Review: Champa Massage in Siem Reap, Cambodia


Champa Massage is a massage parlor near the center of Siem Reap city in Cambodia. The place has all the features of an erotic massage parlor hiding in plain site. The shop is open 24 hours a day. The front of the shop is largely obscured from the street by a collection of large potted plants. Inside the place has makeshift cubicle style rooms with thin walls. Frankly it looks like a run of the mill Asian jack shack.

Yet looks can be deceiving. This is why research is done in this field as in all others. The world is not always as it seems from a first snap judgement. Not all that shimmers is gold. Conversely not everything that stinks is shit. I’ve already reported on places in the same city where men have received full service in private rooms just steps from where middle aged western tourist women are having their feet rubbed. It’s a wild world!

Champa Massage in Siem Reap

Champa Massage is located on Wat Bo road near the intersection with 7 Makara Street. It is located next to a large Total fueling station. The shop is just a short walk from the well known Old Market and the location of the Hard Rock bar. Yet the place is hardly obvious. It does have a small sign that reads “Champa Massage” in white letters. But that is difficult to see. More obvious are all the potted plants and trees stationed in front of the shop.

massage room towel and plants

In parts of Vietnam and Cambodia places that want to obscure themselves will often position a lot of plants near the entrance. This helps cover up the front and any motorcycles parked inside. A lot of the hugging cafes like the previously reviewed Tro Lai in Ho Chi Minh City follow this model.

At Champa Massage it seems like the plants may just be there for the shade. Although some report of a dearth of adult entertainment options in Siem Reap the fact is that the city has dozens of venues catering to the needs of men. They range from bars to karaoke clubs. This would also include many of the massage parlors which appear and in fact are rather mainstream but staff women who offer extras in private. However Champa Massage is one of the few places where no such extras are on offer.

Staff, service and summary

In front of the shop there is a large porch area with many seats. Through the glass doors there is an average lobby. Two to three women can normally be found in the lobby. They tend to be average women in middle age. Though there can be at least one attractive gal on staff too. The ladies wear long black pants and polo shirts.

Oil and body massages are available at reasonable rates. An hour long body rob costs between five and eight dollars. That is pretty much standard for this part of the world. Massages take place in semi-private rooms located just behind the front desk. They are constructed with thin particle board walls that do not go all the way up the ceiling. The “doors” are simply black curtains. Sound travels easily between the rooms. Massages take place on covered mattresses arranged on the floor.

The ladies at Champa all know how to do a nice feeling massage. Though like basically every other place of the sort they most likely got their training on the job. Still it all works out well and suffices. Besides what can you expect from people who make just a few dollars per job? If the goal of a massage is to feel good it is achieved here. Nothing more and nothing less.

I have been to hundreds of massage parlors in my not-so-distinguished career. Champa Massage is basically just a mainstream Asian massage place. The ladies on staff are competent and attentive. They do their jobs well. They do not offer special services of any kind despite what may appear to be several indications to the contrary. As just another regular body rub place I give the shop one star.

Address:Wat Bo Road, Siem Reap, Cambodia (Map)
Hours:24 hours
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