Review: Charms Bar in Siem Reap, Cambodia


Charms Bar is one of several hostess bars in Siem Reap. The number of hostess bars aimed at tourists in Siem Reap dwindled during the pandemic. Yet Charms continues to function and bring in a good number of customers nearly each and every night. Although it is located away from all other bars of the sort it remains popular.

The bar is well run and spacious with some very pretty women inside. There is a friendly atmosphere that makes it seem something like a neighborhood bar that just happens to have a bunch of sexy Cambodian women hanging around waiting for guys to come in off the street. What more is there to know? Read on to find out.

Charms Bar in Siem Reap

Charms Bar is located on Street 14 at the end of a strip of businesses on Hap Guan Street that is mainly oriented to foreigners. Most of the area went dark during the pandemic and associated travel stoppage. The large NGO operated cafe right next to the bar is one major exception. Most of the boutiques and massage parlors remain shuttered making it a quiet area.

charms bar in siem reap

The bar itself has a large frontage with a clear yellow sign that spells out the word “Charms” in English. Inside there is a pool table with plenty of room to move around. Shots can actually be made here without banging a stick off of a wall or another person’s hips. The actual square shaped bar is towards the back with stools all around. Large and comfortable lounge style seats line the left wall. There’s even room for dancing which the women of Charms often use for exactly that purpose.

Staff and summary

Siem Reap hostess bars certainly aren’t known for having the most attractive women in the world. In fact Siem Reap bars aren’t really known at all. Places like the totally tourist oriented Angkor Wat? on Pub Street are definitely more famous than any of the so-called girlie bars in town. Yet there are actually quite a few genuinely attractive women working at Charms. In fact in terms of beautiful women Charms could give many hostess bars in Phnom Penh a run for their money.

Not every woman that works at Charms is a universal beauty. But most of the twenty or so gals in the bar are fit and attractive women in their early twenties. Some have truly spectacular bodies that they show off through tight fitting clothes. Others are a little more average. There are no repulsive old hustlers around. There is a very flamboyant ladyboy who makes the occasional appearance. But she does not approach anyone who is busy with a drink or a gal.

Few of the ladies who work at Charms Bar are eager to find guys to pay barfines and take them out of the bar. Most are quite satisfied staying in the bar and entertaining. A few won’t leave the bar with customers at all. There are a couple of women more open to the idea. They typically ask for a hundred dollars or more for their times which shows they aren’t exactly desperate to turn a trick. This means Charms is more of a place to spend time inside than a take away knocking shop.

Overall Charms Bar is a one of the better hostess bars in Siem Reap. It is a decent place to pass the time with some lovely ladies. Drinks and cheap and served up fast. There’s plenty of space and things to do. The women aren’t overly aggressive. The punters mostly stick to themselves and the entertainers. Charms isn’t a go go bar or a brothel. Then again it never claims to be such a thing. Taking everything into consideration I give the place three stars.

Address:#18A Street 14, Siem Reap, Cambodia (Map)
Hours:2:00 AM - 2:00 PM
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