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Review: Deluxe Health Spa in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Deluxe Health Spa is a good example of what a full service massage parlor looks like in Kuala Lumpur. Located inside of the Federal Kuala Lumpur Hotel on Jalan Bukit Bintang the Deluxe is easy to find and even easier to navigate.

There are a number of similar massage parlors throughout the city. I don’t have any specific information about the owners but it seems likely that many of the spas are connected since they often advertise each other with business cards displayed near the cashiers.

Deluxe Health Spa

The Deluxe is on the ground floor of the Federal Kuala Lumpur. To access it one only need to pass through the hotel’s main entrance and walk straight head until they see a sign advertising the spa over a stairway that leads to the basement. Once inside punters are greeted by a manager who takes them into one of several small rooms.

The rooms are smokey but clean and fitted with reclining lounge chairs and televisions. Depending on how busy the place is at the time a manager may come inside immediately or after a few minutes.

Once in the room the manager will give an overview of the prices. First a low rate is given for a regular massage then a list of higher rates is given for full service in hushed tones. Even though places like this operate openly Malaysia is still an outwardly conservative country where certain things are best kept concealed. The prices for adult massage range from 230 to 300 Ringgit ($73-95 US) depending on the country of origin of the masseuse. Women from China make up the biggest share of the massage staff but a few other countries are also represented and there are even a handful of local gals.

Deluxe ladies

After the punter indicates the type of massage they’d like they can either tell the manager what kind of gal they’d like, ask to see the gals from a particular country, or simply asked to see a lineup of all of the available ladies. The last option gives the best opportunity to chose someone attractive.

Since the rooms are so small the ladies cannot all come in at once as they would in a Macau sauna. Instead the dozen or so women file in one by one giving a smile and a nod before heading back out. The manager will say their names as they enter but they come and go so fast that it soon turns into a womanly whirlwind. If a guy is sharp enough to remember the name of the lady he’d like he can simply say it when the time comes. If not he can give a description or even ask to see the ladies again.

The Deluxe isn’t so “deluxe” looking. It’s located in a basement with low ceilings, it smells strongly of cigarette smoke and it shows strong signs of wear and tear. Despite all of that the women on staff are some of the most pleasant of any working in a similar facility. I can’t tell you why that is. Places with line ups very often have women working who look like they’d rather be anywhere else in the world. At Deluxe it’s common to see big bright smiles.

That’s not to say that they are super models. Most of the women on staff are average in looks and shape. Ages range from the mid to late twenties. There don’t seem to be any really unattractive women on staff but most of the gals probably wouldn’t be good looking enough to fit into a line up at a place like Familia Nobre either.

The service

Once a punter selects his masseuse he’ll pay at the front desk before being led by the hand to a massage room. These rooms are just large enough to fit a king sized bed and a shower. They are only steps away from the lobby and aforementioned waiting rooms and the doors have large glass windows in them that are kept covered with towels. The rooms aren’t the cleanest in the world. They have slightly unpleasant odors of the kind that basements often have and linens that have seen better days. Still they aren’t as bad as some of the truly terrible quarters that exist around the world. To its credit the management at Deluxe has strategically placed large mirrors around the room to make things a little more fun.

Upon entering the room both the customer and the masseuse will get out of their regular clothes to prepare for the shower. Things there are pretty straight forward. There’s nothing like a soapy slide on the menu. After the shower the special services commences. The level of service at a place like this will always depend on the service provider, the customer and any other number of factors. In general it can be said that a good level of service is standard and that a spectacular level of service even appears from time to time.

Once the fun is over another shower usually occurs before things draw to a close. Once everything is set the customer heads back out the door.

As I wrote at the beginning of this review, Deluxe is a good example of this kind of Kuala Lumpur massage parlor. It isn’t any better or worse than most of the others like it in the same city. On a world scale it’s not all that great but it’s not terrible either. Credit has to be given to such a straight forward and easy to find place in a town where things can sometimes be difficult. I give it a solid three stars.

Deluxe Health Spa. 35 Bukit Bintang Street, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Click here for a map. Open every day from 10:00 AM until 6:00 AM.

23 thoughts on “Review: Deluxe Health Spa in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia”

  1. Dear All Bro,

    Post on behalf of best buddies who contracted with STD,gonorea or suspected spylis after visiting Deluxe Spa, Federal with VN girls. Dont go there,

    They willing to do anything with MONEY. My friends went two days ago. Girl Nicknamed :SAKURA, looks a bit old but Mekap look decent.

    Age ard 30+. My friends also let me see her pic. Big boobs, she also claimed that she just came msia. She will take off condom for FJ. My friends regretted now and asked me for help.

    Please spread the news. BTW, Charging 230 now is not worth to go. Concern Netizen.

    PM me if you need to see pic

      1. Sorry this isn’t a place to make accusations about the health of individuals. I have no way to confirm or deny them and I don’t know that I’d be interested in doing so even if I was. It’s okay to make a statement if you think you picked up something somewhere but things like posting real names and links to personal accounts won’t be tolerated. For what it’s worth a lot of accusations are false or made for other reasons and the symptoms of syphilis and gonorrhea are very different. Cheers.

    1. I understand where you are coming from, rockit. But you could imagine my anxiety where someone drops a name like that. Anyway, I went for a test and thankfully, nothing came out of it.

      Perhaps, it is good to warn our bros here if they can confirm cases of contracting. Get tested if you are feel uneasy.

      1. I think your approach is a healthy one. Everyone who is sexually active is at risk and should be regularly tested. If someone thinks they pick something up somewhere I have no problem with them saying so here. But a lot of hearsay isn’t good. Neither is linking to people’s social media profiles and saying they have HIV. I won’t permit that here. The guy making the accusation keeps doing the latter. I won’t approve his posts anymore, but for your info he variously claimed his friend acquired “gonorea or suspected spylis” [sic] and now HIV.

  2. Just visited and the girl still here. I ended not going there.

    Try other spa is better. She is the carriers. My fren also told me not to go there

  3. I went to Saboon Spa last week. The entry was 70 and a 45 min massage was 119 with your entry fee waived.
    There were only 3 girls working on the restaurant floor(4th). A 45 min session with a girl cost from 198 to 328
    but you will get your entry fee waived and your massage fee discounted down to 58 for 45 min and 88 for 90 min which normally costs 148. The basement is the sauna where you get dip in hot and cold water and bake in steam and Finish style sauna, very similar to a Chinese spa but much smaller but you have to wear a pair of shorts they provide and no one is naked there. The 3rd floor is the reception area where you can relax and use the computer on a recliner seat. Very well organized and lots of locals come here. They all speak some English, Chinese(mandarin and Cantonese) and Malay. They even call a cab for you when you check out. They used to drive you home free but not any morel. 10 percent surcharge to the final bill if you use a card, So better to pay in cash!!

  4. Bond Spa, massage shop on level 3 of Seasons Hotel, STAY AWAY, RIP OFF, (June 2016) just went there, paid 350myr for a cute little lady in a green dress. First two minutes, shower / wash, next 2 minutes, BJ, next 5 mins, fucking and she complained all the way thru it, I did not finish, when asked if she had some Lube, she got off and went and had a shower, I said I payed for the hour and tried to explain it to her, I wanted to finish at least. Called manager, short fat man who thinks he is Bruce Lee, offered me another girl, ( great I thought ) but had to pay another 175myr. When I started to complain he called some help. Fucking joke, first and last time in KL, I will stick with Vietnam and Thailand any day.

  5. Other options you have :Hokkaido Health Spa previously known as Skyriver. Ring the door bell, you get a lineup of girls … take your pick, pay 268. She will take to a room , shower the rest is pretty mechanical in my mind of course YMMV. (This is bukit bintang)

    The other one is in midvalley mall. Cititel hotel level 3 called sense health spa —- same deal (when I was there it was 330).

  6. See Mark’s comment above … for readers you want one careful with these places, whatever you do you absolutely have no recourse. If you get into trouble no one can ready help you. You could have got beaten up and put in the back of a car truck and they drop you off somewhere … and there isn’t much you can do ….. careful out there … these outlets are “shadow” operation

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