to do so.

Your intrepid correspondent isn’t one to cross the lines (the digit up the crap shoot at Akane was already a bit too far for me), but I am fine with being in mixed company like this. No big deal. If you are that’s no big deal either. Whatever floats your boat. I’m not one to scorn sexual pleasure. I know just how good it can be.

Anyway, who knows where I or my dick will be in a week? My last Thai taxi driver (who was married, with several children) spent thirty minutes trying to convince me that I needed to get sucked off by a ladyboy just to see how good it was. He wasn’t even trying to push a particular place for commission. He just wanted me to sample the suction, anywhere. “Maybe next time,” I told him.

Customers at the Kitten Club / Obsessions are free to buy a drink for themselves and take your time viewing the dancers. If they like one or more, they can ask them to join them on the chairs so they can feel them out (hint, hint). If they want to head out for short time fun, they can tell them you’d like to go right next door and do exactly that. It’s really that simple.

Prices are set. It’s 600 Baht ($20) to take a staff member out of the bar, 500 Baht ($16) for the temporary use of the room upstairs, and 1000 Baht ($32) for the staff member’s short time services. Not as cheap as the short time action on Soi 6 but not expensive compared to some of the surroundings either. I’d say the rates are pretty fair.

To get to the rooms you simply have to walk through a doorway to the lobby of the Penthouse Hotel next door. Barfines and drink tabs are paid when one leaves the go go. Room fees are paid in the lobby before one goes upstairs. Payment for the staff is done after the action in the room itself.

And as for the rooms, they are very nice. Depending on which one you are sent to, you may very well end up in an elaborate adult playpen with a large television (with several channels of porn), a walk-in shower, and even a sex swing. Mirrors tend to be places in interesting position as well.

While it may appear to be a bit too much for a long term stay it works well for a short bit of fun. Depending on your disposition it may even please you for a week of lodging. That’s one of those things that comes down to the individual. My only real problem with the place is how awkward some of the steps and halls are. They are designed to look nice, and they do, but it can be a pain trying to navigate your way over stones of various shapes and heights on the way to the room, especially if you have a few in you.

As a unique go go in Pattaya with on site premises and reasonable prices, I give the Kitten Club / Obsessions a solid two and a half stars. If they really did have the hundred women the site advertises that might even raise the score a half star higher. Guys who would like to get a closer look at the ladyboy scene without necessarily taking the plunge would probably find this location to their liking. I have seen couples in the place. Some were clearly there to partake in the services of the staff members (and maybe staff’s members) but others just wanted to watch while they threw back a Singha beer or two.

Address:Soi 13/4, Pattaya, Thailand.
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